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Dawn had found Wilson still in the Clinic working in the lab. He’d started on Ten’s blood work immediately and after some thought had gone ahead and started with Paige’s and any other back log that was waiting as well.

He’d poked his nose into the apartment long enough to kiss House and tell the older doctor that he was going to be working through the night and then he’d gone back to the Clinic. It was rather convenient having the little apartment tucked just off in the back but it also made it harder for Wilson to stay away.

Not that he’d ever been any good at that back in Princeton either.

The oncologist had spent the night running the lab, reading up on the endoscopy procedure he had scheduled for Friday as well as current literature on gastric cancers and occasionally sticking his head in to check on Jack and on Ten. Upon discovering that Chaucer seemed settled in to stay the night Wilson cut back his intrusions to bi-hourly checks so as to disturb the two men as little as possible.

When the sky started to shift from grey to pink –around 6ish-, the oncologist took a break, going back to the apartment for a shower and a change of clothes before walking down to The Perk for coffee. The walk helped wake him up and shake off the cobwebs so that he was smiling and whistling softly as he set about opening up the Clinic for his regular Clinic hours.

Settling down at the front desk, he set a pot of Jamaican Blue Mountain to brew and reached for the telephone. He had calls to make and favors to call in to get the necessary permits and medical equipment here to treat Grissom.

“Good morning, can I talk to…”

Doctor on Duty, ask nicely and he might share the coffee.
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Sundays were usually a good time for the week's paperwork to get done. For some reason the majority of people did not, as a rule, get hurt on Sundays.

Of course, who knew if this place was going to follow that particular rule, but the size of the apartment -or lack there of- made massive paperwork projects somewhat impossible, so that left the Clinic.

Really, he was going to have to start getting out more.

For the time being, however, he was puttering about in the front of the clinic, using the chairs in the waiting room to help him sort and work on filing. He had his little radio with him and the dulcet tones of some song he yoinked off the internet played throughout the front room of the Clinic, keeping him company for the time being.

[ooc: Lazy Sunday if anyone would like to poke or needs to bleed.]

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Friday, October 14th, 2005 08:24 pm
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Dr House is in the clinic this Friday evening.

He's bored. Come entertain him. He may reward you with a red lollypop unless your name is Parker.
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After her adventures and subsequent fallout therefrom, Duce decides a quick shower and trip to the clinic is in order.

After de-gorifying herself, she's much more presentable. Tossing on some loose clothing, she hikes barefoot to the clinic to see if she can get some sort of unguent.

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Monday, September 12th, 2005 07:54 pm
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DEATH walks in, leans is scythe and takes up a seat at the front desk, noticing, to his disappointment, that everyone in residence seems to have already been seen to. Maybe someone else, preferably mortally wounded, will walk in later.

(Ooc: For those that don't already know, not everyone can see DEATH. If you can't see things of a magical/paranormal nature, or aren't in so much pain/disoriented that a seven-foot tall skeleton doesn't blend in perfectly with reality at the moment, you just feel a creepy presence and an odd sensation that someone is in the room)

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Monday, September 12th, 2005 05:23 pm
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Alanna sighed and glanced at the clock. Working at the infermary wasn't supposed to be boring, people were supposed to get hurt, come in, keep her occupied. She hated doing paper work, but she had done her part. The clinic was neat and fully supplied.

With another sigh, she started flinging pencil's with deadly accuracy at the cieling.

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