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Perhaps spending Christmas Day at work was to be considered sad, but it wasn't like he had anywhere else to be. And to be honest, Simon didn't mind. He started on an inventory of the supplies and made a list of things needed, which for some reason got very long, until he reminded himself it wasn't a Christmas Wish list.
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With a slight sigh, Adah settled behind the front desk of the clinic and looked at the studying materials she had brought with her. The plan was to spend the evening glancing over her material for her maths exam tomorrow, but she wondered if she'd be able to focus on it. She was thinking about that summer internship at Emory, about how she still hadn't received her acceptance, and about how part of her (a ridiculous part, no doubt) was not exactly looking forward to it.
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Christian hung up the phone with a sigh. Julia had called him to give him an update on Matt's lastest escapades. The kid was a magnet for trouble.

He leaned back in his chair at the front desk and closed his eyes, hoping the rest of the day would be uneventful.
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The clinic was quiet so far in the morning. No one had come in with book release party-related injuries, and Christian was doing the weekly paperwork.
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When she came in, Katara was pleased that no one new had come in since yesterday.  She reviewed the charts quickly, checking to see who had left and who was still around and then went back to check on all the patients.

[OOC:  I am totally around though I am apparently getting a house guest fairly soon so I may be slow to respond at times.  Or not.  I really have no idea.]
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Wilson headed into the clinic to get caught up on any new arrivals and patients still in care. It was more than a bit distressing to see how busy the place had gotten since Saturday and after some discussion, he posted the nurse at the front desk and headed back to do rounds.

[ooc: Unfortunately RL > RP and at work this week I have an audit team on top of regular work load. This means, if you are coming to visit someone, feel free to mod that the nurse has checked you in and shown you where they are, if you are checking out today, Wilson will have given you the standard 'don't get dead' lecture and sent you on your way. Those of you escaping out windows, etc ... don't chip the paint.]
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The island had been invaded by dinosaurs and having to avoid being eaten on his way into the clinic had done nothing to improve Stark's mood. He much preferred Molly's friend's dinosaur from last week, who hadn't thought he was dinner. Luckily, if there was one skill Stark had mastered in the years before coming to Fandom, it was running away and he had made it there safely for his shift.

Seeing the number of people that had already been in for treatment, he groaned. And perhaps flailed a bit before getting settled in for what looked to be a long sort of night.

[OCD coming up. Also, from what I can tell nobody's checked out yet that was here this morning. If this is incorrect, please ping me on AIM or in the OOC comment when it shows up.]

[Edit: Chad is gone. Room 5 is empty.]
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Doogie headed to the clinic as early as he could manage for his shift, hoping that there weren't a lot of people who had gotten hurt in all the insanity from the day before.

[plz to be waiting for the OCD! OCD is up! *passes out*]
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Christian frowned at the message the head nurse had left him. It wasn't like Dr. Wilson to not show up for his shifts. At least it had been quiet lately, and the nurse was qualified to handle things and had his pager in case of emergency. But if Wilson had abandoned his shifts to go on a weekend bender with his boyfriend, they were going to have to have words.

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