FTEC, Thursday

Thursday, March 26th, 2015 07:20 am
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To be honest, Atticus was at the clinic because there were a lot of other places he didn't want to be. He didn't want to deal with the people outside of Gaunt's shop, because he didn't know what they might be capable of at the moment. He didn't trust the vibe of the school's library at all, and trying to heal the preserve had been fruitless and gotten him almost chomped on by crazy deer. When he eventually left this world, it was not going to be death by deer, thank you very much.

So, he'd decided that the best thing he could do was help those who were trying to help others, and that meant tea. He'd charmed some of the folks from the Perk and JGOB into lending him pots and hot plates, and set out a variety of teas for anyone who needed a pick-me-up. Some of them were normal flavors, and some were more medicinal thanks to the herbs he'd... acquired from the Magic Box. (It didn't count as stealing if the door was unlocked when he got there, and he fully intended to pay for everything he'd taken, eventually.) He made sure the nurses got whatever they wanted first, and then stuck a sign on the door:


It wasn't terribly creative, but he hoped it would work well enough.

[Hello folks! This post is for anyone who wants to help at the clinic, who has broken their curse and needs help, or who wants to just hang out and have some tea. :) There will be a clinic post every day today through Sunday.]
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Alanna was in the clinic, hungover and grouchy. Faithful was...reading. So apparently they had a personality shift.
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After running some errands to gather a few odds and ends for the romantic dinner he had planned for Phale that evening, Wilson finally ducked back to the Clinic with a bag of goodies.

No, he wasn't showing anyone what was in the bag except the recipient and even Aziraphale was going to have to wait till tonight!
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Doogie was starting to think that this was going to be another slow morning. And then the nurses came in, and he suddenly found himself relieved of that concern.
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Natalie set her things down slowly, eyes scanning over Cally's chart. She read the notes made by the admitting physician -- or, in this case, the admitting aide -- and then those added by Dr. Troy. Taking a moment to unpack, she then peeked in on her patient. She spent the remaineder of the shift either in the lab or tending to the patient...and welcoming visitors.
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Considering the doctor on duty was currently in a coma, Christian took Dr. Wilson's shift and opened up the clinic for the day.
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Trevor had made the mistake of attempting one of the Sudoku puzzles that was in the newspaper, and was now finding himself quite addicted to them. At least they were cheaper than alcohol, and were easy to stash at the front desk.

FTEC, Monday Night

Monday, August 7th, 2006 05:48 pm
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Janet was, in retrospect, glad she hadn't made plans for the weekend. And at least she hadn't been too horribly embarrassed, except for one phone call she'd prefer to forget. And the clinic was usually a good place to hide out from the world in.
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Janet's first experience with a gremlin bite had been yesterday. Ugh. Maybe that explained the migraine today? One of these days, she was going to do a chemical analysis of the venom. But until then, she had coffee, high doses of pain meds, and the lights turned down low until someone came in and needed medical attention.
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Trevor would certainly never admit this out loud, but he almost liked it better when there were students who were injured or sick. He liked having actual patients to check on, if only because it made him feel more useful than usual.

[OCD threads are up!]

FTEC, Sunday Morning

Sunday, May 14th, 2006 02:13 am
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Janet stumbled in, exhausted, and opened up the clinic. Thankfully--and unusually--the nurse was around to watch the desk. She waved tiredly and dropped into a cot in the corner to sleep.

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FTEC, Saturday Night

Saturday, April 29th, 2006 08:27 pm
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Tommy was neither tiny nor wee.

He was, however, in FTEC for anybody who might need snarky medical help of some sort.
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Now that Spring Break is over, the school nurse is back on the job.

Or she's knitting. One or the other.
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The clinic was a mess.

The lobby and hallway were full of crumpled coffee cups and the scent of emo. A few bodies remained huddled against the walls and on benches. Christian quietly checked them and found each person just sleeping, so there hadn't been a coffee Jonestown going on last night.

At least the patient in Exam One seemed much better. Christian examined Angel and found him sleeping peacefully, no fever or chills. So maybe whatever they'd done had worked despite wrecking havoc in the clinic. Careful not to disturb the vampire or the young man passed out in the chair next to him, Christian noted Angel's condition on his chart, then returned to the desk in the lobby, hoping people would wake up soon and clean up this mess.
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Natalie arrived at the clinic as close to six as possible, taking great care to keep to the shadows and out of the direct sunlight. There was a busy air about the clinic; the energy and goodwill generated by Janet's 'Chosen One Blood Drive' still lingered, almost palpable. Nat was sure something else was going to happen -- something had to, to save Angel. She could only sit back and wait. In the meantime, she would check up on Angel and settle in with her laptop.

[Posted early due to LJ's incredibly irresponsible timing. To quote Indy (in that really bad Scottish brogue), "How dare they?" Tags will change after some of the carnage has cleared.

Also -- I'll will be at dinner for a bit, so slowplay is the key until after sunset. ;)]

FTEC, Friday

Friday, March 10th, 2006 08:27 am
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Alanna came into the clinic, her scowl down to an almost normal level. She glanced around the clinic, trying not to blink too much and put her bag, with Faithful inside, down on a empty chair. Noting that Angel appeared to be asleep and there was nothing that needed her immediate attention, she made herself comftorable behind the desk, a book in hand.
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Janet was in Exam Room 2 at the clinic again, prepping to collect blood from any Chosen One who stopped in to donate. With luck, people had spread the word of the blood drive and Janet wouldn't have to hunt down any more Chosen types to donate. Not that she was going to let them add that to their library card application from now on either. Because she was making a list from the donors.

OOC: Please see the regular clinic post for any medical needs or to visit Angel. Tommy gave me permission to open a separate post just for the blood drive.

Note - I am setting up a separate OOC thread in case you want someone to haul you in for the blood drive. Just ping me in that thread and we'll arrange it.

OCD threads are up! Time to play.

ETA</>: I need to be in slowplay due to RL. Frak. Sorry, guys. I've been playing pretty steadily for a few hours, but I'm going to keep the thread open for slowplay through tomorrow morning. That's about all the time I'll have for it before Janet has to start playing working in the lab and combining all the ingredients.

Note: If you are looking for Angel's dying letter to you, it will be in Janet's bag (which you can get to through the General Conversation thread). The bag has been left open, but you will have to steal the letter; Janet will not be giving it out to you unless Angel is truly dead. If Janet catches you, you're in for a world of hurt, but she won't catch you unless you let me know OOC that you want to be caught.
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Exam room 1, one vampire. Exam room 2, evidence of a blood drive. Christian snagged some leftover cookies and juice and settled in his chair, flipping through a report on new innovations in breast implants.
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He opens the clinic around 10 am, puts a pot of hazelnut coffee on to brew, and a soft jazz CD on the stereo system.

He fishes a red lolly pop out of the desk drawer, then commences to going throug the drawers. There's not much, really. He's made sure of that with his periodic and impulsive cleaning sprees. He found the box of pens Wilson had ordered long ago, that he'd retrieved out of the trash after one of his fits of total destruction. He sighed and stashed the flimsy plastic container in his shoulder bag.

There wasn't much else worth keeping, but he put what little there was in a small box. The desk in he office was much the same, and the box he'd filled was light enough that he could manage it back to his apartment. He set to work on reorganising the filing cabinent in the office, because it was something to do to pass the time.

Doctor is in and available, though on SP until after 3pm est. Assistants were welcome to pick up a thread. Come bleed, steal coffee, or say goodbye. Friday will be Dr House's last day in the clinic

(no subject)

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006 03:40 pm
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He'd checked on Vala, of course, but he hadn't opened the clinic because he just didn't want to deal with it. The on-call light was on, and he was technically available. If needed. He spent the morning lounging on the couch watching mindless television to pass the time. He hadn't decided if he was going to keep the appointment with Susan Dr Pevensie, but he found himself letting Cash out at quarter to two, and five minutes later he was in the clinic.

He sat at his desk and sighed. Maybe he should bring the plant from Blair back to the clinic. It might cheer the place up, once it started to grow. And Blair had said he should talk to it. He had plenty of time to talk to inanimate objects when he was working clinic.

He opened the top drawer of the desk and pulled out a thick manilla envelope. His medicalfile. Copies of doctor's reports, his current perscriptions, the pages of the notebook Wilson logged his progress and reactions in after he gave up the Vicodin. He sighed again and swiveled in his chair to look at Susan's door. He didn't need her to tell him he was a addict, and he didn't appreciate ehr making assumptions as such. He was an addict, and he knew it. And aside from a couple of teeny timy little slips, he'd been off the Vicodin since November 20. And did those slip ups really count, when he'd puked the pills back up each time? Probably.

The doctor is in, but he has an appointment with Dr Pevensie on the books. The question remains if he will honor the appointment or not. If he does, the on-all light will be on, but I wouldn't recommend interrupting. If he doesn't, the on-call light may remain on because he's feeling somewhat anti social and I wouldn't recommend interrupting hisbrooding. Just fair warning, yo.
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He'd enjoyed the poetry class quite a bit, despite the headache throbbing at the back of his head.

He wasn't planning on reopening the clinic, but he'd left his cell phone on the desk when he'd rushed off to get to the class on time.

He sat down at the desk for some reason unknown to him and started going through the desk drawers, cleaning them out.

The doctor is not officially on duty. but that doen't mean you can't come in.
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Though he was running a little late you try getting dried apple pie filling off the next morning but the Clinic was soon bright and inviting (as much as a Clinic could be) with the fresh scent of coffee wafting through the air and a certain oncologist kicked back with a crossword puzzle stack of paperwork.

Doctor is in!
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The smell of the Christmas Blend was filling the reception area and Wilson was kicked back in his chair contemplating stringing lights around the whole area...and maybe a tree.

Not that he celebrated the specific Christmas Holiday don't ask how he can know about Phale and Crowley and not, it would just break the poor mun's brain to work that one out but the decorations would make House twitch and might be a fun thing to do. Yeah...maybe even a little tree...

Doctor on Duty, come get coffee, visit Rory and Logan -who should be getting sprung some time today- and if you must, bleed.
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The passage of air was LOUD today and Wilson moved very, very carefully in an attempt to keep the air as still as possible. He was late opening the Clinic not because he was late getting *to* the Clinic but because he was moving very slowly…in the hope of keeping the air really quiet.

Getting the doors open, he started a pot of coffee and sucked back the third 20oz bottle of water he’d been drinking since about oh…not too many hours ago. Putting a happy face on, he managed to do rounds without passing out, which was a blessing, checking in on Rory, Logan and Jack before crawling back up to the front desk.

Sitting down, very carefully –DAMN AIR WILL YOU SHUT UP!- Wilson leaned forward till he could cradle his head on his forearms. Seven…liquors….what the hell had he been thinking last night?

That it felt good to laugh a little and not hurt…andohGodI’mnottwentyanymore

Dragging his water bottle down into his lap to snuggle it close, Wilson reached for the half a piece of bagel he’d been trying to choke down for over an hour now. He was about half-way through it. By noon he might be finished with it.

If I live that long…Crowley is going to kill me.

Taking a slow breath, Wilson sat up and reached for a chart. He was being in his charting and really needed to catch up, if the little black squiggly lines would just stay still long enough for him to read them.

Doctor on Duty.
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Wilson was still tired and in all honesty, he expected to be through the holiday weekend. He was physically run into the ground -hey, Fandom might be a relatively small island but you trying running all up and down those hills particularly hauling Angel's muscular ass around- and as for emotionally...

Yeah that was pretty much still touch and go also.

But, the Clinic was open the lights inviting and the smell of a Christmas Blend coffee filled the air. Wilson was working on discharge papers/information for Rory and Logan. He could only imagine that they were more then ready to be sprung though he was uncertain about when exactly that springing was going to happen.

Doctor....well the coffee's made, come by and have a cup if you wish.
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Wilson and House had been up the whole night, between hourly checks on Rory, Marty and Logan they had -laughably- tried to relieve each other for a few hours of sleep but each had been too keyed up to take advantage and after the first try had given up.

The oncologist had quietly worked on paperwork in between rounds, while House had played with his gameboy. For the moment, neither had brought up the subject of what had just happened with the other, it was just all too confusing and in the end, not important to delivering medical attention. In some ways, it was better that they didn't have the details, that would just confuse the focus.

As morning dawned, Wilson had taken advantage of a quick break to grab a shower and clean the blood off his skin and out of his hair. He'd come back and tagged House out, firmly suggesting that the older doctor needed to put some intense heat therapy on that bad leg of his...and also demanding -in a loving manner- that House make coffee.

When House headed off towards the little apartment, Wilson began to run rounds once more.

[ooc: For the sake of my sanity, please put all 'Morning after' comments into this post. I'll have threads up for all the sickies as soon as LJ lets me. Thank you! :)]
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Wilson had closed the Clinic briefly for a few hours, long enough to get a shower, relax a little with dinner and House but then he'd forceably dragged the older man back to the Clinic. They had to go over a few administrative items that he needed House's input with so...back to the office.

Now, if only they could behave themselves.

Stretched out in a chair across the desk from House, Wilson was flipping through a medical catelogue.

"I think we could afford it, House and it really would be indispensible.
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God, so bored.

Jack counted ceiling tiles and crankily wondered how much longer they thought they could keep him here. There was a *party* going on, for Godsakes', and he was missing that, too.

If he *ever* had the chance to pay back Fraiser....

...he went back to counting ceiling tiles, then heard someone in the next room.

"Hey! Come play with me!"

(no subject)

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005 04:43 pm
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Dr House replenished the lollypop suppy in the bowl on his desk. It was a new bog, and he dug the red ones out and dropped most of them in his desk drawer. The one that locked.He stuck one in ihs mouth and slipped two in his pocket for later, right beside the bottle of Vicodin.

He limped to Exam 5 which doubled as a private room (for the likes of Parker and now Mmm Jack) and checked on the patient. Satisfied everything looked good, he headed back to the main lobby and sat down at the desk. With a little luck, it would be a quiet afternoon, and Wilson would emerge from whatever dark corner he was hidiing in...

Dr House on duty (reluctantly) because he's making an effort to work more hours
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Wilson had had an early start, getting up first thing to check in on Jack and then heading down to the school to talk to Bristow. He'd already grabbed a couple cups of coffee in his travels but was returning now to open the Clinic for the day.

Whistling softly, the oncologist flipped on the lights and unlocked the door. He had some papers in his left hand to work on and for once those papers were not charts. Sometimes you just have to cheer the small miracles.

Setting a pot of Kona coffee to brewing, he peeked in on Jack one more time before heading back out to the front. Flopping down at the desk, Wilson kicked his feet up on the counter and pulled the papers into his lap...ahh a nice caffiene high, gottah love it.

Doctor on Duty, ask nicely you might get coffee.
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So, if Wilson happened to be looking a bit tired but extremely smug with himself, it wasn't likely anyone was going to notice, especially as the Clinic was blessedly quiet while he went about opening it up this morning.

Back to the Jamacian Blue Mountain roast in the coffee pot, the delicious smell of fresh brewed coffee filling the air as the oncologist opened the doors and flipped on the lights. He actually had some legitimate paperwork to hash throught today but he paused in the shuggling of charts to grin at the "CYK" House had left on his crossword puzzle yesterday.

Coffee brewed, Wilson poured himself a cup and flopped down into the chair behind the front desk. Picking up a chart, he began to work with it, while at the same time mulling over a few other issues chasing around in his head.

Doctor on Duty, time to get in those last minute check ups before Parents descend!
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Jack seems to have learned his lesson. Today he only has a cell-phone, some snacks and a few notebooks with him. He signs in and opens up a bag of Kiwi Gummies. He can't wait until tomorrow his hours are back to normal.
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CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffee...ad nauseum

Yeah, Wilson was usually fairly one track minded in the mornings as he puttered about getting the Clinic open for the day.

Checking in on Parker, iPod my ass he grabbed some crossword puzzles charts and blood results from tests run the evening before and headed for the front of the clinic.

He'd actually moved a coffee pot into the Clinic this morning and had it set up on a printer stand -hey printers do very well on the floor- where it was brewing up some very nice Jamaican Blue Mountain reserve blend.

Setting the charts off to the side for a bit, he picked up the book Professor Dream had lent him yesterday and quickly found the place he'd left off at the night before. Coffee, book...general chaos, what more could an oncologist want out of life?

Doctor on Duty, stay away from the coffee...okay he might share, if you ask nicely.

[ooc: I've got a meeting today in the afternoon so will have to pause around then, just forwarning.]
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Jack comes in and sets up his things, homework, radio, mini-tv, and a few notebooks. He was hoping to have a slow night and be able to get some homework done before tomorrow. And to avoid Cuddy like the plague.

Jack clicked on the radio and cracked open a book.

(no subject)

Monday, October 24th, 2005 07:27 pm
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House is in the lab, running the bloodwork Wilson asked him to do. He's brought a small radio with him, so at least there's music, though it has to sit outside on the reception desk so the air waves don't interfere with the lab equiptment.

He's humming along with whatever classic rock song is playing in the back ground, while he runs the blood. Against his usual pattern, he takes the time to scribble notes on the patient files just to show Wilson up. And to show Wilson how much he appreicates how Wilson has stepped up and taken over, allowing Hosue the luxury of skipping out on clinic duty as much as possible. Which has a lot to do with mun availability, but still

Michael's blood work is a straight forward test, and a good place to start. He lines the others up in no particular order, Hank, Parker, Chloe, and Duce.

Dr House is not on active duty, hopefully one of the assistants is working tonight? But House is in the clinic, so if somene stumbles in and distracts him from the blood work, he might reward them with a red lolly. Probably purple or orange, depends on how grateful/grumpy he is

[OOC: If any of you patients are looking for specific results, PLEASE let me know. I'm not good with the 'find whatever you want' thing. Need specifics, please. Duce the obvious exception, House isn't going to get to her blood work tonight since that's interactive and scheduled for Wednesday]
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When Krycek put Parker down on one of the exam tables, all Parker could do was curl into a ball and try to not pass out.

Pain and vomiting trumped pissed-off every day, sadly.
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Red lollypop in hand (and very much aware *cough*someone*cough* has been in his stash), Dr House is sitting behind the desk in the clinic reception area with one of Wilson's medical journals open in front of him. He's read the same sentence at least ten times, his mind too busy to focus on the words. Last night with Wilson and Angelus had been...interesting to say the least (and yes, vagueness as it's not been played out yet. Hush)

He finally gives up on the article, flips the periodical closed, limps over to Lisa's latest bulletin board, leaving his cane hanging off the side of his desk. The board fails to hold his attention, and he ends up pacing the waiting area of the clinic. Without the cane. Which isn't really good for his leg, but gives him an excuse to take an extra Vicodin.
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It probably went without saying that Wilson was going to be dragging, just a bit, this morning. Whether it was simply the after effects of the privious day or whatever he'd gotten up to the night before, could be a source of speculation for anyone who...spent such time doing those sorts of things.

For now, he was setting out a sign in sheet, checking on the waiting room to make sure the water cooler was full and the chairs were mostly straight. It was a small thing but a tidy waiting room tended to help people relax.

Covering a yawn, he took a swig off his super charged quinti shot coffee nummy and headed back to the front desk. Okay...he hadn't gotten a chance to work on much of his paperwork last night and it was starting to pile up.

Sitting down, long legs were kicked up on the desk -the man honestly could not sit straight in a chair to save his life- and Wilson yanked the clipboard down into his lap. Time to work on some scheduling.

Don't anybody laugh.

Doctor on Duty, come poke, pester or bleed on as you so desire.

The Clinic is Open

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005 05:40 pm
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Lisa walks into the clinic after meeting with [livejournal.com profile] jerusalem_s She immediately sits down with a few markers, makes a new bulletin board, and then staples it up to the front of the clinic.

Lisa is very grumpy. )

Underneath, she scrawls MEN SUCK with a sharpie.

Satisfied, she takes all the files off of House's desk, throws them in a corner, and takes a handle of whiskey and a few 40s of cheap malt liquor out of her backpack. She busts out House's red lollipop stash and throws all of the candy on the desk next to the booze.

She waits for Parker to arrive, and takes a shot.

THE CLINIC IS OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS. to get your underaged drink on

(no subject)

Friday, October 14th, 2005 08:24 pm
[identity profile] gotcanewillpoke.livejournal.com
Dr House is in the clinic this Friday evening.

He's bored. Come entertain him. He may reward you with a red lollypop unless your name is Parker.

(no subject)

Friday, October 14th, 2005 07:54 am
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Wilson had bloodwork to...work on. He needed to finish up with Red's and start running Jack's. He'd planned to do this the night before but errr got a bit distracted you might say.

He really was going to have to sit down and think about what had happened. Think about why he was here in the first place, why he'd left Jersey, why he'd walked away from PP-TH on an extended LOA to come and find his retired best friend. Then he was going to have to tackle the ramifications of sleeping in every sense of the word for those with sensitive noses with said best friend.

But not yet.

Wilson was still running, away from himself as fast as he could go and he wasn't ready to slow down and let the demons catch up with him yet.

Settling himself into the lab, the oncologist tried not to focus on how certain delicious aches were causing him to move carefully as he navigated his way around the equipment. He was only planning to be in the lab for a couple of hours but if anyone in the clinic needed him in that time he was more then happy to step -carefully!- out and help.

(Mun is here till about 2:00pmEST, then off on a trip with limited internet access, so if anyone wants to come and speculate, now's the time! :D)

(no subject)

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005 10:56 am
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Wednesday morning found Wilson down in the clinic with a few of his own journals, a legal pad, the PDA and a cup of coffee. It was better then just sitting in the apartment and watching bad morning game shows and his services might actually be required, one never knew.

And if they weren't...well...he had enough questions of his own, in between the vampire, the mutant and the old soul in a young body he'd met so far.

(no subject)

Sunday, October 9th, 2005 09:35 pm
[identity profile] gotcanewillpoke.livejournal.com
He hasn't been seen in the clinic for a few days. Homecoming wiped him out. In a good way, Oh yes. He rubbed his chin just thinking about just how good Homecoming was for him.

It's Sunday night now, and he's in the clinic, at his desk, avoiding paperwork and inventory by playing his gameboy.

[OOC: My computer has died, I'm at the mercy of my parents, so...I don't know how long I'll be here (except I will be going to bed around 11, 11:30 pm) and there mayt be random bouts of slowtime]
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Dr House was in the clinic, waiting for any and all of the kids from the botched Rooftop Beautifucation Project to show up for their gremlin testing, as per the Dean. Dean Bristow had told him to use water or sprite, not the actual gremlin spittle, but House didn't like the whole idea of lying to those kids. They trusted him, and he'd put himself on the line to defend and protect them. Lying to them at this point just seemed wrong.

House sighed and looked up at Alanna's pencil collectoin in the ceiling. The girl had a good throw, as far as h could tell, not one of the pencils had fallen yet. He sighed again and rubbed his face. He dug his crossword puzzle book out of his desk, but couldn't concentrate on it. Same with his video games, even the yo-yo. Another sigh and he leaned back in his chair, feet propped up on the desk.

[OOC: While this post is closed to student and faculty trauma, the clinic itself is open...*nodnod*]

(no subject)

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005 12:23 am
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*Caroline walks into the clinic and runs her fingers through her hair, not entirely sure what to do.
Sitting awkwardly against a table she pulled out her notes from journalism, not expecting anything to interrupt her revision*

Sunday Morning

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 10:42 am
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Dr House is in the clinic. Trying to balance his cane on his nose, which isn't exactly working well. Doesn't stop him frm trying.

(no subject)

Sunday, September 25th, 2005 11:45 am
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It's Sunday morning, and Dr House has a headache. He considered staying in bed again, but...well, that's really not good for his leg. So, he's in the clinic. Looking like he needs to check in and be a patient himself.
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Considering that several students have asked for condoms on her first day of clinic duty, Lisa decides to put up a bulletin board outside on the clinic wall.

Dr. Luv Gluv Says Use a Rubber! )

She finishes stapling several take-away brochures to the bottom, and makes sure that the bulletin board lets the students (and teachers, *cough*) know that they can always speak to any of the clinic staff confidentially with any medical issues or questions. She fans out a few condoms on a small table in front of the board.

Can someone cast a spell on these condoms so that they regenerate on their own? )

Satisfied, she turns back into the clinic, and glances out the window occasionally to see if anyone stops by.

Clinic Voice Mail

Saturday, September 10th, 2005 08:40 pm
[identity profile] gotcanewillpoke.livejournal.com
*The clinic phone will ring three times before a machine picks up and House's voice comes on*

Dealing with an epidemic down here. You think your problems are more important? Leave a message.


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