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FTEC, Monday Night

Janet was highly bored, and going through all of the clinic's equipment, making an inventory of it. Yes, just for fun.

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Natalie breezed into the clinic, a cup of latte in one hand, and attempting to make a b-line for the lab. She paused as she saw Janet with the barcoder and the inventory sheets. "Slow night?"

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She shrugged. "It's a Monday, I don't have to work...And I'm here." Her smile turned into a lopsided grin. "I think that about says it all."

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"No, that was yesterday." She followed Janet toward the desk and leaned on the higher of the counters. "So how are you? Classes going okay this term?"

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Natalie eyed the bar, wondering just how much "normal" food her vampiric system could handle for one night. Considering the latte she now sipped on, she thought moderation might be for the best...regardless of how much she might want to try.

"Ah, thanks, but I'd better pass. I think I've got enough to keep me hyper for quite a while." She raised her coffee cup to indicate it.

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"Not at the moment, no," she said. "It's been more of a genetic search lately -- tracking down traits through the family, seeing where it might have first presented. For that, I don't need a lot of time in the lab -- at least not yet. I'm hoping to get a few samples next time I visit the next-of-kin."

She still refused to call him her sire, to call him a father. She'd had one of those already, living, breathing, and warm-blooded.

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"Oh, just trying to relate them back to my allergy research. A...friend...has had the condition for a very long time. I'm hoping to get a few samples from him and see how -- or if! -- it differs from his" -- she paused -- "son's case."

Sorry Nick.

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"Mostly environmental," Natalie responded. She knew better than to try a bald-faced lie; Nick had taught her that the best lie was based in the truth. Better to skirt the issue, he suggested, than to lie and be trapped later.

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"They can be." She shrugged, attempting to take a nonchalant tone. "But, with the proper diet and avoiding some of the triggers, one manages."

Nat nodded to indicate the tissue box. "Has the rain helped dampen things any?" She chuckled. "And excuse the unintended pun."

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"I'm just looking forward to winter. I didn't realize how much I would miss it, moving so far south." She shook her head. "Who am I kidding? I just enjoy the longer nights. I guess I've just been working nights too long."

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Nat shook her head. That had been a serious problem before, when she could still venture out in the daylight. Now, her survival depended frequently on delivery services, and the occasional trip to stores that were open a little later. "Still, after so long, it'd be impossible hard to go back to anything else."

[No worries. Thought maybe you were already crashed! Sleep well! =) ]