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Stark had managed to avoid the wackiness of the weekend thus far. Now he was in the clinic, looking at a notebook and occasionally glancing up at the TV. Just another Sunday, as far as he was concerned.

[Yeah, I'm too lazy for AU weekend. Also, dinner guests arriving shortly, will be slow for a while, but happy to pick up pings when they've left.]
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To say that Doogie was excited about his first shift in the clinic would be a grand understatement. He'd come in early, to familiarize himself with the facilities, and to meet the nurses. That had been far more interesting than he'd imagined it would be.

For now, he had stationed himself at the front desk to wait for any potential patients. He was really hoping that he'd be able to help the people of Fandom when they needed it. And maybe, while he was at it, he'd be able to get those kids he met last night off of the streets. That was definitely a worthwhile goal.

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