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The clinic was open, and Christian was flipping through the channels on the lobby TV, looking for something to watch. Nothing but talk shows and soaps and reality shows. You couldn't pay him to be on a reality show.
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Doogie wasn't happy to see that Thursday was still here with her bullet wound, and he may have gone in to check on her a bit more than necessary.
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Christian checked on the new patient and reviewed Ronan's notes. Bullet wound? Well, that was new. Usually it was unexplained comas, claw wounds from dragons or dinosaurs, or concussions. Lots and lots of concussions. He wondered if he had to report it to the sheriff. Eh, he'd worry about that later.
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After his fun weekend away visiting Parker (an unexpected side-trip of which had delayed his return), Ronan whistled as he bustled around the clinic before settling at the front counter.
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Spending Thursday with Nick hadn't been what she'd planned to do, but the fact that she had definitely agreed with her. The air between them was clear -- at least for now. There was always something that came up, something stupid one or the other would do that would muddle things up again. She was learning, however, that was part of a relationship, and keeping one going was work. She was willing to put in the work...if Nick was.

Entering the clinic Friday night, after sending Nick off, she was determined to keep a positive bent on things. She looked in on Mrs. Kent, checking her medication, followed by a brief check on Logan. She then switched on the Christmas tree and settled in with her laptop. There was Christmas shopping to be done, after all.
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After a close call on his way from the apartment down to the clinic, Wilson came dashing into the clinic sans his usual latte.

Somehow stopping at the Perk seemed like an unwise idea.

Moving quickly through the door, Wilson tossed his satchal behind the desk and moved swiftly through the back halls of the clinic to see if anyone had been dropped off already and baring that, if they were stocked up.

"Large, mean beings...I almost would have rather had the zombies, at least they moved slowly." He muttered.
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Alanna and Faithful settled down behind the front desk. There's a chance the girl might even stay awake this morning.

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