FTEC, Thursday (8/4)

Thursday, August 4th, 2011 12:55 am
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Scully had awoken cranky, but determined. Time to get to the bottom of her transformation!

She stomped off into town, and shot at two teal deer who tried to stop her from going inside the clinic. She took a sample of their blood as they limped away. (And drank some of it, but not from the sample. You had to keep your materials separate to avoid contamination.)

The nurses were staying waaaay on the other side of the Clinic from her, as she worked on her tests.

"Thith ith ridiculuth," she muttered through her just-starting-to-emerge fangs, as she broke yet another beaker. Really, those things didn't grow on trees!

Then she was absorbed in Science again.

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intraspective: (curses foiled again)
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Ino wasn't too impressed by the whole… having to be at work thing today, no. Which wasn't the fault of work, rather it was just that she was feeling clingy and…

Work kinda made that impossible? The things she did for her job. Sigh.

Besides, her mood went a little blah-ier (that was totally a word, as far as Ino was concerned) when she found out that there was a patient that she knew, at least a little, in the clinic.

She settled herself at the front desk after checking the charts and seeing that everything was as fine as she could make it. Head injuries—probably a good a idea to not mess with that, right?

Ino sighed, and tugged out a book to read. It would pass the time at least.

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