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The school nurse was in.

Unlike her counterpart from yesterday, she was working on crochet.
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The doctor is in. Christian was pleased to find that the TV, fortunately, was still in one piece. Currently, it was tuned to "The Daily Show."
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Paying no heed to the newly posted rules, Granny set up her cauldron again. This time she was brewing something in particular - a little potion that helped gentlemen when they had trouble rising to the occasion. Perhaps Mr. Gavin was in need of a little personal assistance.

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Saturday, January 28th, 2006 10:03 pm
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Dr House is not in the clinic. He is reachable, through the door that connects to his apartment, but he's holed up in said apartment with Geoff.

He doesn't know yet that the main clinic door has been breached.

[OOC: Note to anyone who might go looking for drugs. The drugs are kept in a small closet off the office. The door is reinfoced, and then the drugs are in a locked cabinet. If anyone does manage to get in to it (House would prefer no one does, except authorised clinic staff), there is NO Vicodin in the school clinic. It' sbeen taken to the FTEC at Dr House's request.]
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Stark was unsettled by all of the snow and the cold and he hadn’t slept well as a result. He had come down to the clinic when he woke up, because at least there he might have something to do until it was time for Art. Sitting in his room staring out the window and thinking of things that were better left alone was not going to do him any good. So he was in the clinic, occasionally looking at his vocabulary sheet for Grissom’s Paranormal class and muttering to himself.

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Paige hoped her first proper day in the clinic would be reasonably easy so when she showed up and found Pippi there she was a little suprised and worried.

But anyway the clinic is now open feel free to come bleed, drink coffee, or visit people, Paige knows what's she's doing sort off

((I'm new to the clinic so erm bare with me! OCD threads coming UP! and there's been a slight edit, cos I lost track of who's here, sorry))

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Monday, January 16th, 2006 08:03 am
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He'd had a comfortable dinner with Wilson, then retired to the small apartment with Cash. Cash had taken a while to settle down, preferring to run around the apartment and pester House to throw his ball for him. The pair had finally collapsed in the bed, sometime after midnight.

House swung open the clinic doors just after 8 am. He was showered and shaved and breakfasted. Cash had eaten and romped out in the courtyard. It was a rare morning for House, and the clinic was the last place he wanted to be, but there he was. At the desk, sucking on a red lolly while Cash played with the ball at his feet.

Dr is in. Coffee is brewing, Johnny Cash is singing to the waiting room. Come on in. He is still taking blood samples, if anyone is willing to give
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Wilson whistled softly as he walked about getting the Clinic opened up for the day. He was anticipating a delivery of supplies and so was dressed a little more casually than usual in jeans, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt under his pristine lab coat.

He'd been in Fandom for going on four months and had finally settled into the routine of lugging his own supplies and other wise handling details of a medical facility that he'd had orderlies and nurses to cover over the past couple decades. It was rather nice to be back into the habit and to know he still remembered the 'basic's' so to speak.

There was coffee brewing in the waiting room, though Wilson himself was enjoying a cup of tea as he sat behind the front desk, reading an oncology journal and waiting for the back door to buzz.

Doctor is In, come have coffee, bleed, emo all of the above!
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Though he wasn't sure if House had gotten his annoucement out to the school yet, Wilson went ahead and opened up the School Clinic as they'd discussed the night before.

Letting Cash out of the apartment, he reached down and ruffled the puppy's ears. "Did he already leave you on your own little guy? Come on then, let's get the day started."

Opening the front door of the clinic, Wilson gave Cash a quick run through the courtyard to be a good puppy then called him back into the reception area of the clinic, tossing him a new squeak toy that he'd picked up on his way up from town.

He hadn't been back to the clinic since the night he'd left the apartment and though he expected to feel a little strange, he soon found himself settling into his usual routine. Starting coffee, a nice Kona blend today, he straightened up the waiting room and settled down at the desk to do some paperwork.

Wilson was fairly certain that House hadn't thought to update the supplies in awhile and they had talked specifically about Wilson keeping up with the back office work of both clinics. So, settling down with the paperwork and a mug of coffee Wilson got his day started.

Doctor is in, come say hello!

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