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The nurses were disappointed that the clinic was empty today. They were hoping that another cute, shirtless boy had gotten hurt and was in need of their care, and they wondered if things would go their way if they crossed their fingers and hoped hard enough.
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Since Adah had that whole graduation thing going on, the nurses weren't too bothered with covering for her today. They sat around playing euchre. One of them, clearly from Michigan, had spent hours trying to explain the game until the others finally really got the swing of it.

[[ yup. nurses; I'm aroundish, though, for a few hours, so if you want someone to bounce off of, no prob, or you can also mod at will. whoever will is. ]]
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The Naughty Nurses had gotten a call that Dr. Wilson needed then to come down and lend the clinic another hand.

They were both hopeful that maybe Dr. Troy would come down to check on the clinic tonight. They always enjoyed talking to Dr. Troy.

[ooc: I am around OOC, Wilson is recovering ICly but if you need either of us give me a nudge here.]

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