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FH Clinic (6/05)

Susan's back inside the Clinic, although the doors are open to the courtyard. She's expecting a couple people, but she's also working on the displays again, in order to update them for summer.

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Cameron hadn't been to the clinic in a while. Actually, he'd been outright avoiding it since the last conversation didn't go too well. Despite things not having gone too well yesterday, John's conversation and Veronica's encouragments seemed to be enough for Cameron to finally make it down there anyway.

Still, he's a bit hesitant when he entered the clinic. Finding Susan working on a display, he realised that there was no way back. "Good afternoon, doctor," he greeted and tried not to rub the bruise on his forehead even if he knew it looked stupid.

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"I think you might be right," he agreed with a small laugh before turning serious again. "I'm sorry I dropped the appointments the way I did, but I was wondering if you had a moment." Yeah, he was on an apologising roll, so he might as get his counsellor in there as well.

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"Thank you, doc." Cameron said gratefully and waited to follow Susan into her office.

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"Alright," Cameron agreed as he made his way towards the couch, taking his time so he could gather his own thoughts. "I actually thought that things were better, that I had managed to get everything under control on my own," he gave her a wry smile. "Turns out I was wrong and by not talking, I've been pushing people away which has come to bite me in the ass. So now I'm not sure what I should do. Maybe I should have kept up with this."

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"My friends. Aeryn mostly. She got pretty pissed off at me yesterday. With reason," he didn't add the part of getting pissed off back. "The nightmares have to do with it, but there's definitely more behind it. They're the tip of the iceberg."

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"There was more to the dream," Cameron admitted softly. "But something did happen afterwards that made it worse."

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"I didn't tell it sooner because it was easier to just not think about it," Cameron sighed. "It isn't really a dream. It's... I'm not sure how to explain it, but it's the future. One possible future anyway. Someone here in school is from an alternative reality of mine. One where I'm older and they found that the dream really happened there. I crashed my plane, lost my co-pilot and they never found my body back. It's real."

After Cameron Has Left

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Janet dragged herself into the clinic, dark circles under her eyes and her hair pulled up, off her collar, into a neat French twist. She collapsed into a seat in front of Dr. Pevensie's desk, let herself slide until she could brace her legs on the desk, and took a large drink of coffee from her travel mug before covering her mouth and practically dislocating her jaw with a yawn.

"Hi," she said, blinking a couple of times and focusing on Dr. Pevensie.

Re: After Cameron Has Left

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"It's been a long week," Janet said dryly, smothering another yawn. "I've been away. I just got back this morning, actually."

Re: After Cameron Has Left

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"Lousy one, actually. Though some good came of it." Janet swirled the coffee in her travel mug, trying to judge how much was left. "You think you feel awkward?" she asked. She glanced back to make sure that she'd closed the door behind her.

Re: After Cameron Has Left

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"So it's okay for me to feel awkward, because I'm the one in counseling?" asked Janet, one eyebrow raised and a skeptical look on her face. "And of course my reasons and yours are different." She crossed her arms as best as she could while still holding onto her coffee, and studied Dr. Pevensie. "I don't know if I want to or not. That's one of the things I'm here to decide. It's not exactly like I'm regular with the appointments anyway."

Re: After Cameron Has Left

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Janet snorted. "Everyone's supposed to be able to cope better than the patient." She frowned. "I don't know if you can. And you seem to think I was concealing things from you because I wanted to. There are things I can't talk about."

She was too tired to bolt upright in her chair, and too inured to surprises to do that anyway. But Janet's eyes did widen as an amazed look flickered over her expression. "Well, that opens up a whole new kettle of worms." She leaned forward, peering at Dr. Pevensie as if she expected her genetic structure to suddenly reveal itself right then and there. "Cloning?"

Re: After Cameron Has Left

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"It's classified information. I was in the military, and I was working in sensitive areas." Janet shrugged. "It's not that I doubt your ability to believe even the outlandish parts. Anyone who's been in this place for more than a week should be able to do that. Though--" Her mouth twisted into a half-smile. "At least I don't have to hide everything now."

"Magic." Janet grimaced. "Do you know how much magic annoys me?" She leaned back in her seat again, curiosity taking hold. "This is that Narnia place he mentioned, isn't it? Saying it wasn't easy is an understatement, I'm sure."