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At the first sign of a child invasion, Christian had fled the island. He liked kids, he just didn't want to run into any that belonged to him. One surprise was enough, and with his history, there was definitely a chance that a whole army of kids could show up.

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The clinic was open, and since things had been so quiet lately, Christian was getting caught up on paperwork and inventory.
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The clinic was open and the doctor was in.

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Christian was back from his vacation. He missed the warmth, but he did not miss the facepalming over Matt's latest relationship disasters. He had to wonder if the DNA test was wrong and Matty really wasn't his son.

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Dr. Troy was still on vacation, so the nurses were in charge. Currently they were watching Hearts 'n' Scalpels and debating if the lead doctor's hair was real or not.

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The clinic was open, and Christian was studying anatomy. Female anatomy, that is, on various web sites.

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Christian checked on the new patient when he arrived at the clinic. What was it with these kids and unexplained comas? Katara had done a good job taking care of her head trauma, which, if he was reading the notes right, would've likely killed her. Her injuries were healed now, but she still wasn't waking up.
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Christian checked on the patient and reviewed the notes from Dr. Howser, the nurses, and Katara. The blood work results didn't seem like the plague, but then again, they hadn't been terribly alarmed when the first patient showed up with that illness. There didn't seem to be any apparent physical cause for Zuko's fever, so what was wrong with the kid?
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The clinic was open, and if Hearts 'n' Scalpels was playing on the TV in the front lobby, well, it was only because the remote was broken. Really.
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Christian had been kept updated on Adah's condition, so he wasn't surprised to find her still in the clinic, her condition unchanged. He checked the monitors keeping track of her vitals; at least she was still in stable condition. Hopefully one of the clinic aides could whip some magic out of their ass and bring her around; it not, he would have to transfer her off island if she didn't come out of the coma in the next few days.
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Monday mornings currently did not have a doctor assigned to open the clinic due to a lack of staff, and since the day was usually quiet, one of the nurses was generally in charge with Christian on call. This morning, however, he was at work after deciding to make sure there were enough cold and flu treatments available. 'Tis the season and all that. Or perhaps his doppelganger's girlfriend was somehow rubbing off on him.

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The clinic was open, and Christian was bored. Currently, he was flipping through the channels on the front lobby TV until he ended up landing on a documentary about Marilyn Monroe impersonators.

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The clinic was open, and Christian was googling Hollywood for no apparent reason.

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The clinic was open, and Christian was anticipating the arrival of Jasmine the Plant Girl. She had a talent for making things grow.
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The cool fall air was making Christian long for Miami's warmth, and not just because warmer weather equaled less clothing. Maybe a vacation was in order sometime soon.

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The clinic was open, and the doctor was in.

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Christian was bored and had the TV turned on to "Enchanted" reruns.

He especially liked the way the oldest sister bounced around braless.
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Clinic open, doctor in.

[Mun sick, slowplay probable.]
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Christian was a little late opening the clinic, but things had been so quiet lately he figured no one would mind. Famous last words. . . .
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Christian mulled over the gaps in the current clinic shift. Maybe he could find someone or someones among the new students to help fill them.
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The clinic was open, and Christian was going over the current shift schedule and figuring out what changes to make.
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Christian had the clinic TV on the weather channel, watching the updates about Hurricane Dean. Living in Miami had given him a healthy respect for the power of Mother Nature, though he'd probably couch it in terms like "bitch" and "PMS."

Then again, he could be watching because the attractive female reporter on scene was wearing a white shirt and getting very wet.
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Christian hung up the phone with a sigh. Julia had called him to give him an update on Matt's lastest escapades. The kid was a magnet for trouble.

He leaned back in his chair at the front desk and closed his eyes, hoping the rest of the day would be uneventful.
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Christian had smirked the other night when Vala had said on the radio that he was making porn videos in the clinic. Certainly could liven things up around here.

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The clinic was open, and Christian was looking over some paperwork at the front desk.

[Not feeling well, so I may drift in and out.]
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The clinic was open, and Christian was spending the morning writing letters to Sean and Matt.
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Christian did a quick check of the clinic and was happy to find only one (?) patient remaining. He started going over the records from the weekend and was very pleased with the work the new student aides had done.
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Wilson headed into the clinic to get caught up on any new arrivals and patients still in care. It was more than a bit distressing to see how busy the place had gotten since Saturday and after some discussion, he posted the nurse at the front desk and headed back to do rounds.

[ooc: Unfortunately RL > RP and at work this week I have an audit team on top of regular work load. This means, if you are coming to visit someone, feel free to mod that the nurse has checked you in and shown you where they are, if you are checking out today, Wilson will have given you the standard 'don't get dead' lecture and sent you on your way. Those of you escaping out windows, etc ... don't chip the paint.]

FTEC, Tuesday, July 3

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 09:28 am
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Christian was spending the morning taking stock of the clinic's inventory.

New students always meant something weird was going to happen soon.
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After speaking to Master Skywalker about Katara, Christian was satisfied that she could handle a clinic shift or two. He'd have to call her later today to set up what times she could come in. One more doctor or healer would make his life easier.
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Christian lounged behind the front desk, reading reports on the plastic surgery business in Hollywood. No reason.

FTEC, Tuesday, June 5

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007 09:09 am
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Christian was manning the front desk again, his laptop open and in front of him as he contemplated trying to write another email to Kimber.

FTEC, Tuesday, May 29

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 08:04 am
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Christian was glad to find only one lingering patient from last week's masked maniac in the woods. And, okay, equally glad that it hadn't been the Carver. He did a check on Gwynn and settled behind the front desk for a relaxing morning surfing pr0n the web.

FTEC, Tuesday, May 15

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 10:59 am
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A new crop of students, and nothing had blown up in the past week. So far, so good. Christian settled in the lobby for a quiet day of web-surfing for porn reading the latest news in the medical world.

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FTEC, Tuesday, May 8

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007 09:11 am
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Christian opened up the clinic and started going over the schedule, wondering where he was going to find more people to replace everyone who was leaving.

[May be SP due to work.]
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The clinic was open and the doctor was in.
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Clinic? Open. Doctor? In.
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The doctor was not in.

Stark was though, after dashing over from the school after 1st period. Different shift, but same end result, as he immediately settled in at the desk as usual.
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The clinic was open and empty, except for a doctor practicing his putting skills.

[Rough day at work today, so may be very slow play.]
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The clinic was open, and Christian was practicing his putting skills, because spring would be here soon. Hopefully.
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Christian did his usual check at Ami's bedside -- checked her for bed sores and made sure the feeding tube and catheters were clean and functioning -- then headed back out to the front desk. He'd have to call a mainland hospital. The clinic wasn't set up to care for someone in an extended coma like this.

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