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Stark arrived for his regular shift, Sheila the egg baby in tow. After setting Sheila's box down on the desk where it was not likely to fall, he did a quick check of the clinic to make sure it was empty. Satisfied, he settled in at the desk to look over some notes for classes and presentations tomorrow. And if he was talking to the egg in the box in front of him, he was just practicing for the presentations. Really.
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Trevor had made the mistake of attempting one of the Sudoku puzzles that was in the newspaper, and was now finding himself quite addicted to them. At least they were cheaper than alcohol, and were easy to stash at the front desk.
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Tommy was at his desk.

He looked like a man who was reciting the twelve steps over and over in an effort to make sure he remembered them.

At least he had work for a distraction.

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FTEC, Monday Morning

Monday, May 15th, 2006 11:44 am
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Granny set up her cauldron on the desk and started brewing up a potion to treat the Mauve Plague*. It was always best to be prepared.

Once the cauldron was safely bubbling, she went to check on the patients.

*A distant and much more serious cousin of the Black Plague.

FTEC, Sunday Evening

Sunday, May 14th, 2006 07:04 pm
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Stark arrived at the clinic for his usual shift and found the clinic already partially occupied. He quickly checked in on Tyler and Nadia, and anyone else who's still here that I missed then took a seat at the desk. With people in the clinic, he figured that this was not likely to be as quiet a night as Sundays usually were. So he was keeping his eye on the door.

((The mun, on the other hand, is totally watching TWW finale *sniff*, and will be slow responding between 8-9 EDT. But I am here. And I think I have nurse backup, even. Yay. AND this time I'll post in the right place.))

FTEC, Sat Night

Saturday, May 13th, 2006 08:50 pm
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Tommy checked on Tyler when he showed up for his shift. Poor kid. Burns were a bitch and a half to deal with.

He made sure Tyler was comfortable, then took a seat by his desk.

FTEC, Tuesday Night

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006 08:39 pm
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Nat had slept a little better during the day today and, as a result, felt up to running a few tests in the lab. She bounced happily between the lab and the front desk. On the television, The Thin Man Goes Home was playing and offered amusing background noise.
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The doctor is in. Christian was pleased to find that the TV, fortunately, was still in one piece. Currently, it was tuned to "The Daily Show."

School Clinic, 3/2/06

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006 09:55 am
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The school nurse is there for your nursing needs.

No, not that one. Don't be dirty.
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Paying no heed to the newly posted rules, Granny set up her cauldron again. This time she was brewing something in particular - a little potion that helped gentlemen when they had trouble rising to the occasion. Perhaps Mr. Gavin was in need of a little personal assistance.

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Clinic [2/8]

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006 03:31 pm
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Susan opened the clinic, and got out her files for the patients she was expecting-- and again, hoped that new doctors would be reporting in soon.

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He opens the clinic around 10 am, puts a pot of hazelnut coffee on to brew, and a soft jazz CD on the stereo system.

He fishes a red lolly pop out of the desk drawer, then commences to going throug the drawers. There's not much, really. He's made sure of that with his periodic and impulsive cleaning sprees. He found the box of pens Wilson had ordered long ago, that he'd retrieved out of the trash after one of his fits of total destruction. He sighed and stashed the flimsy plastic container in his shoulder bag.

There wasn't much else worth keeping, but he put what little there was in a small box. The desk in he office was much the same, and the box he'd filled was light enough that he could manage it back to his apartment. He set to work on reorganising the filing cabinent in the office, because it was something to do to pass the time.

Doctor is in and available, though on SP until after 3pm est. Assistants were welcome to pick up a thread. Come bleed, steal coffee, or say goodbye. Friday will be Dr House's last day in the clinic

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006 03:40 pm
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He'd checked on Vala, of course, but he hadn't opened the clinic because he just didn't want to deal with it. The on-call light was on, and he was technically available. If needed. He spent the morning lounging on the couch watching mindless television to pass the time. He hadn't decided if he was going to keep the appointment with Susan Dr Pevensie, but he found himself letting Cash out at quarter to two, and five minutes later he was in the clinic.

He sat at his desk and sighed. Maybe he should bring the plant from Blair back to the clinic. It might cheer the place up, once it started to grow. And Blair had said he should talk to it. He had plenty of time to talk to inanimate objects when he was working clinic.

He opened the top drawer of the desk and pulled out a thick manilla envelope. His medicalfile. Copies of doctor's reports, his current perscriptions, the pages of the notebook Wilson logged his progress and reactions in after he gave up the Vicodin. He sighed again and swiveled in his chair to look at Susan's door. He didn't need her to tell him he was a addict, and he didn't appreciate ehr making assumptions as such. He was an addict, and he knew it. And aside from a couple of teeny timy little slips, he'd been off the Vicodin since November 20. And did those slip ups really count, when he'd puked the pills back up each time? Probably.

The doctor is in, but he has an appointment with Dr Pevensie on the books. The question remains if he will honor the appointment or not. If he does, the on-all light will be on, but I wouldn't recommend interrupting. If he doesn't, the on-call light may remain on because he's feeling somewhat anti social and I wouldn't recommend interrupting hisbrooding. Just fair warning, yo.
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Wilson whistled softly as he walked about getting the Clinic opened up for the day. He was anticipating a delivery of supplies and so was dressed a little more casually than usual in jeans, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt under his pristine lab coat.

He'd been in Fandom for going on four months and had finally settled into the routine of lugging his own supplies and other wise handling details of a medical facility that he'd had orderlies and nurses to cover over the past couple decades. It was rather nice to be back into the habit and to know he still remembered the 'basic's' so to speak.

There was coffee brewing in the waiting room, though Wilson himself was enjoying a cup of tea as he sat behind the front desk, reading an oncology journal and waiting for the back door to buzz.

Doctor is In, come have coffee, bleed, emo all of the above!

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