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Bones was quietly reading the newspaper at the front desk today, completely ignoring the fact that there was annoying Christmas music playing constantly. Really. Completely ignoring it. The way he was slowly ripping the paper to pieces as time went on was strictly a coincidence.

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Bones wasn't one to complain about free egg nog, even if he had been a little suspicious of it at first. But the nurses were all drinking it and they were fine and they were in the best place to be if it was poisoned or anything. So why the hell not?

[He would like that nasty crap, I figured. OCD-free!]
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McCoy was so glad he had a job as an excuse to stay away from his little droid kid. The nurses acted childish enough, thank you. One almost cried when she broke her nail this morning.

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Bones had plum run out of anything useful to do so he was spending the day surfing the internet, looking for games to play. Except those Facebook ones. He flat out refused to play those.

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Bones was spending his shift trying to work out the Sudoku puzzle in the newspaper. It wasn't going to well. Probably shouldn't have used pen.

[Hey, look, I remembered what day it was. No OCD!]
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Bones was spending his shift attempting to read medical journals. It was kind of hard to concentrate when the nurses kept talking about their Halloween costumes.

Really, did they all have to go as slutty nurses?

[No OCD!]
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Bones was spending his clinic shift reading medical journals and ignoring the nurses chatter about what they were wearing for Halloween. Okay, he wasn't really ignoring it but he was trying to not get too much mental imagery from it. He was at work, after all.

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It seemed two of the nurses had a falling out, if the glaring and snide comments they were making to each other were any indication. Not that it was any of Bones' business, so long as they did their work.

Of course that didn't mean he wasn't keeping his chair turned towards where the nurses were just in case a catfight broke out. That'd make for an interesting day.

[Open and OCD-free]
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Bones was back reading old patient files during his clinic shift. He'd never get tired of reading about all the weird crap that's happened here over the years.

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Bones was in a much better mood this week than he had been last week but he was still, well, Bones so the nurses were jumpy around him. You would have thought they had gotten used to his disposition by now but, no. Still thought he rated high on the Hot/Crazy scale. It was sad, really.

[No OCD, dammit. Post brought to you by this macro]
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The nurses were treading lightly today because someone had a hangover.

Three guesses as to who it was.

[The OCD is off having a cheeseburger and fries because that's totes the best hangover cure ever]
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Bones showed up to the clinic after his class and started alphabetizing everything he could. What? It was fun. Don't judge him.

[The OCD is a non-believer so I am shunning it]
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Bones had given up on finding things to do around the clinic, so he was now spending his shift trying to solve the Sudoku puzzle in the newspaper. Probably not the best idea considering today's puzzle was hard and he had the patience of...someone who had no patience whatsoever.

Any minute now he was going to throw his pencil across the room and start cursing.

[OCD free!]
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After glaring at several nurses who asked him questions about his girly state on Friday, Bones settled back at the front desk and read old medical journals.

Well. They were recent medical journals that were old to him.

[I laugh in the face of OCD. That's right]
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Bones was spending his shift reading the newspaper and pretending not to listen to the nurses' chatter a few feet away. He'd tell them to get to work but, really, there wasn't much to do at the moment.

Besides, if they were convinced that he wasn't listening, sometimes they'd talk about how hot he was. That was a confidence booster.

[Um, the OCD is going to enjoy Zefron day with me after I go to Best Buy in the morning and get 17 Again. Carry on]
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Bones was spending his shift reading up on the tell-tale signs of certain STDs that run rampant in this century. Not for him, naturally. For certain starship captains that slept with anything that moved.

Couldn't believe he canceled class for that...

[The OCD caught the space clap from Jim and is in bed re-thinking it's whorish lifestyle]

FTEC, Tuesday 7/28

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 09:40 am
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Bones was reading again today at work. This time it was current medical journals. He wasn't all quite caught up on just what they can and can't do this century, medically speaking. Probably not the best idea; it was making him all the more paranoid.
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The nurses had finally gotten past McCoy's grumpiness and realized that, hey, the new guy was actually pretty good looking. Really good looking, actually. Brunette nurse, in particular, was being obvious about her attraction.

"Too old for you, sweetheart," Bones said, not tearing his eyes away from the chart he was reading.

He was just making friends left and right.
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After taking some time to explore the clinic a bit, Bones decided to settle down behind the front desk and look over some of the patient files from the past couple years. He really shouldn't be surprised by all the weirdness considering that he spent the weekend hanging with his hypo and, yet, he was.

"Someone got their face burned off by macaroni and cheese? Really?"

FTEC, Tuesday [07/07]

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 11:13 am
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Since there were new people in town, Martha was at the main desk, filling out forms to make sure the clinic was stocked up on all of its supplies. By now, she knew there was no way to predict what kinds of people would be coming to town; all she could do was make sure they had a little of everything she could think of, and hope for the best.

[Open and OCD-free!]

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