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FTEC, Sunday Morning Shift

Doogie had listened to the radio last night, and was less than pleased about the advice Barney had apparently given his daughter. He certainly wasn't afraid of a small knife-wielding child now, but that didn't mean he wasn't keeping a eye on the door during his shift.

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To say the Fray-Stinson children were sneaky was probably an understatement.

After all you had a theif for a mom and the father was Barney.

'Nuff said.

So when the time came to stab the Not-Daddy the kids already had a plan of action, which is why Ron was crying like a B-I-T-C-H when they marched into the clinic.

His acting was helped by the fact that Robin slugged him in the face and gave him a bloody nose.

"Doctor!" Robin said with her best scared-y voice. "My brother is bleeding to death!"

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Barney had accompanied his children, of course. He'd take a chance to mess with mini-me. "Please help us, doctor!"

He was a good actor, too.

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"She hit me!" Ron wailed!

"And luckily this complete stranger was nearby to help us find our way to the clinic," Robin said innocently referring to Barney.

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"I had to stop him from eating candy that this complete stranger-" Again motioning to Barney. "-was offering him," Robin said sweetly and with wide eyes."

"She hit meeeeeeeee!" Ron continued to wail.

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"And other times, the boys hit back. Good thing this isn't one of those times, huh little boy?" Barney sighed at his tree-hugger.

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"My node!" Ron cried out. "Is it falling off?!"

"Yes," Robin said in a very mean way. "You're going to be noseless for the rest of your life."

Which of course made Ron cry harder.

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Ron sniffled a bit and nodded at the mini-daddy. "Do you have to sew it back on?" he asked nervously.

"Nah," Robin said. "He's just going to rip it off and then glue a new one on."