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FTEC, Sunday [8/1]

Ellie stopped for something caffeinated on her way to the clinic. That was enough to keep her alert, at least. That was important in case there was a real emergency. Having no coffee left did not count as one, much as she liked to think it did. After all, the kind from the Perk was far superior to the kind from the clinic coffee maker.


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Forget coffee. Harper's screams could keep anyone awake and alert for hours.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I'M BLEEDING! HELP ME!" screamed Harper, running into the clinic with a towel wrapped around her right hand. She'd nicked her finger while cutting out fabric. It really wasn't that bad and she could have gotten by with just a band-aid, but Harper usually didn't go for the simple solutions.

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"My safety scissors wasn't so safe. It cut me!" squealed Harper. "There was so much blood! I tried to apply pressure to the wound and raced right down here. I'm probably going to need stitches or something, right?"

She wouldn't need stitches, really. It wasn't that big of a cut and there wasn't that much blood.

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"I'm not sure how it could get any worse!" said Harper, missing the point of Ellie's words. She had managed to work up some tears at this point. "I don't know how I'm going to break this news to my parents. They might make me come home right away so they can take care of me."

That is, if she could figure out where the heck her parents were. They weren't that good at keeping in touch.

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"Really?" asked Harper, wiping away a tear with her good hand. "Will I still be able to sew and knit and all the other stuff I do with my hands?"

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It was a good idea, because nothing soothes Harper as much as talking about her projects.

"I was making a new quilt for my bunk," she explained. "My alcove just looks so boring, so I thought the geometric pattern would add some color and detail. I might make some matching curtains when we move back into the dorms."

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"I do a lot of sewing. Actually, I make all my own clothing," said Harper, closing her eyes and bracing herself. She was expecting it to sting a lot.

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"Really? And it didn't even hurt!" said Harper, opening her eyes and looking at her bandaged finger with amazement. "Thank you so much, Doctor..."

And then she took a good look at Ellie. "Whoa, what is that you're wearing?"

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"Oh.I'm Harper. Thanks so much for taking care of my finger for me," she said, still rather distracted by Ellie's scrubs. "Do you always wear these? They look so plain and boring!"

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And Harper would be reflecting on her words in three... two... one.

"Not that I think you're plain or boring. You saved my finger and that makes you awesome!" said Harper. "You know, I should make some cool new scrubs for you. I could really jazz it up."

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"Great! I'm sure you'll just love them! Everyone just loves the stuff I design," said Harper. "Do you need new ones right away? I could re-arrange my priorities with my current projects."

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"They will be!" said Harper. "Thank you again for taking care of my finger. Is there anything I need to know before I go?"

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"Don't worry. The next time you see me visit this place, it'll be to deliver your cool new scrubs," said Harper, crossing her fingers behind her back.