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Dr. McNinja isn't in the lobby. This doesn't mean he isn't right behind you.
[identity profile] sexydoctor.livejournal.com
Christian checked the exam rooms and was surprised to find that girl-in-a-coma had somehow turned into the not-black-and-white-hooker.


Stranger things had happened.
[identity profile] janet-fraiser.livejournal.com
Janet was lazily doing an inventory check, and hoping for an uneventful night at the clinic.

She could hope, right?

OOC: Gimme a couple minutes for OCD. All right, everything should be ready.
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Elliot did a quick set of rounds -- and was happy to see Ami Mizuno was finally awake -- made sure everything in the clinic seemed to be in order, and then settled in behind the desk with a large coffee and a crossword puzzle, which she was completing in ink.

The clinic was open.
[identity profile] sexydoctor.livejournal.com
After checking on the patients in the Clinardis, Christian settled at the front desk, hoping for a quiet day.
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Wilson had spent most of the day sitting out on the balcony wrapped in his jacket with a far away look on his face. He'd finally pulled himself together and after choking down a bit of toast, the young doctor headed down to the clinic for the evening shift.

At least it was something to put his focus on.

Getting into the clinic, Wilson brushed the little cat hairs off the counter and set up his laptop on the off chance that he might be able to work on his paper. Reading the notes left by the other doctors, he peeked briefly into Exam Room One, on young Skywalker but didn't disturb the boy.

Sitting at the counter lasted for about...half an hour, then Wilson gave up the joke that was his attempt to focus on the paper and he shut down the computer. Ransacking the drawers, he pulled together the last inventory list Janet had checked off and took himself off to the empty exam rooms.

Tearing them apart, he set in to thoroughly cleaning and disinfected the rooms, the physical activity a good outlet for his anxiety.

[ooc: Wilson is here for the evening shift, just to keep things from getting too confusing. :)]

FTEC, Friday Night

Saturday, November 18th, 2006 01:13 am
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Natalie arrived to find the clinic busier than it had been in a while. She made her patient rounds, then set about finishing some of her tests in the lab.

[OOC: Sorry for the late post. I was on the road, and got to my stopping point a bit later (read: two hours later) than I had hoped. Please use the NPC nurse for medical needs, and if you're still an inmate, I mean, patient, please feel free to start your own room thread. I'll be able to edit tags tomorrow afternoon if needed. Again, apologies for any inconvenience. ::muttering about metro traffic::]
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After hearing that Alanna was still sick, Trevor went to open the clinic, making sure to check on Luke before settling in.
[identity profile] goodtrevor.livejournal.com
He didn't know when, and he didn't know how, but somehow, Trevor had gotten hooked on Spooky Things. He'd managed to acquire a copy of the first season on DVD, and was currently settled behind the front desk, trying to get caught up on his viewing.
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Alanna was very suprised to find that there were actually people in the clinic. Faithful...decided the TV made a good bed.

FTEC, Saturday Night

Saturday, April 29th, 2006 08:27 pm
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Tommy was neither tiny nor wee.

He was, however, in FTEC for anybody who might need snarky medical help of some sort.
[identity profile] sexydoctor.livejournal.com
Christian was surprised to find the clinic full of patients when he arrived Thursday morning. Lilly was still unconscious, and there was a male stabbing victim and a female patient with severe burns as well. What the hell went on in this town last night?
[identity profile] ladder62.livejournal.com
Tommy came into the clinic for his shift and saw what remained of the chaos from the night before and did not know to thank Lana for doing what she could to help clean up.

"What in the name of caramel crunchy Christ went on here?" Tommy asked, of nobody in particular. "No, wait, don't care."

He went to his desk and hoped nobody was going to bug him today.

[ooc: OCD threads coming up. Amongst other things, this is the post to bring Angel home from FTEC. So if you're in on that, come here. If you want to have visited Angel before he was released, go here to the daytime thread]
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The clinic was a mess.

The lobby and hallway were full of crumpled coffee cups and the scent of emo. A few bodies remained huddled against the walls and on benches. Christian quietly checked them and found each person just sleeping, so there hadn't been a coffee Jonestown going on last night.

At least the patient in Exam One seemed much better. Christian examined Angel and found him sleeping peacefully, no fever or chills. So maybe whatever they'd done had worked despite wrecking havoc in the clinic. Careful not to disturb the vampire or the young man passed out in the chair next to him, Christian noted Angel's condition on his chart, then returned to the desk in the lobby, hoping people would wake up soon and clean up this mess.
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Natalie arrived at the clinic as close to six as possible, taking great care to keep to the shadows and out of the direct sunlight. There was a busy air about the clinic; the energy and goodwill generated by Janet's 'Chosen One Blood Drive' still lingered, almost palpable. Nat was sure something else was going to happen -- something had to, to save Angel. She could only sit back and wait. In the meantime, she would check up on Angel and settle in with her laptop.

[Posted early due to LJ's incredibly irresponsible timing. To quote Indy (in that really bad Scottish brogue), "How dare they?" Tags will change after some of the carnage has cleared.

Also -- I'll will be at dinner for a bit, so slowplay is the key until after sunset. ;)]
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Exam room 1, one vampire. Exam room 2, evidence of a blood drive. Christian snagged some leftover cookies and juice and settled in his chair, flipping through a report on new innovations in breast implants.
[identity profile] sexydoctor.livejournal.com
Flipping through the latest issue of Maxim, Christian manned the clinic.
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
The smell of the Christmas Blend was filling the reception area and Wilson was kicked back in his chair contemplating stringing lights around the whole area...and maybe a tree.

Not that he celebrated the specific Christmas Holiday don't ask how he can know about Phale and Crowley and not, it would just break the poor mun's brain to work that one out but the decorations would make House twitch and might be a fun thing to do. Yeah...maybe even a little tree...

Doctor on Duty, come get coffee, visit Rory and Logan -who should be getting sprung some time today- and if you must, bleed.
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
The passage of air was LOUD today and Wilson moved very, very carefully in an attempt to keep the air as still as possible. He was late opening the Clinic not because he was late getting *to* the Clinic but because he was moving very slowly…in the hope of keeping the air really quiet.

Getting the doors open, he started a pot of coffee and sucked back the third 20oz bottle of water he’d been drinking since about oh…not too many hours ago. Putting a happy face on, he managed to do rounds without passing out, which was a blessing, checking in on Rory, Logan and Jack before crawling back up to the front desk.

Sitting down, very carefully –DAMN AIR WILL YOU SHUT UP!- Wilson leaned forward till he could cradle his head on his forearms. Seven…liquors….what the hell had he been thinking last night?

That it felt good to laugh a little and not hurt…andohGodI’mnottwentyanymore

Dragging his water bottle down into his lap to snuggle it close, Wilson reached for the half a piece of bagel he’d been trying to choke down for over an hour now. He was about half-way through it. By noon he might be finished with it.

If I live that long…Crowley is going to kill me.

Taking a slow breath, Wilson sat up and reached for a chart. He was being in his charting and really needed to catch up, if the little black squiggly lines would just stay still long enough for him to read them.

Doctor on Duty.
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Wilson was still tired and in all honesty, he expected to be through the holiday weekend. He was physically run into the ground -hey, Fandom might be a relatively small island but you trying running all up and down those hills particularly hauling Angel's muscular ass around- and as for emotionally...

Yeah that was pretty much still touch and go also.

But, the Clinic was open the lights inviting and the smell of a Christmas Blend coffee filled the air. Wilson was working on discharge papers/information for Rory and Logan. He could only imagine that they were more then ready to be sprung though he was uncertain about when exactly that springing was going to happen.

Doctor....well the coffee's made, come by and have a cup if you wish.
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*DEATH, returning from a visit to The Fourth Sin, appears to be a bit preoccupied. He seems to be doodling on a bit of paper and then scribbling notes intermittently. The duck which he left on the desk seems to have very opinionated about whatever he is drawing.*

((OOC: DEATH!mun is going to bed. Think of DEATH as the strong, silent type for the rest of the night.))
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*DEATH can still be seen sitting at the desk from last night. His pen is scribbling maddly still and seems to have ammassed quite a large collection of notes. He continues to flip through his collection of books and magazines. Right now it appears the choice of reading is Rules for Radicals, though he periodcally flips through a stack of magazines and catalouges at his right.

Sometime in the night he apparently retrieved the duck, which quacks approval or disapproval when asked about a particular article of clothing.*

DEATH is in, bleed here please. Or talk. Or pet the ducky.

((OOC: I've set up three threads - Exam1, Lab, and Waitng. If you have your own room, please open a comment for that room, because I really don't know who is where at the moment.))
[identity profile] death-n-binky.livejournal.com
*DEATH strolls into the clinic with a pile of official looking papers in his hands. He seems to be working on something. Periodically you notice what looks like a Victoria's Secret catalog at which DEATH scratches his head. Or skull.

His rubber duck seems to be absent.*

((OOC: DEATH!mun is heading to bed. Feel free to bleed all over the floor, but keep in mind that it will be played out in the late morning tomorrow.))
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Wilson had closed the Clinic briefly for a few hours, long enough to get a shower, relax a little with dinner and House but then he'd forceably dragged the older man back to the Clinic. They had to go over a few administrative items that he needed House's input with so...back to the office.

Now, if only they could behave themselves.

Stretched out in a chair across the desk from House, Wilson was flipping through a medical catelogue.

"I think we could afford it, House and it really would be indispensible.
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Wilson really hadn't been planning to hold any sort of Clinic hours on the weekend but this wasn't just any sort of weekend after all. He still spent the morning and the first part of the afternoon back in the apartment with House, sitting and watching really bad Saturday morning cartoons and mocking them in a way that would make T. Servo and the rest of the MST crew proud.

Eventually, the itch had gotten to him and Wilson had decided to head down to the Clinic to finish up some paperwork and ... well ... just in case anyone needed to stop by. They hadn't been told by the school that they had to be open but it was unlikely that Wilson would ever completely lose the office political animal side of his nature.

So in the later afternoon, early evening the Clinic would be officially unofficially open for a few hours, just in case anyone needed to swing by, Wilson was at the front desk and actually he was working on, work...not crosswords.

Pester if you so desire.

(no subject)

Monday, October 24th, 2005 07:27 pm
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House is in the lab, running the bloodwork Wilson asked him to do. He's brought a small radio with him, so at least there's music, though it has to sit outside on the reception desk so the air waves don't interfere with the lab equiptment.

He's humming along with whatever classic rock song is playing in the back ground, while he runs the blood. Against his usual pattern, he takes the time to scribble notes on the patient files just to show Wilson up. And to show Wilson how much he appreicates how Wilson has stepped up and taken over, allowing Hosue the luxury of skipping out on clinic duty as much as possible. Which has a lot to do with mun availability, but still

Michael's blood work is a straight forward test, and a good place to start. He lines the others up in no particular order, Hank, Parker, Chloe, and Duce.

Dr House is not on active duty, hopefully one of the assistants is working tonight? But House is in the clinic, so if somene stumbles in and distracts him from the blood work, he might reward them with a red lolly. Probably purple or orange, depends on how grateful/grumpy he is

[OOC: If any of you patients are looking for specific results, PLEASE let me know. I'm not good with the 'find whatever you want' thing. Need specifics, please. Duce the obvious exception, House isn't going to get to her blood work tonight since that's interactive and scheduled for Wednesday]
[identity profile] mparkerceo.livejournal.com
When Krycek put Parker down on one of the exam tables, all Parker could do was curl into a ball and try to not pass out.

Pain and vomiting trumped pissed-off every day, sadly.
[identity profile] gotcanewillpoke.livejournal.com
House has found a new hiding place for his red lollypops. He has one dangling from his lips, another in his pocket for later. No one, not even Wilson knows where they are. yet.

He's sitting at the desk in the office. (It should be noted that while the office is a defined room behind the reception desk, there is a nifty window cut out, and so he has a clear view of the waiting area. That said, anyone needing medical assistance may hav eto make a ruckus to get his attention, since he's quite focused on his hand held video game. And his precious red lolly.

He's also thinking about the curious voice mail he received earlier, asking for his support on a student campaign. He's thinking about doing it, but thought he might talk to Wilson about it before committing.

(no subject)

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005 10:52 am
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
James Wilson had learned many years ago that being a complete workaholic helped not only in keeping certain demons at bay but also in recovering from a hangover.

Like the one he was suffering from this morning.

Wondering just how the hell it was that House was able to function on Vicodin, Wilson was moving with deliberate quiet around the clinic. He had a very large bottle of water and some dry crackers nearby but other then looking a bit paler then usual, even for him and if you ignored the dark circles under his eyes he was his habitually neat and tidy self.

The signs that something wasn't entirely right in the world were subtle. The water and the crackers, the quiet look on his face, where normally he was always beaming and chipper and perhaps most telling was the silent pressence of House, ghosting about the clinic. Oh, the older man was doing his utmost to stay out of sight, least someone think he was actually there to...you know... work but he was sticking close enough to keep an eye on the oncologist as Wilson settled in behind the counter with yet more charts.

The Clinic was open for another morning, if anyone had need of it...Hopefully ABBA was no longer being played and No Angelus, you can not have a blood packet to go, the Clinic is not a fast food joint.

[ooc-The placing of House in and around is at the request of House's player for plot purposes.]
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Wilson had spent a couple of days out. Out away from the apartment and away from the clinic, simply walking around. If asked, he’d claim that he was exploring his new home but in truth, he’d simply been walking and trying to wrap his brain around things. It all seemed to keep eluding him however, the divorce…the series of losses at the hospital, coming here to House…

Becoming House’s lover in fact as well as in theory after so many years.

And every so often the incredible insanity of the place snuck in to distract him from his melancholy.

There certainly was plenty!

Strolling into the clinic, the oncologist whistled softly under his breath as he headed for House’s office. He was dressed for autumn in a dark green cashmere sweater that hugged his slender form, nipping in at his trim waist. It was warm but not loose or bulky and allowed him more freedom of movement in case he was needed to work with a patient. For the time being, he had a few phone calls to make regarding blood work.

First up, he had Red’s blood work finished. Sitting down at the desk, he flipped open the tattoo artist’s file and dialed the contact number Red had left.

"Good morning, this message is for, Red."

Once that call was finished, he moved on to the next file, Jack O’Neill. It took a bit of digging to come up with good contact information but he managed to ferret it out and dialed up the young man’s voice mail.

"Good morning, this message is for, Jack O’Neill."

Once those two calls were finished, he spent a couple of hours on the phone with the supply companies, working through a restock order. Going out to the main desk to fax over a couple of req forms, he got the fax started, then filled the time waiting by leaving Lily a note.

Sticking the note on the board it read,

Lily, There has been a request from a Ms. Paige Matthews that you be primary contact person for her in medical matters. In the normal course of any medical situations that come up she would like you to assist her. I’ve made a note in her chart to the effect but wanted you to be aware. Please see me if you have any questions.

Some sort of illegible scrawl that might be his name.

Snagging the forms off the fax, he waited till he had confirmation that the requests had gone through and then headed back into the office. If he knew House and…well he did Biblical sense and all the man hadn’t done a damn thing with his weekend charting.

Wilson settled in to catch up the work, half an ear cocked towards the clinic in case anyone came by needing help.

EDIT: When he got back from speaking with Chef, Wilson wrote out a note in bold black letters and tacked it up to the board in the waiting room.


I have spoken to Chef and he promises that the effects will wear off in a few hours. If you are still singing -and by this I mean involuntarily- tomorrow morning, please return to the Clinic and we'll take a look.

James Wilson

(no subject)

Monday, October 3rd, 2005 08:08 pm
[identity profile] death-n-binky.livejournal.com
*DEATH takes up his post at the clinic, bringing BInky in with him today, for company. He scratches the horse affectionately and then begins to braid condoms into its mane while he passes the time, waiting for patients. For those that cannot see DEATH, there is a cheery sense of dread in the area and a white horse, with condoms appearing in its mane.*


*Binky nuzzles DEATH, looking for treats*

[identity profile] master-of-fear.livejournal.com
A sign is posted in some of the dorms:

Finding yourself extremely confused or insane after the zombie attacks?

Come to the clinic to have yourself mentally checked out. Dr. Jonathan Crane is here to help counsel those who feel stressed or think that perhaps some brains sound yummy right about now

*Jonathan is sitting at the desk waiting for any zombie aftermath to come his way.

[OOC: I'm eating dinner and writing papers, so it might take a few moments for me to respond]

(no subject)

Sunday, September 25th, 2005 11:45 am
[identity profile] gotcanewillpoke.livejournal.com
It's Sunday morning, and Dr House has a headache. He considered staying in bed again, but...well, that's really not good for his leg. So, he's in the clinic. Looking like he needs to check in and be a patient himself.
[identity profile] oatmanspatient.livejournal.com
Marty, Rory and Angela carry Logan's unconscious body into the clinic.

"Can we get a doctor here?"
[identity profile] bugofjustice.livejournal.com
Tick walks over to the clinic after leaving the victory party.

"Excuse me," he calls out. "Does anybody have some Advil? I've been shot in the head multiple times tonight and it gave me a bit of a headache."

(no subject)

Monday, September 19th, 2005 12:57 am
[identity profile] auroryborealis.livejournal.com
Rory nervously pokes her head into the clinic. She looks in either direction, and then sneaks around the doorway.

She's desperately hoping that none of her friends run into her there. Because this would be...hard to explain.

Actually, she thought, it would be very easy to explain. I just really don't want to.

She looks around for someone who can help her, and prays that she gets someone who doesn't know her.

[ooc: Sorry about posting this so late - mun is an insomniac who JUST remembered that Rory told Lorelai she'd do this.]
[identity profile] lisacuddy.livejournal.com
Lisa opens the clinic, immediately refreshes the condom supply outside the door (typical), and goes back to the fridge to check on the gremlin in there. It doesn't appear to have moved, but she pokes it just in case.

"Gremlin? Gremmmmmlin? Hello?"

Satisfied, she puts it back in the fridge and grabs a few signs she made out of her bag.

Free Vaccinations at the Clinic today.
Rabies, The Plague, Meningitis, The Clap, you name it.

Several vaccinations are still in testing periods. The Clinic claims no responsibility for any side effects that may occur.

She sticks one to the outer door, and several around the campus right outside the clinic. Coming back inside to wait, she flips on House's mini-tv to catch the Fandom weather report.

(no subject)

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005 11:41 pm
[identity profile] auroryborealis.livejournal.com
Rory bursts into the clinic, not really sure if anyone's there.

"Dr. House? Anyone?" she shouts. "There's a student who needs help. Now!"

Clinic Voice Mail

Saturday, September 10th, 2005 08:40 pm
[identity profile] gotcanewillpoke.livejournal.com
*The clinic phone will ring three times before a machine picks up and House's voice comes on*

Dealing with an epidemic down here. You think your problems are more important? Leave a message.


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