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It's another Sunday evening and Stark's in the clinic. He'd much rather be outside, but leaving the door open will have to do for now. The TV is tuned to some nature show, which really isn't helping to alleviate the desire to be outdoors.

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The nurse had been a little concerned when 5pm came and went and Wilson didn't show up but since the clinic was quiet and she had his pager number, she didn't fret overly. A quiet night without a doctor to bother her was a blessing.

Too bad that in about an hour FHT the quiet night was going to be shattered and the clinic was going to find itself, very busy indeed.
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It was Wednesday morning, which meant clinic time for Wilson. Checking in with the duty nurse and confirming there were no occupants in the clinic, Wilson grinned at Aziraphale as the angel settled into his habitual chair. Getting coffee started, the young doctor set up his laptop on the front desk and set about putting the finishing touches on their trip up north.
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Christian wasn't happy to find a patient in his clinic in the morning. It wasn't because it disrupted his plans for the day -- he hated seeing the kids around here get hurt.

He checked over Cally's chart and Janet's notes from the night before. The young woman was stable and she was breathing on her own. Christian made sure she was comfortable and hoped she would wake up that morning so they could find out who did this to her.
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Janet came careening into the clinic, out of breath and slightly late, and hoping Christian was nowhere around to catch her.
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After spending a quiet afternoon walking on the beach, Wilson had gone back to the apartment to enjoy an early dinner with Aziraphale before he packed up his briefcase, kissed the angel...kissed the angel and headed out the door.

Getting down to the clinic he spoke briefly with the shift nurse and then settled himself down at the front desk. He had plenty to keep him busy tonight between the essays from his Philosophy course and reading up on what being Marie's legal guardian would entail. Actually, it was the latter of those that was mostly on his mind and Wilson set up his laptop so he could continue his researching on national and Virginia laws.

He hadn't had a chance to tell Phale yet about Marie's request, was still working through it in his own mind and he wanted to have all the facts before he had that conversation. Coffee perked along in the coffee pot, prepared to see him through the long night.
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Susan set out the art supplies with an abstracted air, wondering how to handle this. Wondering if she even had the right to leave yet, or even mention her hopes to Nadia.

Her door was open.

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Alanna had escaped to the clinic, and after checking up on everything was behind the front desk, hoping that none of the new students would need her.
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Trevor came in a bit early for his shift, and made sure to check on Dr. Wilson before checking on the clinic's supplies and the other exam rooms.
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Susan's cactus is now blooming to the point of needing to be pruned; a few blossoms lie on the desk. She's also got little lights hooked up around the room, and white light icicles dripping off the doorframe.

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Susan opened up her office and watered the plants while she waited for Nadia.

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Janet was brewing a pot of coffee and cleaning up in the office. Anything to avoid studying for finals.

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FH Clinic: Thursday

Thursday, December 7th, 2006 01:56 pm
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Susan had her office open, and was checking her messages, going over her notes from Tuesday.

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After a close call on his way from the apartment down to the clinic, Wilson came dashing into the clinic sans his usual latte.

Somehow stopping at the Perk seemed like an unwise idea.

Moving quickly through the door, Wilson tossed his satchal behind the desk and moved swiftly through the back halls of the clinic to see if anyone had been dropped off already and baring that, if they were stocked up.

"Large, mean beings...I almost would have rather had the zombies, at least they moved slowly." He muttered.
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Elliot came into the clinic early and checked on Nadia and Sister Rosette before settling behind the desk with a large mug of coffee and her laptop. She idly played some solitaire, keeping an eye and ear out in case the patients or any visitors needed her.
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Stark arrived for his usual Sunday shift and did his usual checking of the exam rooms before settling down in his usual position at the desk. TV on, of course, because background noise was a good thing.

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Even with Wilson's driving, they were cutting it close.

Well, true neither Blair, River nor Phale had to be anywhere particular but Wilson did have the Saturday evening clinic shift to cover. Parking the BMW, everybody had been packed off with goodie bags full of whatever left overs anyone had wanted to taken with them and Wilson a long, lingering kiss to the angel's lips, Wilson had seperated from the small group with happy waves and headed on in to the clinic, soft sided brief case thrown over his shoulder.

First things, first...he checked for any occupants and then he started coffee to help him get through the night.

A little concerned as he saw that the exam rooms were indeed occupied, Wilson did a discreet check on the inhabitants before taking himself back to the front desk. He didn't want to needlessly disturb anyone who was resting back there.

Turning on a radio station with some warm and cheerful holiday music, Wilson sat back and grinned lopsidedly to himself. Over all, it had been a very pleasent three days away and he'd especially enjoyed having Phale, Blair and River along to enjoy it with him and now it was back to Fandom in all her glory.

Chuckling wryly, Wilson flipped on his laptop and got settled in to work on his paper, in between rounds.
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Alanna and Faithful settled down behind the front desk. There's a chance the girl might even stay awake this morning.
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It seemed like a quiet evening as Trevor made his way into the clinic. Now all he had to do was hope that it stayed that way.
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Natalie arrived at the clinic, still feeling somewhat exposed and vulnerable after the events of the party. She was making a valiant effort to forget them, but she was discovering that vampires seemed to have at least one thing in common with elephants -- their memories. Though, if she admitted it, she had no one to blame but herself. Then again, could she have expected an angel at the party?

With a sigh, she checked on Walter, then settled in at the front desk with her Strifenova Celestial DVDs and an internet connection. She hoped Grace was having a slow night; she needed the company.
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Christian opened up the clinic for the morning, wondering if the day would bring a rash of Halloween-inspired injuries.
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Janet was yawning and trying to concentrate on her homework during her clinic shift. It wasn't going too well, really.

FTEC, Monday Day

Monday, October 30th, 2006 09:40 am
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Everything was set; Elliot would be flying home early Wednesday for Carla and Turk's wedding.

Which was why, after checking on Walter, she spent most of the day quadruple-checking her packing list to make sure she hadn't forgotten to plan to pack anything.

"Pillow for the plane, strapless bra, backless bra, trashy novel, another trashy novel, serious book in case I get stuck on the plane next to someone I want to impress..."
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Stark was where he usually was on Sunday evenings. In the clinic, at the desk.

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Even the extra hour of sleep he'd gotten wasn't helping Trevor stay totally conscious this morning, and he made sure to make some strong coffee before settling behind the front desk.
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After spending a delightful afternoon shopping around with Phale, getting what they needed for the party and then settling in back at the apartment to do some prep work, Wilson headed down to the Clinic for the evening shift.

He knew from talking with Phale the night before, that Walter was in residence and Wilson peeked in there first thing, careful not to disturb anyone who was in there with Walter as he did a vitals check, then took the file to review back up to the front desk. Wilson was frowning deeply as he flipped through the information. Even being warned it was worse than he had expected.

Sitting down at the desk, Wilson had started coffee as an automatic thing and now he perched on the chair, reading up on Walter.

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Between the time of year and the afternoon rain, dusk came early and so Natalie arrived for shift a few minutes early. Her jacket made it to the hook, and her laptop remained in its travel case, on the desk as she grabbed her lab coat. Turning, she grabbed Walter's chart and flipped through the updates for the past day. The furrow in her brow deepened. She hadn't been thrilled about his condition when Pippi and Nadia brought him in, and he'd only gotten worse. She hoped the blood sample the nurse had taken would provide some answers in the lab. If not, there was nothing she could do to help him.

There's a cheerful thought for the evening, she thought. With a sigh, she headed to check in on Walter. After updating his chart, she moved into the lab for most of shift.
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Alanna settled down behind the front desk with a book and Faithful. One of the two looked like he didn't want to be there.
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It had been a long week so far, and Trevor was disappointed every time he realized it wasn't over yet. He made sure to check in on Walter before settling behind the front desk and looking for something on TV that would relax him.
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Christian checked on Zuko and Walter and then settled behind the desk for a hopefully quiet day of downloading porn medical journals.
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The coming winter made Natalie feel, well, alive. She could feel the cold, and could sense the approaching darkness; she was enjoying every moment of the evenings as night grew longer. It meant she had greater freedom to move around. It also meant that Halloween was close around the corner. She wondered what, if anything, this town did to celebrate the oncoming holiday.

Entering the clinic, she went through her usual set up, checking the charts for updates on Zuko. She would make time to peek in on him shortly.
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Christian found himself strangely anxious this morning as he opened the clinic, almost as if his show was premiering that night. He shrugged it off, checked on his patient, and settled in at the front desk to surf the web for anything interesting.
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Christian checked on Jamie and opened up the clinic. He started surfing the net for a last minute plane fare to Miami because Sean needed help with a delicate surgery. And a few days away from demons and jello dragons would be refreshing.
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Dr. Cox spends a good portion of the day checking in on the patients in the exam rooms and then watching his soaps.

It be best if you didn't disturb him when he's watching his soaps.

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Janet was there. Totally unable to talk, and yes, somewhat cranky about it, but there. She had a lot of paper and a bunch of pens for notes. With any luck, no one would come in unconscious and unable to describe their own symptoms, because if so, she was going to be really thinking it was fun as a player mad at whatever was causing this

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FTEC, Tuesday, May 23

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 08:29 am
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Christian checked on Joxer, relieved that the clinic wasn't full of kids again. Then again, with the workshops going on over the summer, he fully expected some broken limbs, dehydration and heat exhaustion, and the occasional arrow wound.

FTEC, Wednesday Night

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 08:08 pm
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Entering the clinic, Nat did a quick change out of her rain jacket and into a lab coat, draping her stethoscope around her neck. She then picked up the charts and made her rounds. That done, she settled in to the front desk with Lappy her laptop and continued working on her writing project. Hopefully she wouldn't be quite as distracted by it...

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FTEC, Wednesday day

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 08:15 am
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Tommy did a quick check on all the patients - that Tyler kid still wasn't looking good, but comparatively speaking he was starting to look better - and then settled down at his desk to do the very important job of reading the sports section.

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FTEC, Tuesday Night

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006 05:11 pm
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She wasn't necessarily in a good mood, but she was doing... better...even as the memories became clearer with each passing day. A small part of her could understand, really. Nick didn't want to lose her, wanted to keep his promise. And LaCroix -- what did LaCroix want? Even spending as much time as she did, examining her connection to him, she couldn't quite make him out; the mixture of affection, consternation, sacrifice, and some others she couldn't name was all overwhelming and difficult to untangle.

That didn't mean she wasn't going to try.

But those were thoughts better left to daylight hours, while she was trapped in her basement apartment. Once the sun went down, Natalie made her way to the clinic and found the place surprisingly busy. It seemed the students had found other ways to occupy their time since classes were over. Probably just as well, she thought. Her brooding thoughts would have to be set aside for later. She then grabbed the charts and began her rounds.

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FTEC, Tuesday, May 16

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006 08:31 am
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Christian opened up the clinardis clinic to find four of the beds occupied. What had these kids been up to this weekend? He checked on each patient and made sure they were comfortable.
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Trevor would certainly never admit this out loud, but he almost liked it better when there were students who were injured or sick. He liked having actual patients to check on, if only because it made him feel more useful than usual.

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FTEC, Monday Morning

Monday, May 15th, 2006 11:44 am
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Granny set up her cauldron on the desk and started brewing up a potion to treat the Mauve Plague*. It was always best to be prepared.

Once the cauldron was safely bubbling, she went to check on the patients.

*A distant and much more serious cousin of the Black Plague.

FTEC, Sunday Evening

Sunday, May 14th, 2006 07:04 pm
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Stark arrived at the clinic for his usual shift and found the clinic already partially occupied. He quickly checked in on Tyler and Nadia, and anyone else who's still here that I missed then took a seat at the desk. With people in the clinic, he figured that this was not likely to be as quiet a night as Sundays usually were. So he was keeping his eye on the door.

((The mun, on the other hand, is totally watching TWW finale *sniff*, and will be slow responding between 8-9 EDT. But I am here. And I think I have nurse backup, even. Yay. AND this time I'll post in the right place.))

FTEC, Sunday Morning

Sunday, May 14th, 2006 02:13 am
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Janet stumbled in, exhausted, and opened up the clinic. Thankfully--and unusually--the nurse was around to watch the desk. She waved tiredly and dropped into a cot in the corner to sleep.

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FTEC, Sat Night

Saturday, May 13th, 2006 08:50 pm
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Tommy checked on Tyler when he showed up for his shift. Poor kid. Burns were a bitch and a half to deal with.

He made sure Tyler was comfortable, then took a seat by his desk.

FTEC, Wednesday day

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006 08:17 am
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Tommy was at his desk. His list of things the Nets could do to themselves now involved rusty spoons and battery acid.

He muttered under his breath about this. With great length and graphic detail.

FTEC, Saturday Night

Saturday, April 29th, 2006 08:27 pm
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Tommy was neither tiny nor wee.

He was, however, in FTEC for anybody who might need snarky medical help of some sort.

FTEC, Friday

Friday, April 7th, 2006 07:26 am
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Alanna opened up the clinic and checked up on all the various patients. After checking Anakin out and doing her best not to snicker too loudly in his hearing, Alanna settled behind the desk and hoped no one else got hurt today.
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With the vampire patient cured and gone back to the dorms, the clinic was a much quieter place this morning. After a night of club-hopping on the mainland, Christian found it hard to stay awake during his shift. A lovely redhead had kept him up all night long, after all.

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