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FTEC, Monday night

Janet's taxes were in, her day had been quiet, and she'd slept her way through the entire weekend, somehow through the power of having been offline the whole time having missed all the chaos that had been caused by whatever-it-was this time. But she was at the clinic, listening to music and trying to replace the lightbulb in her favorite penlight.

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A very tired and frazzled-looking Anders popped into the clinic. "Hey, Fraiser. You wouldn't happen to have seen my kids around, would you?"

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"That's what I thought," Anders said with a sigh. "But no, I've got two apparently, and lemme tell you, it sucks when one of them can shimmer and you can't. The entire frakking island is crawling with kids again, Fraiser, and this time they're not us. They're ours."

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"Apparently? Me," Anders grumbled -- and if he had any idea he'd said anything amiss, he'd be apologizing profusely. "Stupid magic brownies. Artemis is ours. And Pandora is mine and Phoebe's. The little Pyramid balls they carry are probably a dead giveaway."

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Anders stared at her as if she'd betrayed him. "No! Oh my gods, no!"

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Much to his own surprise, Anders started grinning like a crazy person. "They're adorable. Too much damn energy, but . . . I love 'em, yeah."

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"Already done that," Anders said, looking resigned. "They really are cute, though. Pandora's got some really sweet Pyramid skills already, and Artemis has this way of sort of . . . laughing that sounds like both me and Bel and . . ."

Yeah, no matter what he said, he was head over heels in love with his kids already.

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Anders turned bright red and started fumbling in his pockets. "Um, yeah, about that. They just . . . showed up, far as I know, and oh hell, Artemis stole my cell phone, I should probably try and find them before they get in more trouble . . ."

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"Uh huh." Anders was, of course, completely ignorant of the brainbreakage his offspring had visited upon Piper in just that way. "Lords, wish me luck . . . who knows where the hell they are?"

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"I might have to talk to his other daddy about that," Anders said dryly. "I have no idea."

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"Hopefully." Anders sighed. "I'm gonna go find 'em . . . thanks, Fraiser."

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Gail somehow wandered into the clinic. "'Scuse me, have you seen my daddy? I know he's got to be around here somewhere 'cause everybody else's parents are but I can't find Mommy if she doesn't wanna be found and anyway the house she usedta live in here is all empty. My daddy's a pirate and he wears a hat and. Um. I dunno. I don't see him very much," she admitted.

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Gail thought about it for a moment. She was very tired and sleeping in a tree last night hadn't been as much fun as she'd thought it would be. "Okay!"

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"I'm Gail and I'm four! Ew. Fruits are icky unless they're in pie."

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Gail thought hard about it. "That might be okay," she finally allowed.

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Gail thought about that for a moment. "Do you have rum?"

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"Then I would like some juice please," Gail said. She was a very polite little ninja-pirate. "I can go look for rum later."

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"Can I have a bendy-straw? 'Cause of my mommy I don't stay dirty but 'cause of my daddy I'm only half-ninja, so I don't stay totally undirty, so it's better not to spill." Gail was already slightly grubby-looking.

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"Anna sword. And throwing thingies. And this is Pete!" Gail held up her plush pirate for inspection, then set him down to pick up her sandwich. "Yay bendy straw!" she said through a mouthful of peanut butter.

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Gail shrugged as she took her juice. "Aunt Me says I stand out too much so I havesta be. Thank you."

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"Vewwy good, fank you," Gail said through another mouthful of sandwich. She took a sip of her juice and said, "Peanut butter's funny, isn't it?"

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Gail nodded. "Yes! It's very annoying."

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Gail shook her head, sending her pigtails flying. "No. I think I'll go look for some rum and my daddy. I might find him with the rum."

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Gail nodded and told Janet solemnly, "'Cause he's a pirate. Arrrr."