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FTEC, Monday Night

Janet was, in retrospect, glad she hadn't made plans for the weekend. And at least she hadn't been too horribly embarrassed, except for one phone call she'd prefer to forget. And the clinic was usually a good place to hide out from the world in.

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She wanted to check on the tests she was running in the lab. She would do that, and then she would head on her way to the beach, just like she promised herself, maybe even stop off at Caritas and grab a drink before. Or maybe after. But she wouldn't get sucked in, no sir, not at all.

That was the mantra she was mentally repeating as she entered the clinic very shortly after sundown. She smiled at Janet on her way to the lab, pausing by the desk. "Having a quiet evening?"

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"Just checking on a few things in the lab," Nat replied. She folded her arms and leant against the counter. "And then, I promise I'll get some semblance of a life. Really."

She noted Janet's hesitation and her brow knitted in concern. "You feeling okay?"

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"Ah." But the tone in Natalie's voice said that she didn't really understand. A wry smile traced her lips, turning into a lopsided grin. "Just another boring weekend in Fandom, then?"

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Nat shook her head, wrinkling her nose and massaging her temple. "Oh, my head. Not sure I can wrap my brain around that." She chuckled.

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"It was...quiet." She shrugged. "I stayed home, watched movies, did some reading -- I was a total couch potato. Which is why now, on Monday, I say I need a life. It got a little too quiet."

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"Oh, I'm usually around, but, given the fact that I've been working nights for the past, oh, fifteen years, I end up doing most of my 'socializing' at night.

"I stopped by Caritas the other night, went for a walk on the beach; I have friends over once in a while. I guess you could say I'm easing my way into a life."

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"Definitely wouldn't want that to happen." She grinned conspiratorally. "Well, I guess I'll check my specimens and head out in search of. You need anything? Dinner? Good coffee?"

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"I think I can manage that." Nat chuckled, moving back toward the lab. "Black? With Cream? Latte? Mocha?"

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Nat poked her head around the door frame, after having flipped on the lights. "Oh, just seeing how the skin cells react to long term exposure to certain antihistamines and environmental conditions."

She disappeared back into the lab for a moment, then reappeared, switching out the lights. "And it looks like I'll have some more notes tomorrow."

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"A few. How sustainable they are, I'll have to see. I've seen something like this before, and the effects were very...short lived." She smiled. Inside, she was trying not to bust. If it was sustainable, she may have just found a cure. Her experience with the Lytoveuterine-B left her just a little gun shy. She didn't want to go through the roller coaster she'd seen Nick on.

"So...grande mocha? Or is tonight a venti kind of night?"

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"One venti mocha it is." Natalie laughed. "I'll be back in a few minutes." Waving, she headed toward the doors and out into the evening.

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Parker's pretty sure Janet's back to normal-- and Broots is in his own body-- but it's always good to check.

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"Very luckily for you-- apparently? -- no. What the hell was going on, Janet?"

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"Gahhh. So you weren't *actually* bodyswitched, just hallucinating? What, did the Gremlins attack en-masse? That's what it sounds like." Parker shook her head while unpacking her bags, finally. "Uh. Sorry if anything I said to 'Broots' was out of line...."

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"Oh, ugh. Thank you. I'm drinking bottled water for the rest of the week." Parker made a face. "But you're okay now? And you didn't get drunk like I told 'Broots' to?"

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"Being Broots *is* weird. You have my sympathies. Seriously." Parker started to chuckle. "We were talking about who we'd switch bodies with on the way back, and his name never came up. I did wonder where you were, though. Glad it was simpler than it looked."

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Parker snickered. "At least if you ran into them and saw their impression of you later. Depending on who it was, and what they thought of you, many many needles may have been involved."

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"Got that right." Parker grinned at the phone. "Coffee and cookies tomorrow, after classes? To catch up?"

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"Mmm, my place. I haven't spent enough time with Esme, lately. After afternoon workshops. I have some more Jamaica Blue Mountain to share too."

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"Whatever the special of the day is from J,GOB. And if you can find strawberries? Esme will love you."