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It had occurred to her last night, after she’d been up longer than was really a good for her, that there was at least one good reason to go home that had absolutely nothing to do with her parents.

As such, Ino wasn’t studying her medical texts today, but rather going over other paperwork and making sure she had enough money to pull off the registration. She’d be up to her eyeballs in medical scrolls, and textbooks soon enough. She could miss this one day, from her studies.

It was about time, after all, that she went legal with them--and definitely a good idea to do it before Temari, or Hinata-chan got wind of where she’d learned it from.

Yeah. Definitely a good idea, there. Hm. Maybe she’d be able to track Tenten down too...
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Katara was glad to see that Dawn had woken up and left the clinic since she was here on Friday, but it wasn't much better that Dean was here instead.

So she was checking often and trying to make sure that everything possible was going well.

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