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After fielding many voice mails and phone calls regarding gerbils and duct tape, Dr. Cox decided that someone had crossed the line.

What does this mean? It means war.
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Dr. Cox's locker was a complete mess. Obviously this was the work of a man in need of some kind of companionship.

Which is why after he had cleaned all the ice cream out of the locker, Cox was now very busy placing various personal ads in Tommy Gavin's name.
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Somebody had mucked with Cox's personal coffee supply.

No one messes with Cox's coffee supply.

Somebody now had a locker filled with Sardines.

Despite the smell in the locker room, the clinic was open and fish free.
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Dr. Cox was in a bad mood. Usually this is a normal thing, but today his rage actually had a reason. One would probably say it is because he didn't have his cup of coffee and bearclaw from J'GOB. The more likely reason was that when he attempted to pay for a cup of coffee and bearclub the clerk was forced to cut up Cox's credit card and bank card.

After spending most of the morning on the phone dealing with creditors, Cox relaxed in the afternoon by doing careful surgery on a certain carton of cigarettes from a certain locker that he certainly had broken into.

FTEC, Wednesday day

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 08:26 am
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It hadn't taken long for Tommy to shake the nurse down - not literally - to find out who had put his truck on the roof.

Getting the truck off the roof was another matter entirely.

Tommy kept making phone calls, all the while plotting his revenge.
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Cox's earlier good mood had disappeared. It probably had something to do with him pulling a double shift today.

The rest of the evening was most likely spent plotting against a certain firefighter.

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Dr. Cox was in a chipper mood this morning. His uncharacteristic good mood surprised the Nurse and other staffers at the clinic and couldn't help but wonder why he was so happy today.

One person thought it was because he got a good night's sleep. Another person suggested that he met someone special and yet another suggested that maybe he found out he had a heart and decided to use it.

But the likely reason for his good mood was probably because that he paid a bunch of mechanics from the mainland to take apart, transport and reassemble Tommy Gavin's pickup truck on top of the clinic's roof.

Yeah. That's probably it.
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Dr. Cox is busy making various phone calls to car mechanics over on the mainland. Granted he should probably be taking care of the endless amount of paperwork, restocking the exam rooms, etc. but the man has his priorities.

FTEC: Thursday Day

Thursday, July 20th, 2006 08:33 am
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Cox? Not in a good mood. First Gavin had the nerve to book him two days in a row and now he's getting paid in Yen?

Oooooh-ho-ho. This means war.
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Dr. Cox spends a good portion of the day checking in on the patients in the exam rooms and then watching his soaps.

It be best if you didn't disturb him when he's watching his soaps.

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FTEC, Saturday Night

Saturday, July 15th, 2006 07:29 pm
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Tommy? So not in a good mood.

Okay not that he ever was, but an inability to take care of his temper via 1) Drinking or 2) Loud swearing was not helping matters.

He nodded with approval when he saw the sign that Alanna put up. After thinking about it, he added:

And when I find out who did this I am taking their balls and FEEDING THEM TO THE TRASH COMPACTOR

He started smoking and keeping an eye out for trouble.

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A hungover Dr. Cox stomps into the clinic; berates the nurse for her sloppy record keeping; inspects all the examination rooms and organizes the equipment to his own liking before settling down to watch his soaps at the front desk.

Occasionally a nagging thought pesters him to prepare for tomorrow's class, but he pushes it away and continues to watch TV.

FTEC, Saturday Night

Saturday, July 8th, 2006 08:45 pm
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Tommy sat down at his desk and stared at the schedule.

That seemed a lot like work, so he stopped doing that and decided to watch TV instead.

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