Fandom Clinic, Thursday

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 05:09 pm
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Here at Fandom Emergency Clinic, Navaan has secretly replaced the fine Doctor they usually have with a fake!death version of the same. Let's see if the nurses notice.


That afternoon, the nurses chatted quietly with themselves, occasionally glancing at "Doctor" Navaan's glassy eyes across the room, before shaking their heads and continuing with their duties, grateful for the uncharacteristic silence.
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To help with her diagnoses, Navaan had made a wheel of various ailments. Now, whenever anyone came to the clinic, the staff could just spin the wheel to figure out what was wrong. Navaan also had a prescription pad with remedies written in for each diagnosis on the wheel. It never hurt to be prepared, even if most of those prescriptions involved 'more sex.'

Except syphilis, of course. That called for penicillin. Duh.
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Navaan has seen that some of the stores on the island were offering promotional deals and the like. Not to be outdone, she made up a few of her own. Right now she was handing out strips of notebook paper with neat writing that said, "Enjoy 2 Bloodlettings, Get the 3rd Free!"

That should help drum up business!
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"There's a holiday devoted to chocolate and sex and no one bothered to tell me about it?!?" Navaan was very upset about this information being kept from her. "For once, a religious observation I can get behind--or in front of, I'm not picky--and no one bothers to tell Navaan! Oooh, this is a plot, I can tell!"

The nurses murmured uneasily that it really wasn't that big a deal, glaring at the poor woman who'd decided to bring in holiday cupcakes andstarted this whole mess.

Navaan wasn't buying their denials, oh no. "So, how does this 'Saint Varlentime' punish those who do not properly observe his most holy of days? Is it chastity?! It's chastity, isn't it? I'm too young and nubile to be chaaaaaste!"

And with that, Navaan slammed into her office (a repurposed broom closet) with a few juice bags to try and calm herself down. The nurses just looked at one another, silently shook their heads, and started eating the cupcakes. This job.
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A good doctor always made sure she had plenty of supplies in stock on the off chance that they would be needed. Navaan was an excellent doctor, so when she saw the dwindling number of leeches in her medicine jar, she decided that the only thing to do would be to rectify that appalling situation. And because she was a conscientious doctor, she was convinced that only free-range leeches would serve for her patients.

So there was a Gone Leechin' sign on the door of the clinic this morning. Because Navaan cared for you.
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As a doctor, Navaan had many duties. Some of them (sex, adventures, mysteries, drinking) were more fun than others (leech-fishing, dealing with jerks, getting tied up in the not-fun way). Today, because she was a responsible purveyor of healthcare, Navaan was going through the supplies that the clinic had on hand.

"This place needs more poison," she muttered. "And surgical tubing. Why does it need so many bandages? Reduce, reuse, recycle, people!"
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He held her close to his large, muscular, glistening, broad, gleaming, oiled, tanned, toned, and hairless chest. "Doctor," he whispered, his voice low and husky and deep and sensuous. "I need your help. I have a most painful swelling."

Navaan was so proud of herself. This story was coming along even better than she’d hoped. It was gripping and sexy and showcased being a doctor perfectly! Best part? She was getting it done early, so Carl Crankypants wouldn’t have to come up here and sigh at her and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk at her about stuff.

She always meant to listen to what he was saying, but then he’d keep talking and she’d get distracted. Their conversations would be so much easier if he’d just have sex instead of being boring. He should really fix that. It was a personality flaw.

Sure, there were probably doctor stuff to do, but Navaan was in the grip of a super-amazing story. There were plenty of leeches. If someone needed medical attention, surely they could help themselves!

Wait--no. Patients meant that she'd have someone besides the nurses to bounce ideas off of!
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There was a sign outside the clinic today. FLU SHOT CLINIC. NOT FOR SICKIES. Navaan was actually good with needles (okay, she was good at drawing blood, but that was just the opposite, right?), as she had demonstrated on one several some of the nurses when she caught them doubting her abilities.

Come on in, folks! Plenty of flu vaccines with a bunch of sore nurses handing out colorful band-aids!
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Navaan had missed several shifts recently, so in a fit of responsibility, she'd broken into the clinic last night and curled up to sleep on one of the filing cabinets. She was still asleep by the time the nurses came in for their shifts.

Walking in, they looked at the sleeping Navaan, then one another, and then back to Navaan, before turning around and heading to a different room. They'd wake her up later if someone came in needing medical assistance, but it was probably just easier on their nerves to let the crazy woman keep sleeping.
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No fear, nurses! Navaan was back in the clinic!

...Okay, it was entirely possible that no one had missed her since her last shift, but you try telling her that.

"Do you know, I had to go all the way off the island to find decent leeches?" she grumbled, unpacking a jar filled with the slimy things. "There aren't any in the pond nearby. I might have to stock some there myself. What an outrage to everyone of a medical profession on this island!"

Sure, things might be getting weird around here. But considering some of the adventures she'd had, black and white wasn't much to get upset about. She just assumed it was the opposite of garish.

[Link NSFW! And also now exists! Feel free to stop in and chat with Navaan, but due to an upcoming trip, she will be handwaved gray if at all. No OCD!]

FTEC (11/15)

Thursday, November 15th, 2012 04:29 pm
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After everything was sorted out with the rude guy who'd kept interfering with her nap, Navaan got suited up to go find this 'clinic' he had mentioned. After all, it was important that she scout out the competition; she didn't want a rogue cadre of doctors on her tail. For all she knew, they could have an affiliation with a hospital! Or something even worse!

She packed up her medical kit, making sure it had all the the most important items a doctor might need (leeches, surgical tubing, straws, grappling hook, knives, some poison, a magnifying glass, a button or two, know, important doctor stuff!), Navaan made her way over to the clinic which, fortunately for her 'sun allergy' wasn't that far from the newspaper shop. Inside, she posed and announced, "I--AM A DOCTOR!"

None of the nurses inside seemed to care. Some looked at her oddly, others kind of shrugged, and one pointed to a desk for her to sit if she wanted.

Pleased that they were recognizing her medical skills so readily, Navaan went and made herself comfortable--after closing all the shades, of course. She was prepared for either a medical emergency or another doctor to come and challenge her to a Doctor-Off, but until then, this chair was comfy and she wasn't going back outside.

Honestly, sometimes all she did was win.


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