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The rich scent of Kona coffee filled the waiting room today along with The Nutcracker Suite. Wilson was working on paperwork, dividing his attention in between a couple of files on the desk. He looked busy but rather relaxed at the moment.

Nothing like a good snowball fight and a sneak snowball attack -House soooo owed him for that one- to put an oncologist in a fairly chipper mood.

Doctor on Duty, come get coffee if you wish.
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The passage of air was LOUD today and Wilson moved very, very carefully in an attempt to keep the air as still as possible. He was late opening the Clinic not because he was late getting *to* the Clinic but because he was moving very slowly…in the hope of keeping the air really quiet.

Getting the doors open, he started a pot of coffee and sucked back the third 20oz bottle of water he’d been drinking since about oh…not too many hours ago. Putting a happy face on, he managed to do rounds without passing out, which was a blessing, checking in on Rory, Logan and Jack before crawling back up to the front desk.

Sitting down, very carefully –DAMN AIR WILL YOU SHUT UP!- Wilson leaned forward till he could cradle his head on his forearms. Seven…liquors….what the hell had he been thinking last night?

That it felt good to laugh a little and not hurt…andohGodI’mnottwentyanymore

Dragging his water bottle down into his lap to snuggle it close, Wilson reached for the half a piece of bagel he’d been trying to choke down for over an hour now. He was about half-way through it. By noon he might be finished with it.

If I live that long…Crowley is going to kill me.

Taking a slow breath, Wilson sat up and reached for a chart. He was being in his charting and really needed to catch up, if the little black squiggly lines would just stay still long enough for him to read them.

Doctor on Duty.
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Sundays were usually a good time for the week's paperwork to get done. For some reason the majority of people did not, as a rule, get hurt on Sundays.

Of course, who knew if this place was going to follow that particular rule, but the size of the apartment -or lack there of- made massive paperwork projects somewhat impossible, so that left the Clinic.

Really, he was going to have to start getting out more.

For the time being, however, he was puttering about in the front of the clinic, using the chairs in the waiting room to help him sort and work on filing. He had his little radio with him and the dulcet tones of some song he yoinked off the internet played throughout the front room of the Clinic, keeping him company for the time being.

[ooc: Lazy Sunday if anyone would like to poke or needs to bleed.]

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday, October 15th, 2005 04:16 pm
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Lily is in the clinic, studying her copy of The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 7, in an attempt to both keep up her magic skills and avoid doodling things like "Lily Malfoy" or "Mrs. Draco Malfoy."

[ooc: Lily is gone, feel free to start a new post for the evening.]
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Late Monday afternoon found James Wilson back in the clinic. Yes, he really was this much of a workaholic as it beat sitting around thinking about things he wasn't entirely certain he was ready to be thinking about.

Swiping a red lollipop from House's private stash, the oncologist dug through a few old medical journals until he found one he hadn't had time to read up on yet and then strolled into the clinic. Tugging a plastic chair away from the wall, he pulled it up next to one of the beds and flopped into it, long legs immediately sprawling up against the bedframe, as it was impossible for Wilson to sit properly in a chair.

He didn't know if he should expect any visitors on a Monday and what sounded like a busy Monday for the school but he'd settle in for a few hours and at least pretend to read the journal in his lap, just in case anyone happened to need him.

(ooc- I should be around until 11ish EST)
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Lily sits behind the reception desk, writing in a small notebook. She's tired, but glad to be out of her dorm room.

Clinic Shift

Monday, September 26th, 2005 07:53 pm
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The clinic looks pretty empty today, so Lily starts filing charts and restocking supplies.

(no subject)

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005 04:24 pm
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As Lily settled in for her afternoon shift, she wondered if she would ever actually see Dr. House around the clinic. He did seem to like keeping to himself, didn't he?

Hmm, she muttered. I suppose I'll start sorting through these files now. Wait, what am I doing?

With a wave of her wand, she charmed the files to sort themselves, leaving her to get started on homework... or possibly daydream a bit...
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Considering that several students have asked for condoms on her first day of clinic duty, Lisa decides to put up a bulletin board outside on the clinic wall.

Dr. Luv Gluv Says Use a Rubber! )

She finishes stapling several take-away brochures to the bottom, and makes sure that the bulletin board lets the students (and teachers, *cough*) know that they can always speak to any of the clinic staff confidentially with any medical issues or questions. She fans out a few condoms on a small table in front of the board.

Can someone cast a spell on these condoms so that they regenerate on their own? )

Satisfied, she turns back into the clinic, and glances out the window occasionally to see if anyone stops by.
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Lisa opens the door to the clinic, and is not totally surprised to find it unlocked. She looks around to see if any of the other clinic volunteers are around, but doesn't see any one right away. She sits down at House's desk, puts his comic books and Gameboy in the top drawer, and starts to pen a to-do list.

  • Re-fill supplies, especially gauze for bleeding wounds
  • Organize student medical histories
  • Start clinic volunteer files
  • Open mail
  • Sort through complaints registered against House, keep only the ones that seem like they really will file lawsuits/come after him with a chainsaw
  • Order new chairs for waiting area
  • Clear House's Internet History, before the Tech Dept. busts him for whatever he is looking at
  • Have someone look at the lock on the clinic door

Lisa leans back in the chair, smiles softly at her list, and stretches her arms above her head. She decides to hold off on any major projects as see if anyone wanders into the clinic. Instead she stocks tongue depressors, and asks herself...

What the hell am I doing?

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