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FTEC, Monday Evening

Janet was at the clinic, with coffee brewing, and a large volume of Greek mythology open on her desk. There might have been little frowny faces every time Ares' name came up in a story. She was certainly more than ready for patients to show.

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Realizing she'd left a protein shake in the specimen fridge in the lab, Natalie popped in for a few minutes to grab it, and say hello to the doctor on duty. She smiled, seeing Janet at the desk, frowning at a book. "That good?"

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She turned a bit, chuckling, as she attempted to read the title of the book. "Hmm. Greek mythology," she said. "Brain food of champions. Or so I hear."

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"That's a little unusual." Natalie frowned. "Did he say why?"

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Natalie shook her head. "I don't really have a lot of association with the professors." She paused. "Or the administrators, really. Probably just as well." A lopsided grin spread across her lips. "So I take it I'm missing a piece of work with this one?"

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"Ah, no. Big muscled types don't do it for me, either." She shuddered. "Too many bad pick up lines in 1980s nightclubs, with muscle shirts and... Well, you get the point."

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Rucksack slung over her shoulder, D'anna found her way to the clinic.

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"I come in peace!" D grinned and took a box out of her rucksack, "And bearing brownies."

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"A very worth while scientific endeavor." D agreed. "And who better to test it than us?"