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After enjoying a quiet day on the mainland with Aziraphale, Wilson managed to get them both back home just in time to get from the causeway parking lot to the clinic for his shift.

Well, okay, Aziraphale's making sure that Virginia's finest were busy stopping speeders elsewhere had helped Wilson get them home in time to get from the causeway parking lot to the clinic for his shift.

Sending the angel on up to the house to put away their new purchases, Wilson talked with the nurse and caught up on the excitement over the weekend. As it seemed the last patient had been discharged that morning, Wilson and the nurse settled in to spend the evening cleaning and restocking the used exam rooms.

Of course this would be done in between any patients who stopped by and needed care.
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Natalie was surprised to read that Dr. Wilson had regained consciousness. Pleasantly surprised, of course, but still surprised. She peeked in on her patient. Afterward, she settled in at the desk with her laptop and DVDs. It was another Fred and Ginger night, with her new "Volume 2" box set.
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Christian opened up the clinic and checked on Dr. Wilson. The finger reattachment was amazing. If it wasn't in the charts, he wouldn't have believed it had been severed. It must've been a magical job, since there was no signs of surgery. Christian may have felt a tiny stirring of jealousy. That kind of power could put him out of a job.
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Natalie frowned as she stood behind the desk and flipped through Dr. Wilson's chart. An abdominal stab wound was a nasty thing, and got worse, depending on how much damage the weapon had done on the inside. In this case, the lung had been punctured; she could only imagine the tight, painful feeling of breathlessness that had immediately followed. It was not something she hoped to ever encounter herself, and she was curious as to how Dr. Wilson could have found himself on the receiving end.

She was also curious as to how the good doctor ended up with a fractured skull. Notes from the admitting physician -- Janet, she noted -- conjectured that the fracture was the cause of his current coma. With a sigh, Nat closed the chart. Sounds like one hell of a fight, she thought, shaking her head.

She moved off silently to check on her patient, then spend some time in the lab.
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Christian checked the exam rooms when he came in to open the clinic in the morning. He expected them to be empty and was surprised to find a patient -- even more so that it was Dr. Wilson. He felt cold as he looked over the chart. What the hell had happened? Abdominal stab wound, basilar skull fracture...severed finger?

Totally not having flashbacks of the Carver and Sean. Not at all.
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Christian checked up on the clinic's patients then settled behind the desk for the day.
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Wilson had tacked a note to his office door saying that he'd have office hours on Tuesday, then spent another quiet day resting and getting the apartment in order while Phale was up at the school holding class. Sharing a small snack with his lover, the young doctor kissed the angel goodbye on the promise of dinner, dinner later and had packed up and headed down to the clinic.

With a brief stop at The Perk for a Maple Latte. Yum!

Whistling softly he came into the clinic and set down his stuff, checking in briefly on Marie and Zuko, careful not to disturb them, Wilson read through their charts, checking on the notes made by the other doctors, then he headed back up to the front desk.

Coffee was started and soon the little radio was playing some classic Glenn Miller. Wilson had his laptop open and was working on lessons for the rest of the week as well as starting to pull together an idea for a class offering in the Spring. Parents Weekend had totally given him this idea.

[ooc: Here for the evening, please come see your favorite sick people, snitch coffee or otherwise bleed if need be! OCDs on the way Are up!]</small
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Elliot got to the clinic early and was surprised to notice there had been overnight patients. She quickly checked on Marie and Zuko before settling at the desk to watch game shows.
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There were people in the clinic tonight, which was a change from recent weeks, though not really a pleasant one. After a quick check to make sure everything was all right with the patients, Stark settled in at the desk. The TV was on, out of habit, but very quietly.
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Trevor never liked coming into the clinic to find injured students already there. He carefully checked on each of them before taking up his usual spot behind the front desk.
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Taking only an hour break between classroom meet and greets and getting down to the Clinic, Wilson refreshed himself with a quick shower and a small snack, planning to share dinner with Aziraphale later in the evening. He also changed out of his suit and tie in to jeans for the night, figuring comfortable took precedence.

Whistling softly as he carried his softsided briefcase into the clinic, Wilson set himself up behind the counter. He was a little surprised to find some flowers already sitting there and checked the card.


Looking in the back, he didn't see anyone in the exam rooms so shrugged and figured that maybe someone had left them behind and would be back for them later. Taking himself back up to the front desk, Wilson settled in, tonight he didn't even pretend to work on his paper, he was playing with crossword puzzles.
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Christian checked on Jamie and opened up the clinic. He started surfing the net for a last minute plane fare to Miami because Sean needed help with a delicate surgery. And a few days away from demons and jello dragons would be refreshing.
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Dr. Cox spends a good portion of the day checking in on the patients in the exam rooms and then watching his soaps.

It be best if you didn't disturb him when he's watching his soaps.

[ooc: Having issues with LJ at work. Posting this early. Expect SP from me if you need to talk with Cox. Otherwise Mod the Nurse.]

[ooc 2: Yay! LJ issues gone! Woot! ]
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Lisa opens the door to the clinic, and is not totally surprised to find it unlocked. She looks around to see if any of the other clinic volunteers are around, but doesn't see any one right away. She sits down at House's desk, puts his comic books and Gameboy in the top drawer, and starts to pen a to-do list.

  • Re-fill supplies, especially gauze for bleeding wounds
  • Organize student medical histories
  • Start clinic volunteer files
  • Open mail
  • Sort through complaints registered against House, keep only the ones that seem like they really will file lawsuits/come after him with a chainsaw
  • Order new chairs for waiting area
  • Clear House's Internet History, before the Tech Dept. busts him for whatever he is looking at
  • Have someone look at the lock on the clinic door

Lisa leans back in the chair, smiles softly at her list, and stretches her arms above her head. She decides to hold off on any major projects as see if anyone wanders into the clinic. Instead she stocks tongue depressors, and asks herself...

What the hell am I doing?

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