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Elliot opened the clinic early Monday, did her usual check to make sure the beds were empty and the supply stockpiles were full, and then settled in for a round of gossiping with the NPC nurse. It was almost strange how she knew everything about the school.

The clinic was open, though it won't diagnose terminal embarrassment.
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"Please state the nature of the medical emergency," the Doctor said as he opened his eyes in a chair in the clinic. He looked around, realized this room was a mess, and went about doing all the important things one does in keeping a neat and tidy reception area. After that, he checked on poor Miss Summers, and after seeing no horrendous change in condition (and wondering why the clinic seemed ill-equipped. Where were the medical tricorders or dermal regenerators?), he went back to the waiting area.

And started humming opera songs to himself to pass the time.

[ooc: Going up early in case there are Buffy visitors, etcetera, and I accidentally sleep in]
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Natalie sat at the front desk, her shiny new Mister What, Season 2 DVDs beside her laptop. Despite all the fuss, she really enjoyed the new companion, different as she was from the previous ones. She wasn't looking forward to the final two episodes. Thankfully, at her current rate, those wouldn't be up till next week. She would make sure to have Nick over that night to offer moral support.

[Up early by request. I'll be available off and on through the day, and then home this evening.

ETA: Edited because I mixed my meta-phors...]
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Wilson had spent most of the day at the apartment working on the final edit of his journal article and perhaps doing a bit of holiday shopping for friends and family.

He still wasn't up for trying to decorate the place. Eating himself a late lunch, as he didn't have an angel to bring him dinner tonight, the young doctor bundled up and headed down across the park to the clinic. He was glad to see no troll invasions or other evidence of chaos.

Upon arriving at the clinic, Wilson checked to see if there were any patients remaining and he was a little taken aback to read that Martha Kent had been discharged. Giving his head a shake, he firmly put the thought out of his mind before it threatened to overwhelm him and he repeat Wednesday night.

Not something he wanted to do.

Settling down behind the front desk with a couple of journals, his laptop and maybe some shopping catalouges, Wilson hoped for a relatively quiet night.
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Trevor really didn't want to leave the safety of his apartment in the morning. He'd made the mistake of looking out his window and watching some of the trolls in action the night before, and the idea of going out into town and coming across more of those creatures made him more than a little nervous. But, he knew there had to be people in need of medical assistance, and he figured that if he headed out in the early morning, the streets might be quiet.

He was glad to see that there were fewer overnight patients in the clinic than he'd expected, and he made sure to look over all of the previous day's notes before checking each exam room, and double-checking on the supplies. He didn't want to run out if more people came by.

[ocd is up!]
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Stark had had an odd sort of day. He was looking forward to the usual quiet of the clinic for his shift and was relieved to find all exam rooms empty when he arrived. He settled in at the desk, turned the TV on for the noise, and took out some Cross Species Communication vocabulary to look over.

[But I am totally botherable if anyone wants to stop by and entertain me.]
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Janet was trying to organize all the paperwork at the front desk, and also desperately thinking of good places to hide out on Thursday. This was a week that would hopefully go away very quickly.

OOC: Janet's open for patients or random interaction.
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Christian opened up the clinic and looked around. He wondered if he could butch up this place as much as his apartment in Miami. It really needed it.

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