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With the zombies gone, Martha hoped that there wouldn't be any new patients in the clinic today. She was perfectly content to finish taking care of the ones who were already there.

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Martha had been very grateful for the quiet of the clinic yesterday. They hadn't had many zombies come to try to get in - the nurses had been quite fierce, and Martha could only imagine that word had spread - and the lack of patients had made Martha start to wonder if they'd get through this whole thing with everyone being all right. It was amazing that she still had some optimism left in her, but there it was.

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Ino was pretty sure that this was going to be a bad day if radio had been anything to go by about how many people had been in and out of the clinic last night.

As such, she didn’t even take out her study materials, but rather busied herself with making sure everything was stocked up and keeping a watchful eye on the door. Ready to help if it was needed.

...she really hoped it wouldn't be needed. Better wasted effort than a lot of patients.
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Surrounded by a bunch of tiny white bottles very systematically placed around the front desk at carefully planned mathematical intervals, Adah Price was discovering that half the brain did not mean half the hangover. Last night she discovered why Poe was a drunk; this morning she discovered why he was probably depressed all the time. She had the distinct luck of a pretty good morning, though, despite feeling awful.
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Ronan busied himself checking that the exam rooms were stocked as he went around the clinic, trying not to think. He'd been pretty much closed up in his room the last couple of days, just refamiliarising himself with his things, with the space; having been gone for a year, it was simultaneously comforting and disconcerting to see how things had changed so little. Of course, it hadn't been a year, here, just a weekend, but...

But here he was, at the clinic, ready to help anyone who needed it. Or to talk, if anyone wanted to stop by.
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Katara had wandered through the picnic in the park, hoping against hope that Gran-Gran might somehow show up.  Or even Dad.  Or...not that she ever really expected it, but Aang could have come.  With Appa and Momo.  But she really shouldn't have gotten her hopes up, and she made her way to the Clinic mopily and flipped through magazines hoping that no one needed her tonight.    

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