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After class, Ronan made his way down to the clinic, settling in at the desk with a notepad while he tried to figure out what the hell he wanted to teach for the next term.

... He'd come up with something eventually. Meanwhile, he was at the desk if you needed assistance!

[OCD-free! SP until about 4PM Eastern.]
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Coming into the clinic after teaching his class, Ronan was looking a little more alert and ready for the day -- although that may have simply been the three cups of coffee he drank between the school gates and the clinic doors.

Either way, the wizard was in, for all your healing needs!

[OCD-free; at work through the afternoon and at Mum's for dinner; will pick up pings tonight!]
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Well, Ronan had a house guest -- more of a housemate, really -- and that was awesome. Because EMMA. Maybe he'd get to see Jack a little more frequently, too.

Of course, despite his good mood, the fact that the nurses were tangoing when he arrived at the clinic? A little disconcerting. Especially since he could locate the source of the music. "... Should I ask?"

No, Ronan, you probably shouldn't.

[Open and OCD-free! I start my new job today, 12-6 Atlantic time, but will be around this evening!]
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Yesterday's news had been... disturbing, to say the least. At least Ronan's own abilities were certainly not immediately noticeable, and he was certainly used to hiding things at home -- not that anyone tended to notice things they didn't want to, anyway.

Willful ignorance was a wonderful tool for wizards to exploit.

Still, though, he knew some people who might have more difficulty hiding, so he was pulling a card from Filif's deck and reviewing his old notes on building mochteroof. It had been a few years -- since his time as a student at Fandom, actually -- since he'd built one, but surely if people could use faultless disguises, it would be this week.

Luckily, the notes were all accessible on his computer, so it looked like he was just doing paperwork. Should anyone stop by.

[Definition for mochteroof is available on the list here; essentially it's a half-construct half-illusion costume that fools the basic five senses, and probably a few more. Ronan can build one if someone needs one -- and, say, wants to hide some unexpected wings.]
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When Ronan got to the clinic Monday morning, he hesitated in the doorway.

Things were quiet. Too quiet.

"... Hello?" he asked, glancing around. The lights were on, so it seemed like the nurses were probably already here, but something didn't seem right. At all.

Finally, as he dropped his stuff on the front desk, one of the nurses came around the corner. "Be very, very quiet," she whispered. "We're hunting rabbits. For CHOCOLATE."

Ronan blinked. "Easter was yesterday," he pointed out. "The rabbits are gone. But I bet the chocolate's half-price in the stores."

"It's better fresh," the nurse insisted.

[... IDEK. Open and OCD-free; last day of classes and Easter dinner for me tonight, but I'm around for SP!]
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Ronan had the brood with him in the clinic today, Caled and Peach especially under his watch with no other parents handy to keep an eye on them. (Peach had called Carmela, but she was busy... elsewhere and not in a position to come back, unfortunately).

Mostly, if you came by the clinic today, it was a little noisier than usual, but at least the kids were of an age to entertain themselves.

[Open and OCD-free! At work and AFK for a couple of hours, but around all evening.]
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Huh, Ronan thought. Prom was this coming weekend.

Time to check the clinic's supply of condoms. Although Fandom did usually supply its own particular variety of birth control after prom, there was no harm in being doubly (or perhaps even trebly) prepared.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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Upon arriving in the clinic today, Ronan stopped in the doorway, looking around in confusion.

"... Weren't those flowers red last week?"

One of the nurses discreetly tucked a paintbrush, dripping white paint, into a closet, not that Ronan noticed.

[... IDEK. Open and OCD-free!]
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Ronan was at the front desk on time, today, not showing up with a bang of displaced air or shedding oddly coloured dust.

Instead, he was listening to the weekend's radio podcast and giggling his arse off.

The wizard is in; don't mind the laughter.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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When Ronan arrived in the clinic on Monday morning, he: was visibly exhausted; was favoring his right ankle; had a bruise developing on his left cheek; had several scratches on his forearms; and his healer's scars on both hands were red and fresh, as if they'd been opened several times over the last few days.

And he was grinning. Someone had had a good week, even if he hadn't been in Rio like most of the island.

The clinic was open and ready to serve you! Don't mind Ronan, he'll just be over here accelerating his own healing.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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With a good chunk of the island population away for the break -- on the school trip or otherwise -- Ronan was prepared for a rather slow day in the clinic.

Let's help him keep it that way, yes?

[Open and OCD-free! Let's see if LJ lets me post/comment today.]
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The first thing Ronan does when he gets into the clinic Monday morning is make sure that they are well-stocked with condoms. The second is to make sure that there is a large basket, filled to overflowing, for anyone who wants to come for them.

... The third is, admittedly, to grab a few for himself. It's not that he's planning anything, but this does seem the time to be prepared!

The clinic is open. And well-supplied.

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Rather than walking through the front door, Ronan appeared for his clinic shift in the middle of the waiting room, a slight 'pop' of displaced air heralding his arrival. "Remind me," he said to no one in particular as he brushed copious amounts of blue dust from his hair and clothing, "not to visit K'k'ln during the windy season."

The wizard is in, broom in hand. Mind the dust.

[OCD-free! I've got another class later, but I'll be back and forth some, and I should be around all night.]
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Ronan slides into work just on time, still smiling from doing radio. Of course, he's not smiling as soon as he gets a text message.

He stares at his phone for a moment, then -- after sending off a quick request to the cats at Grand Central -- fires off a text in response: Let me know if he needs a healer. I can get there in ten minutes. -R

The clinic is open, but Ronan is perhaps a little distracted.

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Ronan was hoping for a quiet clinic shift after the holidays; he wasn't expecting one, because on Fandom? That was tantamount to a deathwish. But hoping? Definitely hoping.

He set himself up behind the desk like normal, a tray of coffees on hand for the nurses.

[Open and OOC-free! I am back and forth a bit today -- doing ALL the cleaning -- but I should be around, if a little SP-ish, if you need me!]
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Ronan was looking a little better after a week's rest -- and a week's food. Despite a certain remaining gauntness, he was moving easily, wasn't so quickly tired, and had regained some of the mass he'd lost fueling his spells during the battle with the Auditors.

And he'd finally managed to get Twitter working on his phone.

@downwithgrenfelzing: @callahann Want a guest for the holiday? Not up to going home.
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When Ronan got the clinic, his eyes were so dark-circled that at first glance, one might think he'd been in a fight-- but no. He was tired, instead, so tired that he sat down at the front desk and leaned forward, letting his head rest on folded arms.

He was awake, technically, but it might take a moment to get his attention when you arrived.

[OCD-free! I am here, but still on SP -- I shouldn't be as bad (... absent) as yesterday, though I am still working on ALL THE PAPERS. Twenty-four hours to go!]
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"Hey, Neets," Ronan said, when his call connected. He was at the front desk -- a little late, maybe, but he was distracted enough that he'd half-forgotten what day it was -- with coffee, worry in his voice.

The number of wizards back home kept going down; he was afraid to check for names of people he knew, at this point, but between the problems he'd heard about with the Causeway and his concerns with his own spells given the way the universe was falling apart, he hadn't yet figured out a way to go home and a) check or b) help.

Not to mention, if anywhere was going to figure this out, it was Fandom, and he couldn't help if he'd vanished with his home universe, right?

(If you read that for rationalising, well, you'd only be half-wrong.)

"Yeah, no, I'm just calling to check in," he said, smiling that at least she was still around to talk to. "Wondering how things are going for you. Any problems lately? )

Much happier after his phone call -- Nita was still around, at least, and he had a way to get home that was safer than trying to make the jump himself. Now to make it through the day.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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Ronan wasn't on the phone this morning, but it was never far from his side as he moved about the clinic, double-checking stock and making notes for anything that might need topping up. Whatever was happening, Ronan was going to make sure that the clinic was ready for it.

While replying promptly to any text that came his way.
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Ronan, surprisingly, wasn't on the phone when he walked into the clinic on Monday morning. He was instead clutching his laptop and a handful of thin, flimsy sheets of something that looked not quite like plastic, characters in the Speech scrolling across them.

Someone had just received packages from seven different universities on this side of the galaxy -- now to decide what to do with them.
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Unlike last week's Adventures in Portalocity, today Ronan was fairly calm as he bustled around the clinic, chattering away on his phone. "Ta, Filif, you should have received the specs last night -- my night, anyway. About ten hours ago?"

Ronan nodded thoughtfully as he listened to his friend on the other end of the connection. "Planning for the root system was the most complicated part," he explained, "but there's a variant on Tanr's Seeking Threads that I was able to plug in. Check it over -- you've got more knowledge on your planet's species than I do, and I don't have as much experience with plant species as I do other forms of life. But it should be at least the start of a solution for your problem.

"Yeah, no, don't worry about it, Cousin. It's what I do, remember? Safe errantry."

[Open! Off for class in a bit, so I'll be scarcer until 1PM Eastern or so, but then I should be around all afternoon/night!]
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Ronan was a little distracted during the day, trying to organise a portal up to New York to catch an outgoing worldgate to the Crossings. "No, no, not that Grand Central," he bitched, "that's the wrong New York. I need one without ambulatory dolphins.

"No, contemporary dinosaurs are not an acceptable substitute!"

The clinic was open, but you might be better served by the nurses.

[I am around for a short while, but unless you're up for extreme SP, you probably want to mod the nurses. OCD-free!]
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It had been great to catch up with old friends over the weekend. Ronan was whistling cheerily as he walked into the clinic on Monday, thinking about the pledge he'd made with Hoshi.

"Clearly," he said to the nurses, "I'm going to have to actually get out more. Don't suppose any of you know anyone looking for a date?"

When the shoes came flying at him, he ducked behind the desk. "Sorry, sorry!" he called. "I didn't mean to imply that I didn't want to date any of you!"

The clinic was open, if disgruntled!
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Ronan was his laptop today at the front desk, alternating between staring at the screen and typing a few words. "Remind me," he said aloud, to no one in particular, "to never again offer to present a paper on the intersection between Terrestrial mythology and the poetry of Am'r. I don't even like Am'ric poetry."

Please, someone. Come in and distract him. A severed limb would be nice!

[Open and OCD-free! I may be slow-ish at times because I'm trying to write a paper, but it's not like I'm having any more luck with it than Ronan is.]
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It had been a good weekend: no visitors for Ronan, but a few new friends -- or at least acquaintances -- was a victory in his book.

He settled in at the front desk, computer open in front of him as he started looking up universities on Earth. He wasn't anywhere near ready to move on yet, but it never hurt to have some sense of where he'd be headed when he eventually did.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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Ronan was whistling as he sauntered into the clinic on Monday, coffee for the nurses in one hand and tea for himself in the other. "And how were your weekends?" he asked cheerfully.

Perhaps, he decided, the nurses glaring at him, he'd have been better not to ask.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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Ronan was whistling as he walked into the clinic Monday morning; unlike some people, his weekend had actually been relatively uneventful -- or so the podcasts informed him. As things go, pretending to be his (non-existent) dead twin sister and dying twice was actually pretty tame.

Besides, it's not like he hadn't died before. With the scars to prove it.

Before settling at the front desk, Ronan checked the supply catalog; unfortunately, 'brain bleach' wasn't available, so if anyone came in looking for it, he'd have to advise them to find another method of erasing the weekend from their memories.

[OCD-free; I am off-and-on for a little while, as I've got a class still today and then I need to head home, but I should be around basically all evening while working on homework.]
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By the time Ronan made it into the clinic, the nurses had already made a list of all the materials that needed restocking, filled up anything missing in the exam rooms, and sat down at the front desk to wait impatiently for his arrival.

The coffee and muffins he brought in did little to mollify their ire.

[Open and OCD-free! Late because apparently my mother's wireless network is psychotic and decided not to let my laptop on for, oh, several hours. For no obvious reason.]
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Despite having been out drinking the night before, Ronan was perfectly ready for work Monday morning. Coffee and muffins for the nurses in hand -- from the Perk and JGoB respectively -- he settled in for what was hopefully going to be a slow day.

Yeah. Like that ever happened in Fandom.

[OCD-free! Ronan's around, but I am training today for my new job, which will be taking all day, so aside from the, uh, four-hour supper break, I won't be available until probably 10PM Atlantic/9PM Eastern. Mod the nurses if you want, but SP is also win. :D]
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Ronan had coffee in hand for the nurses when he made it to the clinic -- a little later than normal, perhaps, but hopefully the coffee would soothe any tempers.

[OCD-free; would have been up earlier, but my errands today ran considerably later than expected when I ended up with an interview that got me hired on the spot. ;) YAY JOB.]
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Ronan was exhausted, yes; his part of the spells yesterday had been draining, to say the least. Nonetheless, he opened the clinic, ready to take care of any remaining injuries from the previous day's battles.

Hopefully they'd actually come in to the clinic.

FTEC, Thursday (8/4)

Thursday, August 4th, 2011 12:55 am
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Scully had awoken cranky, but determined. Time to get to the bottom of her transformation!

She stomped off into town, and shot at two teal deer who tried to stop her from going inside the clinic. She took a sample of their blood as they limped away. (And drank some of it, but not from the sample. You had to keep your materials separate to avoid contamination.)

The nurses were staying waaaay on the other side of the Clinic from her, as she worked on her tests.

"Thith ith ridiculuth," she muttered through her just-starting-to-emerge fangs, as she broke yet another beaker. Really, those things didn't grow on trees!

Then she was absorbed in Science again.

[ocd on its way up!]
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Settling in at the front desk at the start of the day, Ronan started making a list of all the things that could be useful for him if they ended up... odder... patients. After all, he was as close to a xenomedical specialist as they had right now; who knew what he might end up needing for any patients who weren't human?

Of course, when the list started to include things like 'Anegolastic parabolic α-ray scanner,' he realised he was maybe getting a little carried away. "Perhaps we stick, first, to things available on Earth, ta, Ronan?" he muttered to himself.

At least that way they'd save on shipping.

The clinic is open!

FTEC, Monday [7/18]

Monday, July 18th, 2011 10:34 am
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It being Ronan's first shift back, he made sure to explore through the clinic and make note of any changes -- where things were stored, what kind of condition the files were in and whether they needed to be tidied, how the stock was in the exam rooms.

In deference to long-standing tradition, he was drinking spicy hot chocolate, although he'd brought coffee for the nurses.

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, August 16th, 2009 03:00 pm
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... It was his last shift in the clinic.

With the trip the next weekend, Ronan realised that he wasn't going to be around for his clinic shift -- and then he was leaving the island not long after, certainly before the next weekend.

... ... Huh.

He looked around, a soft smile on his face, as he took in the clinic and thought back over the last... however long he'd been working there. A year and a half? Close to two years? He took the opportunity to check when his first shift had been.

Over two years.

Yeah, this called for a little something; if anyone were to come into the clinic today, they'd find Ronan and the nurses at the front desk, talking and laughing over a couple of boxes of donuts, carafes of coffee, and pots of tea, bought from JGoB.

But if that person needed assistance, Ronan was more than ready to provide it. At least before he left for Fight Club.

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, July 26th, 2009 01:35 pm
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Ronan had a notebook with him today, and he was scribbling madly in it -- big whorls and arcs of characters in the speech, each half-written, no more than a suggestion of a concept. Spells, he was writing, or ideas for spells; he'd probably be startled if you came in, so focused was he.

But he was there, for all your clinic needs.

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, July 19th, 2009 03:14 pm
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Ronan was in the clinic, ready for anyone who needed help; today, he'd decided just to relax at the front desk. He had a novel and a cold glass of cola, and the nurses rolled their eyes at him as they bustled around doing the work he should have been doing to make sure the exam rooms were stocked.

[I'm around-ish, but flying OCD-free and there might be some SP as there's some RL stuff going on!]

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, July 12th, 2009 01:28 pm
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Ronan arrived just barely in time for his shift, his spell popping him back to Fandom just outside the clinic. And if there was a particularly happy smile on his face, well.

He'd had a good evening.

[Flying OCD-free today!]

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, June 21st, 2009 09:14 am
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When Ronan arrived at the clinic on Sunday morning, it was with surprisingly more fanfare than one might be used to. In fact, there was a rather sudden 'pop' followed by a suddenly appearing... Well. Ronan.

"I am never doing that again," he grumbled, brushing pale blue dust from his sleeves. "At least I made it back in time for my shift..."

The clinic? It was open. Please ignore the part where Ronan was scrubbing himself down in the bathroom; he'll be with you in a moment.

[Aaaand we're flying OCD-free!]

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, June 7th, 2009 11:49 am
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It was a very satisfied Ronan around for the day shift today; he whistled as he moved around the rooms, tidying up any last few things that had been missed.

When he finally settled at the front desk, his smile was just as wide, especially when he noticed the extra baskets of condoms that had been set out. He grabbed a few extra for himself; it never hurt to have more on hand, after all.

[I should be around for the day, barring a run out for food at one point, and probably a trip to the gym. OCD-free!]

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, May 31st, 2009 04:58 pm
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When Ronan arrived in the clinic for the day, he was grumbling. "Don't even ask," he said, as the nurses stared at his green-and-purple-spotted skin. "Don't even think about asking. I'll be in the back in anyone needs me, but it better be an emergency."

The nurses shook their heads, one of them going up to man the desk in Ronan's absence.

[OCD-free! Go with modding the nurses today, as I am still without 'net at home.]

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, May 24th, 2009 12:50 pm
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There was no singing this week, and for that Ronan was grateful as he bustled around the clinic. He did see the notes that there'd been two visitors the day before, and was glad that it hadn't seemed to be anything too serious -- nothing, at least, that would require them to still be there.

It meant, with any luck, an easy day for him before he headed off to Fight Club.

[I'll be around off-and-on through the afternoon, and should be around all evening!]

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, May 17th, 2009 12:29 pm
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It was another slow day, or at least Ronan hoped it would be; he set himself up at the front desk with a new book.

... Yeah. The quiet lasted about two minutes, until two of the nurses came through and started singing.

Of course, what confused Ronan the most was where the two guys got their background music.

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, May 10th, 2009 08:27 am
[identity profile] hotceltogoth.livejournal.com
Yesterday had been ... productive. Ronan busied himself around the clinic, whistling to himself, enjoying the day and looking forward to the next.

And to Fight Club that evening, too!

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, April 26th, 2009 10:26 am
[identity profile] hotceltogoth.livejournal.com
Coming in for the day shift again, Ronan busied himself with making sure any detritus of the term was cleared away. He began making notes, too -- things to speak to Dr. Jones about, mostly, such as doing a full inventory, or to bring up the idea he'd had long ago about running a first aid seminar for the island.

Mostly, though, he thought about how he only had four months left at Fandom, and how much he wanted to do before he left. Graduation was coming up far too soon; he wasn't ready, not at all.

[... this was always in [livejournal.com profile] fandom_clinic. Honest.]
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Martha had been very grateful for the quiet of the clinic yesterday. They hadn't had many zombies come to try to get in - the nurses had been quite fierce, and Martha could only imagine that word had spread - and the lack of patients had made Martha start to wonder if they'd get through this whole thing with everyone being all right. It was amazing that she still had some optimism left in her, but there it was.

[OCD is up!]

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, March 29th, 2009 08:13 am
[identity profile] hotceltogoth.livejournal.com
Ronan was, oddly, in the mood for pizza when he got into work on Sunday morning. He found himself wondering if Pizza Planet had any Boston-related pizzas. Or specials. Did Boston even have a particular type of pizza, like New York or Chicago?

The nurses weren't sure what Ronan was thinking, but, come lunchtime, they were certainly appreciative of the large amounts of pizza Ronan ordered. And shared.

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009 02:00 pm
[identity profile] hotceltogoth.livejournal.com
Ronan had a new toy with him in the clinic today, courtesy his parents. It had taken a couple of extra days to arrive, unfortunately, so he'd not had it for his birthday, but it was here now!

An observant passerby might notice that the 'apple-with-a-bite' logo... wasn't quite. What with how it was lacking the whole bite part.

There were strange sounds coming from the front desk today: sounds of joy, of laughter, of amazement, as Ronan explored everything he could do with an up-to-date laptop. With a few extra functions.

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, March 15th, 2009 03:30 pm
[identity profile] hotceltogoth.livejournal.com
Ronan had mostly kept to himself the day before, spending his time in his room reading the big kid books that he'd found there. Today, however, he decided to explore!!!!

He found his way to the clinic, where he set up court at the front desk. "I claim this land for Ireland!" he proclaimed, standing tall, raising high his (nerf) sword.

The nurses were torn between shooing out the kid and squeeing over the cute.

The clinic was open, if perhaps not quite staffed as usual.

FTEC, Sunday

Sunday, March 8th, 2009 10:54 am
[identity profile] hotceltogoth.livejournal.com
With the signs he'd seen for the new Fight Club, Ronan was most curious and had decided to attend. Which meant he made absolutely certain to make it in for the day shift this particular Sunday, and depending on how things went, perhaps for most Sundays in the foreseeable future.

That said, he was in for the day shift, and was puttering around. (And preparing a kit with a few supplies that he thought he'd bring by the Fight Club. Just in case.)

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