FTEC, Monday Morning

Monday, May 15th, 2006 11:44 am
[identity profile] headologist.livejournal.com
Granny set up her cauldron on the desk and started brewing up a potion to treat the Mauve Plague*. It was always best to be prepared.

Once the cauldron was safely bubbling, she went to check on the patients.

*A distant and much more serious cousin of the Black Plague.

FTEC, Friday

Friday, March 10th, 2006 08:27 am
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Alanna came into the clinic, her scowl down to an almost normal level. She glanced around the clinic, trying not to blink too much and put her bag, with Faithful inside, down on a empty chair. Noting that Angel appeared to be asleep and there was nothing that needed her immediate attention, she made herself comftorable behind the desk, a book in hand.
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Janet was in Exam Room 2 at the clinic, prepping to collect blood from any Chosen One who happened to be wandering by. Or who was going to be yanked in by Dean Zordon. Or who was going to be found in any other manner.

Because they would get enough blood to help Angel. Even if Janet had to personally hunt down every single Chosen One at this school herself. Though it really would have been easier if she could just check the library records, damn it.

OOC: Please see the regular clinic post for any medical needs or to visit Angel. Tommy gave me permission to open a separate post just for the blood drive.

Note - I am setting up a separate OOC thread in case you want someone to haul you in for the blood drive. Just ping me in that thread and we'll arrange it.

Wait for the OCD threads! They're up! Go donate blood. ETA: In slowplay, omg, because I'm at work.

ETA: Closed post! We are accepting no more NEW donations after 9:15 CST. Keep those current threads going! There will be a second blood drive post up tomorrow, however.

FTEC, 3/5

Sunday, March 5th, 2006 07:12 am
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Janet's up and at the clinic early in the morning. She's not particularly awake yet. She wouldn't even mind if you bugged her about non-clinic business, but first she's going to check up on the paperwork and see who's around.

OOC: I have a kidlet on hand, so will be on and offline depending on if he's willing to play in the room with the computer. And now, off I go to update myself on the plottiness that's abounding...
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Yesterday had brought a talking cat.

Christian wondered what today would bring. Maybe one of those black and white hookers Tommy had told him about. It was important that someone in that profession get regular check-ups, after all.

Friday 2-3-06

Friday, February 3rd, 2006 06:13 am
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It's noon before he makes it to the clinic.

His last day.

He's sitting at the desk, with a cup of coffee and Johnny Cash on the radio. He'd brought Cash in from town, and the pup in on the floor chewing on a rawhide bone.

Dr is in. Come say goodbye. He's on slowtime unil this evening
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Paige hoped her first proper day in the clinic would be reasonably easy so when she showed up and found Pippi there she was a little suprised and worried.

But anyway the clinic is now open feel free to come bleed, drink coffee, or visit people, Paige knows what's she's doing sort off

((I'm new to the clinic so erm bare with me! OCD threads coming UP! and there's been a slight edit, cos I lost track of who's here, sorry))
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He'd slept in, because it just felt good to sleep. He rolled out of bed around 10, let Cash out in the courtyard while he showered and took his meds with toast. The puppy was more than ready to come in, and House took a few minutes to play with him before heading into the clinic.

He sat at the desk witht he book of sonnets Geoff had given him. The poetry class requitred he read a few select works. He intended to read every one. For that reason, there was no Johnny Cash humming through the stereo system, but there was a sweet smelling coffee brewing in the pot.

The doctor is in. Interrupt him if you dare

[OOC: On days Dr Wilson doesn't open the clinic, I will post Dr House in as soon as I can after work, usually around 3:30 or so, EST. Today, I crashed and slept for two hours. Despite late posting, one can assume Dr House has been on site at the clinic all day, unless his post denotes otherwise. Clinic assistants (DEATH, Alanna, Lisa, and Paige once House gets the paperwork back) are also welcome and encouraged to make open clinic posts. For the benefit of new players, clinic posts should only be made by clinic staff. In emergancy, ping or email one of us!]
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Though he wasn't sure if House had gotten his annoucement out to the school yet, Wilson went ahead and opened up the School Clinic as they'd discussed the night before.

Letting Cash out of the apartment, he reached down and ruffled the puppy's ears. "Did he already leave you on your own little guy? Come on then, let's get the day started."

Opening the front door of the clinic, Wilson gave Cash a quick run through the courtyard to be a good puppy then called him back into the reception area of the clinic, tossing him a new squeak toy that he'd picked up on his way up from town.

He hadn't been back to the clinic since the night he'd left the apartment and though he expected to feel a little strange, he soon found himself settling into his usual routine. Starting coffee, a nice Kona blend today, he straightened up the waiting room and settled down at the desk to do some paperwork.

Wilson was fairly certain that House hadn't thought to update the supplies in awhile and they had talked specifically about Wilson keeping up with the back office work of both clinics. So, settling down with the paperwork and a mug of coffee Wilson got his day started.

Doctor is in, come say hello!

[ooc: At work so on a SP schedule :)]
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Going home? Don't have a home to go to?

The Counselor is in to talk to you about all of your problems, even if it's really just that you hate turkey or your mother.

(no subject)

Saturday, November 12th, 2005 11:44 am
[identity profile] gotcanewillpoke.livejournal.com
House is a wee bit excited about the evening to come.

He's having trouble relaxing enough to sleep.

So...May as well work a few hours in the clinic, right?


He's sucking on a red lolly, and he's in the office. Disturb if you dare.
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Jonathan Crane is here to help you, No matter *what* your problem is. Please, come visit him )

Jonathan is set up in one of the rooms at the Clinic, his face is still bruised, his nose is still broken, but he's smiling anyways. He's clearly a happy guy.

will have to slow-play
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The Clinic was opened, perhaps a little late as someone had been out stalking coffee from The Perk this morning.

That didn't mean he didn't have a pot of Kona brewing quietly behind him as he sat and worked thoughtfully on a clipboard in his lap.

Doctor on Duty
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So, if Wilson happened to be looking a bit tired but extremely smug with himself, it wasn't likely anyone was going to notice, especially as the Clinic was blessedly quiet while he went about opening it up this morning.

Back to the Jamacian Blue Mountain roast in the coffee pot, the delicious smell of fresh brewed coffee filling the air as the oncologist opened the doors and flipped on the lights. He actually had some legitimate paperwork to hash throught today but he paused in the shuggling of charts to grin at the "CYK" House had left on his crossword puzzle yesterday.

Coffee brewed, Wilson poured himself a cup and flopped down into the chair behind the front desk. Picking up a chart, he began to work with it, while at the same time mulling over a few other issues chasing around in his head.

Doctor on Duty, time to get in those last minute check ups before Parents descend!
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Maia sat in the room, glancing around every few minutes to see if she saw anything. She had a stack of mail by her bedside, she was reading a letter from Shawn. Her clinic food sitting untouched beside her on the rolling table

Dear Maia, )

She sat the letter down looking around the room again. She didn't want to be alone, Paige said she was coming back, all she wanted was [livejournal.com profile] equalsmcsquared  to come but she knew it would not happen. They had said what they needed to say and apparently broken up a second time around this afternoon or whatever that was, reaffirmed Paige's story to her. Maia sighed and blinked back a tear, Shawn knew about it. Why cant I remember it  Maia swiped at her tears in anger.

[identity profile] maias-notebook.livejournal.com
Maia held Tara's hand as tightly as she could with her right hand and held Phoebe's hand tightly with her left. It was a human train pulling Maia up and away from the darkness of the room. All at once there was a bright flash, Maia heard movement around her, sheets rustling and people's voices. She tried to open her eyes but shut them quickly as the lights overhead hurt them. She moved her toes and fingers, her whole body ached and her hand throbbed where the IV was. "H-hello?" Maia whispered trying to open her eyes against the light.
[identity profile] maias-notebook.livejournal.com
Maia sat looking around, she was not sure when she would 'see' Tara. I am going to see her, she's going to be here. Maia's heart raced with anticipation, they were going to get her out, Tara and Dr. Wilson to. She would not be alone anymore. Maia hugged her knees to keep warm, her curly hair falling into her eyes. She remembered crying waiting for Diana to come get her from the hospital room when the doctors had left her alone for hours in quarantine. They will send you back to quarantine Maia. You won't get to stay at school The voice was back, Maia clenched her teeth and covered her ears. They won't save you Maia. Tara is going to be trapped here along with you. Maia turned her head away from the voice and hugged herself tighter. You won't see her when she's trapped here, you'll still be alone. Does Tara know that? Does she know you'll never leave here now? Maia shook her head and fought back tears.
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Sundays were usually a good time for the week's paperwork to get done. For some reason the majority of people did not, as a rule, get hurt on Sundays.

Of course, who knew if this place was going to follow that particular rule, but the size of the apartment -or lack there of- made massive paperwork projects somewhat impossible, so that left the Clinic.

Really, he was going to have to start getting out more.

For the time being, however, he was puttering about in the front of the clinic, using the chairs in the waiting room to help him sort and work on filing. He had his little radio with him and the dulcet tones of some song he yoinked off the internet played throughout the front room of the Clinic, keeping him company for the time being.

[ooc: Lazy Sunday if anyone would like to poke or needs to bleed.]

The Clinic is Open

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005 05:40 pm
[identity profile] lisacuddy.livejournal.com
Lisa walks into the clinic after meeting with [livejournal.com profile] jerusalem_s She immediately sits down with a few markers, makes a new bulletin board, and then staples it up to the front of the clinic.

Lisa is very grumpy. )

Underneath, she scrawls MEN SUCK with a sharpie.

Satisfied, she takes all the files off of House's desk, throws them in a corner, and takes a handle of whiskey and a few 40s of cheap malt liquor out of her backpack. She busts out House's red lollipop stash and throws all of the candy on the desk next to the booze.

She waits for Parker to arrive, and takes a shot.

THE CLINIC IS OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS. to get your underaged drink on

(no subject)

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005 10:52 am
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
James Wilson had learned many years ago that being a complete workaholic helped not only in keeping certain demons at bay but also in recovering from a hangover.

Like the one he was suffering from this morning.

Wondering just how the hell it was that House was able to function on Vicodin, Wilson was moving with deliberate quiet around the clinic. He had a very large bottle of water and some dry crackers nearby but other then looking a bit paler then usual, even for him and if you ignored the dark circles under his eyes he was his habitually neat and tidy self.

The signs that something wasn't entirely right in the world were subtle. The water and the crackers, the quiet look on his face, where normally he was always beaming and chipper and perhaps most telling was the silent pressence of House, ghosting about the clinic. Oh, the older man was doing his utmost to stay out of sight, least someone think he was actually there to...you know... work but he was sticking close enough to keep an eye on the oncologist as Wilson settled in behind the counter with yet more charts.

The Clinic was open for another morning, if anyone had need of it...Hopefully ABBA was no longer being played and No Angelus, you can not have a blood packet to go, the Clinic is not a fast food joint.

[ooc-The placing of House in and around is at the request of House's player for plot purposes.]

(no subject)

Friday, October 14th, 2005 07:54 am
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Wilson had bloodwork to...work on. He needed to finish up with Red's and start running Jack's. He'd planned to do this the night before but errr got a bit distracted you might say.

He really was going to have to sit down and think about what had happened. Think about why he was here in the first place, why he'd left Jersey, why he'd walked away from PP-TH on an extended LOA to come and find his retired best friend. Then he was going to have to tackle the ramifications of sleeping in every sense of the word for those with sensitive noses with said best friend.

But not yet.

Wilson was still running, away from himself as fast as he could go and he wasn't ready to slow down and let the demons catch up with him yet.

Settling himself into the lab, the oncologist tried not to focus on how certain delicious aches were causing him to move carefully as he navigated his way around the equipment. He was only planning to be in the lab for a couple of hours but if anyone in the clinic needed him in that time he was more then happy to step -carefully!- out and help.

(Mun is here till about 2:00pmEST, then off on a trip with limited internet access, so if anyone wants to come and speculate, now's the time! :D)

After Paige faints

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005 11:34 am
[identity profile] the4thsister.livejournal.com
Beka help's Paige into the clinic, they go and sit down waiting for someone to look at the gash on Paige's head

Sunday Morning

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 10:42 am
[identity profile] gotcanewillpoke.livejournal.com
Dr House is in the clinic. Trying to balance his cane on his nose, which isn't exactly working well. Doesn't stop him frm trying.

Clinic Memo

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005 12:33 am
[identity profile] death-n-binky.livejournal.com
*posted on the Staff Bulletin Board*

To All Staff Members:

There is a plague sweeping the campus, likely of non-natural origins. Flyers have been posted and the student body instructed to report all ailments to the clinic, as well as those they suspect of being infected.

A treatment has been formulated and is in the cupboard in a bottle labeled "PLAGUE PILLS" and are administered by placing one under the tongue. There are few, if any, side effects of this treatment.

Symptoms of this plague are mild in the early stages and, as such, all students with generalized symptoms of illness or dementia for which a cause cannot be determined should be treated to prevent further spread. Please advise all students treated for this plague to report back to the clinic if symptoms do not improve within 24 hours.

DEATH is managing this situation and, as such, all questions should be directed to him. If he cannot be found, please ring his bell and he will contact you shortly.

Thank you.

[OOC: Any clinic staff who want to know what is going on with this, rather than just watching, please ring Death's bell and I'll explain OOC. Thanks.]
[identity profile] lisacuddy.livejournal.com
Considering that several students have asked for condoms on her first day of clinic duty, Lisa decides to put up a bulletin board outside on the clinic wall.

Dr. Luv Gluv Says Use a Rubber! )

She finishes stapling several take-away brochures to the bottom, and makes sure that the bulletin board lets the students (and teachers, *cough*) know that they can always speak to any of the clinic staff confidentially with any medical issues or questions. She fans out a few condoms on a small table in front of the board.

Can someone cast a spell on these condoms so that they regenerate on their own? )

Satisfied, she turns back into the clinic, and glances out the window occasionally to see if anyone stops by.

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