stykera: (glowing)
Stark ([personal profile] stykera) wrote in [community profile] fandom_clinic2015-09-06 10:22 am

FTEC, Sunday 9/6

Stark came into the clinic a little later than usual today in case I want to tag him in posts later, lalala bearing the usual box of cupcakes from JGoB.

There were tiny gremlin zombies outside of the clinic. A quick conversation with the nurses, followed by a joint search, confirmed there were no tiny zombies inside the clinic at this time.

The alien was in, ready to assist with your medical needs or offer a cupcake or just talk in a presumably zombie-gremlin-free zone.

[open, OCD-free, I have to go pretend to be sociable at multiple events today but I will pick up any pings when possible, etc]

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