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Stark approached the clinic warily when he arrived for his shift. After last weekend, he had been worried it might be full to overflowing again and he might be forced to tell even more people that they needed to not be hit on the head so hard in the future.

After a check showed the clinic to be blissfully empty, he settled down at the desk with a mug of hot chocolate and pulled out a notebook. The TV, as it generally was when the clinic was quiet, was on.

[Around. Pokeable. Bored.]
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Stark hadn't exactly been looking forward to coming into town when the island was overrun by big scary things. But he was supposed to be at the clinic on Sundays and so at the clinic he was. After arriving, he'd flailed more than a little bit at the number of people in the clinic. Flailing under control, he was now ready to deal with things. Hopefully.

[OCD coming up. Poke me if I get something wrong.]
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Chrstian made a check of the clinic and was pleased to find it was empty.

Since December was almost upon him, he was surfing the web, buying Christmas presents for Matty, Annie, and Conor. And Wilbur, of course.
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Elliot came into the clinic early and checked on Nadia and Sister Rosette before settling behind the desk with a large mug of coffee and her laptop. She idly played some solitaire, keeping an eye and ear out in case the patients or any visitors needed her.

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