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FTEC, Moday Night

Janet was at the clinic, ignoring all possible work in favor of flipping through a trashy romance novel. Unfortunately, she kept snickering at it, so it was fairly clear she wasn't working.

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After a quick trip over to the mainland to pick up some of the pamphlets and other items he'd need for Marie, Wilson came back to Fandom and headed down to the clinic for a little ... file doctoring.

"Hey, Janet." He said with a quick smile as he stepped through the door. "Don't mind me, I won't be long."

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"Pretty well." Wilson said as he began to gather up the necessary blank charts and the like he would need, then dug into the filing cabinet to get Marie's real chart.

"You ready for the holidays?"

[ooc: Interaction is always good but he probably won't tell her what he's up to and might be of the air of 'you don't wanna ask' if that would help? :)]

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Catching her glance, Wilson shifted so that the name on the charts was hidden and then gave his head a gentle shake, catching Janet's eye for a moment in an expression of you don't want to ask.

"Going back to Jersey for big Thanksgiving with the folks. Taking Aziraphale and Blair along, possible River as well. It should all be properly humilating." He said with a twinkle in his dark eyes that said he was actually looking forward to the visit.

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Sometimes plausible deniability was a good thing.

"After my shift I imagine." Wilson said, looking up with an impish grin. "Given my lead foot, that should have us in Jersey in about 4 hours. Besides, my mother starts cooking at 4am and I don't want to miss any of the smells, you know?"

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"I always offer to help but Mom just chases me out of the kitchen with a dish towel." Wilson made the classic towel snap move.

"Let's see, turkey and stuffing of course, orange and brandy mashed sweet potatoes, cause none of my family likes candied yams, green bean casserole, rolls, whole berry cranberry relish and a kale and bacon salad, that's a new addition but very tastey. Then she tends to have a whole buffet of cheeses, apples, pears and crackers for all day snacking, hot cider, white wine and for dessert a rum laced chocolate peacan pie."

Smiling, Wilson continued to do his mock up as they talked. "Do they at least treat you like a queen bee and bring you everything your heart desires while you slave away to feed them?"

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"I used to be absolutely horrible about turkey skin. I loved a golden crisp turkey skin and would pluck the whole bird nude long before Dad was ready to carve it."

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"Jack, Jack?" Wilson found himself asking curiously.

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"Just wanted to be sure it was the same Jack. Please, tell him hello for me when you see him." Wilson said with a genuine smile.

Then, he looked back down at the files in his lap and nodded to himself. Standing, he walked over to the cabinet to replace the file he'd been borrowing.

"Now, I shall get out from underfoot and leave you to your novel." Wilson said with a wink. "You should catch Aziraphale some time, he's got a whole library of those types of books."

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"I mean it, Janet. Raphale would be more than happy to share." Wilson said, then picked up the rest of what he'd been working on and headed for the door.

"Have a Happy Thanksgiving." He smiled once more and slipped on out the door.

[ooc: Yep! With an ebil work meeting at 9am tomorrow...bleh! Thank you for the scenage!!! :D]