stykera: (glee!)
Stark ([personal profile] stykera) wrote in [community profile] fandom_clinic2014-07-20 11:45 am

FTEC, Sunday 7/20

It was, Stark had been informed, National Ice Cream Day. As a result he had altered his usual routine and instead of stopping for cupcakes before heading to the clinic he had gone for ice cream. Since there were nurses at the clinic to think of as well he picked up an assortment of ice cream bars and sandwiches to put in the freezer.

"I would have brought sundaes," he told the nurses. "But I wasn't sure that would work. And I wasn't sure what you all liked."

The alien was in, eating an ice cream sandwich, and ready to assist should you need him.

[Open, OCD-free, I am in San Diego and it is glorious]

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