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Katara made her way through the usual rounds and tasks at the clinic before she settled down at the front desk with the box of chocolates and some paper.

Now if she could only figure out how exactly one wrote a letter without sounding very silly.
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Adah was a little surprised to come in and find out that they actually had a patient in residence today; her disappointment, however, that she was unconscious and all Adah had to do was keep an eye on her, make sure she was getting her fluid, and check up on any progress in her stats was significant. Checking on Dawn occasionally, Adah mostly reviewed her file at the desk, going over again and again in her head what she'd do if the other girl woke up, obsessively planning her attack so that there weren't any holes, wasn't a single chance that she'd need to call another doctor for help.
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Christian had been kept updated on Adah's condition, so he wasn't surprised to find her still in the clinic, her condition unchanged. He checked the monitors keeping track of her vitals; at least she was still in stable condition. Hopefully one of the clinic aides could whip some magic out of their ass and bring her around; it not, he would have to transfer her off island if she didn't come out of the coma in the next few days.
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The island had been invaded by dinosaurs and having to avoid being eaten on his way into the clinic had done nothing to improve Stark's mood. He much preferred Molly's friend's dinosaur from last week, who hadn't thought he was dinner. Luckily, if there was one skill Stark had mastered in the years before coming to Fandom, it was running away and he had made it there safely for his shift.

Seeing the number of people that had already been in for treatment, he groaned. And perhaps flailed a bit before getting settled in for what looked to be a long sort of night.

[OCD coming up. Also, from what I can tell nobody's checked out yet that was here this morning. If this is incorrect, please ping me on AIM or in the OOC comment when it shows up.]

[Edit: Chad is gone. Room 5 is empty.]
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Doogie headed to the clinic as early as he could manage for his shift, hoping that there weren't a lot of people who had gotten hurt in all the insanity from the day before.

[plz to be waiting for the OCD! OCD is up! *passes out*]
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After checking on the patients in the Clinardis, Christian settled at the front desk, hoping for a quiet day.
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Trevor was miraculously getting by with only a small cup of coffee this morning as he headed to the clinic for his shift.
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Wilson had spent most of the day sitting out on the balcony wrapped in his jacket with a far away look on his face. He'd finally pulled himself together and after choking down a bit of toast, the young doctor headed down to the clinic for the evening shift.

At least it was something to put his focus on.

Getting into the clinic, Wilson brushed the little cat hairs off the counter and set up his laptop on the off chance that he might be able to work on his paper. Reading the notes left by the other doctors, he peeked briefly into Exam Room One, on young Skywalker but didn't disturb the boy.

Sitting at the counter lasted for about...half an hour, then Wilson gave up the joke that was his attempt to focus on the paper and he shut down the computer. Ransacking the drawers, he pulled together the last inventory list Janet had checked off and took himself off to the empty exam rooms.

Tearing them apart, he set in to thoroughly cleaning and disinfected the rooms, the physical activity a good outlet for his anxiety.

[ooc: Wilson is here for the evening shift, just to keep things from getting too confusing. :)]
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Alanna, a box of tissues, and Faithful made themselves comftorable behind the front desk. Well, Alanna and the box were comftorable. Faithful was apparently doing his best impersination of a rug.

(ooc: While the character is feeling better, the mun is not so don't expect much in ways of reply)

FTEC, Friday Night

Saturday, November 18th, 2006 01:13 am
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Natalie arrived to find the clinic busier than it had been in a while. She made her patient rounds, then set about finishing some of her tests in the lab.

[OOC: Sorry for the late post. I was on the road, and got to my stopping point a bit later (read: two hours later) than I had hoped. Please use the NPC nurse for medical needs, and if you're still an inmate, I mean, patient, please feel free to start your own room thread. I'll be able to edit tags tomorrow afternoon if needed. Again, apologies for any inconvenience. ::muttering about metro traffic::]
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After hearing that Alanna was still sick, Trevor went to open the clinic, making sure to check on Luke before settling in.
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He didn't know when, and he didn't know how, but somehow, Trevor had gotten hooked on Spooky Things. He'd managed to acquire a copy of the first season on DVD, and was currently settled behind the front desk, trying to get caught up on his viewing.

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