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Katara was shocked to find the clinic half-full of people, but she got to work quickly, restocking the supplies used and making sure all the rest of the rooms were ready to go if they were needed.
She looked through the charts from the new patients, frowning worriedly when she got to Bart's and Ronan's.  If Ronan had healed Bart on Saturday, how could they both be sick again?
...yeah, this couldn't be good.
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As his last Sunday shift had been busier than any shift Ronan had had before, tonight he was a little more alert than normal. He was sitting at the front desk, waiting for anyone to come in; in the meantime, he was rereading one of the Adolescent Magicians books that Bridge had recommended yonks ago, back at the beginning of the summer.
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It had been a long night at the clinic.

Rather than bother trying to go home, Wilson had stayed on through the night, helping the nurse wake Lana hourly and also keeping Phoebe and Anders as comfortable as possible.

Jim and Bel had been discreetly watched over as well.

Aziraphale, bless him, had come down with a late night/early morning snack of grilled cheese sandwiches and later with omlettes and coffee but other than a quick break to grab a shower, Wilson had stayed put.

Morning found him napping relaxing in the front desk chair.

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Wilson had spent a nice, relaxing day corrupting ducks and otherwise enjoying the summer sun.

Thus he was a bit surprised to find that the clinic had a patient in residence when he arrived at work that night. Frowning a little as he recognized Chad's name, Wilson went over the young man's chart with the on duty nurse and gave her instructions to keep him apprised of Chad's comfort through the night.

Then, he settled down at the front desk and set up his laptop to work on his latest journal article.

FTEC, Tuesday, May 22

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007 09:22 am
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Things had been so quiet lately that Christian was surprised to find a patient in the clinic. He did a check and made sure he was resting comfortably, then settled behind the front desk for the morning.

FTEC, Monday Evening

Monday, May 21st, 2007 06:49 pm
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It wasn't Sunday, but since there was an open shift Monday nights and Stark had nothing better to occupy his time with, he was in the clinic. There was hope, he thought, for another quiet night. Those really were the best ones.
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Natalie set her things down slowly, eyes scanning over Cally's chart. She read the notes made by the admitting physician -- or, in this case, the admitting aide -- and then those added by Dr. Troy. Taking a moment to unpack, she then peeked in on her patient. She spent the remaineder of the shift either in the lab or tending to the patient...and welcoming visitors.
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Christian wasn't happy to find a patient in his clinic in the morning. It wasn't because it disrupted his plans for the day -- he hated seeing the kids around here get hurt.

He checked over Cally's chart and Janet's notes from the night before. The young woman was stable and she was breathing on her own. Christian made sure she was comfortable and hoped she would wake up that morning so they could find out who did this to her.

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