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FH Clinic, summer hours [5/10]

Susan opened the clinic, mostly to just get organized, but also half-hoping that some of the new students will stop by if Fandom is 'freaking them out'.

She is considering putting up posters to point the way to the Clinic.

[for [ profile] janet_fraiser and [ profile] once_a_king; open play for others tomorrow]

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After walking around town, Peter pushed open the door of the clinic looking slightly worried. He stood in the lobby and looked about for Janet.

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Peter turned toward the woman's voice and bowed deeply. "My Lady? May I help you?"

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Peter looked up and saw...he blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't dreaming. The woman standing in front could have been his mother. Only - Only there had never been such a look in her eyes.

"Su? Are you really Su?" He stumbled out of his bow having totally lost his balance.

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This was...maybe not something she should be a part of.

Janet had gotten there late and stood off to the side, looking for tissues.

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Like most 16 year old boys, Peter really had no idea what to do with a weeping woman. He froze for a second then hugged his sister back with the plan of never letting go of her again. "Shh, Su. It's well. Su, don't cry, little sister."

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Peter shot a rather terrified glance at Janet and kept an arm around Susan trying to keep her close to him. "You'll always be my litte sister, Susan. You know we couldn't work any other way."

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Peter looked around for a chair or a bench to try to maneuver Susan to sit down on. "Why, Susan? What happened? And as for being an idiot, it's not like we don't trade that role fairly often. You yelled at me for being one two days ago because of that daughter of the Duke of Archenland."

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Something was weirder than usual here. "Yeah, Peter and I met yesterday. He's here for summer camp." She found a box of tissues and went over to offer one to Dr. Pevensie. "So it's all right that I told him about you, then? Pevensie isn't exactly that common as a surname."

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"I guess I got lucky," said Janet, sitting down on the couch. She left plenty of space for Peter and Dr. Pevensie to sit next to each other. The tissues might come in handy again. "I'm glad you could meet up again."

Dr. Pevensie wasn't saying something, but Janet wasn't going to ask. Not right now, at least.

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"No, of course it doesn't matter. It's just..." Peter took a deep breath restraining the million questions that were flooding through his brain. "You're still-" he paused, looked up at Janet, then sighed. "Once a queen in Narnia, always a queen in Narnia, Su."

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Janet was looking studiously elsewhere, pretending not to pay any attention to the conversation.

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Peter looked at his sister with the understanding usually only a sibling has. This was his Susan and yet...there was something else going on, and he meant to find out what it was eventually.

"You didn't overwhelm me." He said staunchly. "It's not like you don't cry on me every third day." Maybe teasing would for a bit. "I am in the dorms - I'm rooming with a girl called Ainsley" Peter's shock at that statement was apparently. "And I don't know how long I'm staying. Asla - our friend sent me for further education. Not particularly sure what he meant by that."

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"Once a week then. Unless you're upset at one of the young lords who flock about you. More often then." Peter winked at his sister, feeling like things might be right. "She and I have decided we shall attempt to follow the customs of the area. I promise you I shan't be forward or rude - I'll treat her like Lu." Quite unaware of how pompous he sounded, Peter continued, "And there's nothing like home. Nothing. The colors aren't quite right. Except for you."

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Peter stopped to calculate. "We celebrated four years at Cair Paravel several months ago. I'm sixteen. You gave me new barding and tack for my last birthday then threatened to take it away again for...some reason I can't remember." He pushed Susan's hair off her face and asked the questions that he didn't want to hear the answer to. "What happened when I was twenty? And where are your Lu and Ed?"

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Peter laughed. "Yes, that was it. If Edmund could manage to get his nose out of a book for more than a few hours a day, he'd've been ready for it. Not that I don't rely on him perhaps a bit too much for council at times. Anyway, you came with me, and we had a marvelous time. It's not often we find the White Stag two out of three times."

Peter wasn't entirely sure of the thought processes that were going on in Susan's head, but he knew she was usually smarter than him and that he trusted her - even this strange, older Su - implicitly. He leaned in and kissed her forehead. "Time is funny here, but sometimes knowledge is needed to combat it. Would you send me to battle without my sword? It's your story to tell when you wish, but do tell it." He pulled her to him in an embrace and with his cheek against her hair, said "it's awfully good to see you, little Su."

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Peter bounded to his feet. "Ask your questions, Susan, and find your answers. But about frightening me, do not worry. I can bear that for you, that and more."

With the hand of Susan's that he still held, the High King Peter urged her to rise. "Rise, Queen Susan of Narnia. Show yourself to the Southern sun!"

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Janet was feeling more than a little awkward. And this was probably about the best moment to slip away unnoticed. Which she did as best she could.

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