Sunday, May 25th, 2008

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Igor trundled into the clinic, a bag of noses over his shoulder. Already their kicks were starting to slow. "Ah well, they were never made to last," he muttered as he settled in for his shift.

Scraps barked in agreement and started sniffing his away around the clinic. Noses had been here, and he could smell them.

[ooc: And any noses still out in the world will stop moving by nightfall!]
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Having listened to the radio over the past few days, Doogie was on the lookout for anything even remotely strange going on. He kept checking the exam rooms like he was waiting for something out of the ordinary to show up, and he was almost disappointed when nothing did.
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Coming in for her evening shift, Adah discovered no other facial features with limbs grafted on them, no ears with arms or lips with tails, so she settled behind the desk to study the same usual viruses and bacterium. Yawn.

Although it was interesting to flip through yesterday's notes and spot out what didn't even make sense to her now, although she figured it had made sense somehow yesterday.

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