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Spending Thursday with Nick hadn't been what she'd planned to do, but the fact that she had definitely agreed with her. The air between them was clear -- at least for now. There was always something that came up, something stupid one or the other would do that would muddle things up again. She was learning, however, that was part of a relationship, and keeping one going was work. She was willing to put in the work...if Nick was.

Entering the clinic Friday night, after sending Nick off, she was determined to keep a positive bent on things. She looked in on Mrs. Kent, checking her medication, followed by a brief check on Logan. She then switched on the Christmas tree and settled in with her laptop. There was Christmas shopping to be done, after all.
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Trevor was more than a little pleased that the town seemed to have quieted down since the weekend, although he had to admit that part of him had enjoyed the frantic pace of an over-run clinic. He was just welcoming the idea of only having to deal with that every once in a while.
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Christian took note of the new tree of the clinic lobby. He would've preferred to get something more modern, something in a vibrant red, perhaps, decorated with silver ornaments.

He checked on the patients and settled behind the front desk, flipping on the TV. The children's puppet show that popped up made him twitch for some reason before he changed the channel.

FTEC, Wednesday Night

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006 09:32 pm
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Natalie hadn't been looking forward to her shift. The idea of standing idly by, waiting as Martha Kent died, was a less than appealing one. She didn't know why. Well, she did -- watching someone suffer was low on anyone's list of things to do, perhaps even more so on her own. Aside from her brief time on rotation, she'd never had to deal with the dying; she had always been left with the after affects, and just dealing with that had sometimes required no small amount of professional detatchment.

For family and friends, cancer was almost always a silent, invisible killer, often discovered far too late. Performing autopsies for most of her career, she'd seen the damage it could cause. Having seen that and now watching over Martha Kent made professional detachment something of a fleeting thought.

She plugged in the Christmas tree first thing, allowing the "over 1000" lights to brighten up the lobby. The tree itself took on an etherial glow, sparking a tiny gleam of hope in her heart. There was no hope for Martha Kent in this life. But, Natalie mused, there would be freedom in the next.

That done, she went and checked on Mrs. Kent's medication. It was going to be a long, long shift.
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Wilson wouldn't claim to have slept well.

After getting home, he'd sat in the dark of their bedroom, the fire burning in the fireplace and casting the only light across the space while Wilson watched the snow fall. On a whim, he'd picked up one of his notepads and written out a letter to Aziraphale, which had helped...a little. Enough to allow the young doctor to curl up around the angel's pillow and eventually find some solace in sleep.

Walking through the softly falling snow, Wilson had stopped by the Perk for caffiene and something to eat, then headed on down to the clinic. His satchal was slung over his shoulder and he was humming some carols as he pushed through the door and waved to the night nurse.

The nurse came over to him with a group of faxed files and a worried expression on her face. While Wilson started a pot of coffee they discussed the patient in Exam 3, a Mrs. Martha Kent, admitted by Dr. Lambert the night before. Flipping through the file, Wilson's expression shifted and his shoulders slumped slightly.

Pancreatic cancer was a monster.

Sighing softly, he nodded to the nurse, who headed into the back to change shift and then he carried the file to the front desk. It never failed to anger him when cancer came to Fandom. Trolls, vampires, snow monsters, zombies...those monsters he could handle but the one he'd been trained to face down, was the boogeyman in the closet, the darkness that never seemed to want to let him go.

Damn it, Raphale...I wish you were here.
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Natalie arrived on shift, grateful to see that most of the beds had been vacated since she'd left early Monday morning. She checked on the remaining patient(s). After updating their charts, she then went about setting up the artificial Christmas tree she'd lugged in with her. With "over 1000 lights," it was sure to leave an impression.
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Christian made a quick check on the clinic and was relieved to see most of the bed were empty, unlike the chaos of the weekend. He made certain the patients were all resting comfortably, then settled at the front desk. Invasions required so much paperwork.
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After two nights sleeping sitting up in Efferton Manor, Elliot's bed felt like heaven. But she couldn't stay in it too long; she had to get back to the clinic to relieve Stark. After just a few hours rest, she made it back to the clinic and started flipping through charts to see which patients had stayed the night. It seemed like there were a lot of them.

[OOC: I did my best to match the exam rooms to last night's post -- let me know if anything is wrong.]
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Trevor really didn't want to leave the safety of his apartment in the morning. He'd made the mistake of looking out his window and watching some of the trolls in action the night before, and the idea of going out into town and coming across more of those creatures made him more than a little nervous. But, he knew there had to be people in need of medical assistance, and he figured that if he headed out in the early morning, the streets might be quiet.

He was glad to see that there were fewer overnight patients in the clinic than he'd expected, and he made sure to look over all of the previous day's notes before checking each exam room, and double-checking on the supplies. He didn't want to run out if more people came by.

[ocd is up!]
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After a close call on his way from the apartment down to the clinic, Wilson came dashing into the clinic sans his usual latte.

Somehow stopping at the Perk seemed like an unwise idea.

Moving quickly through the door, Wilson tossed his satchal behind the desk and moved swiftly through the back halls of the clinic to see if anyone had been dropped off already and baring that, if they were stocked up.

"Large, mean beings...I almost would have rather had the zombies, at least they moved slowly." He muttered.

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