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Well, she was no longer a bird. That was a good thing, Adah supposed, if it weren't for the fact that it was all terribly disorientating, this switching between different bodies with different balance points, not to mention the change in height and having to reacquaint herself with the possession of opposable thumbs, which, really, she'd never realized how much she'd taken them for granted.

But she was still mad, still irritated, since the only thing she was able to do to let the Eel know she was incredibly annoyed with him was peck at him.

And, in the long run, that was a whole week wasted on being a bird when she should have been using it to get the most out of being here before she had to leave.

Soon. Too soon, way too damn soon, which was why she made sure to come into the clinic that afternoon. Her classes started at Emory next week, so this might actually be her last shift. Her stomach clenched with both nervousness and excitement; she felt a little sick, but she wasn't sure if that had to do with the fact that it seemed to rush in quicker than the current of flooding waters after the rainy season or if it was just that she'd eaten way too many grubs last week.

FTEC, Friday

Friday, August 8th, 2008 12:38 pm
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When Ronan came in for his shift Friday morning, he was rather surprised to see a patient -- it happened so rarely (outside of the larger invasions, of course), that he wasn't much used to it.

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FTEC - Thursday

Friday, August 8th, 2008 12:09 am
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Igor was deeply engrossed in piecing together some small and odd looking pieces of...Actually, it's probably better to think of them simply as pieces.

The nurses were very happy to see the back of him come evening time.
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There was that feeling in the air as Adah walked to the clinic very early that morning for her day shift, the feeling that, if she believed in Dog, she would pray to him right now for a nice, quiet shift, but wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if she didn't get that nice, quiet shift. She hated mornings like that and, as she settled in behind the desk, was thinking that those were probably among the only occasions she would actually want to be right.

For now, hopefully linear dsDNA genomes theories could help stave off the unsettled feeling.
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If Adah was late in opening the clinic today...well, it wasn't like she felt she really needed to justify her tardiness with an excuse. She just took it for what it was, settled down behind the front desk, and went to her tasks of researching and pondering various aspects of medical science and the Meaning of Life, which she one day really did expect to find in the nucleus of a flesh eating microbe.
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Figuring that Igor was making some progress with his work on the experiment, Adah had brought Pride into the clinic with her, to do a few rudimentary observations and explorations of the poor rabbit so that they would not be wanting for any basic control information. He was a little tentative to receive the examination at first but, after a while, he settled, realizing that, out of all the things that Adah had tried to do to him, this general check-up was nothing.
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The storms outside were gorgeous, breath-taking, besting even some of the most brilliantly violent Kilanga ones that Adah remembered, and her plan was to sit outside and enjoy them. Eventually. There were a few things she had to do first. One of them included taking what might perhaps be her last recordings on her specimens, and she didn't mind at all being in the clinic for this. If the volcano did explode while she was bent over her microscope, well, then...She couldn't think of any other way she'd prefer to die than doing that, especially if her theory on Fandom becoming the next Pompeii turned out to be true. Archaeologists in several hundred years would find her petrified corpse exactly like that. Perfect.

The other thing she had to do before giving up the front desk to watch the storms involved the single cupcake that she'd picked up from J,GoB on the way here. Vanilla confetti style cake with a dark chocolate icing, two candles plunged down into it. If the volcano exploded, Adah certainly hoped it did it tonight; the even balance of dying on the same day you were born was almost as perfect as being petrified in an action of viral research. Bending over the cupcake as the two flames burned brightly, it did not pass Adah's notice that this was the first time she had ever celebrated her birthday without Leah. The first time in eighteen years that she was without her other half, her villain, her twin, without the only person who shared a blood relation with her that she might possibly be convinced to say that she loved. She didn't even know if Leah was still alive to be celebrating her eighteenth birthday today, too...

It also did not slip Adah's notice that today was Father's Day, as well, but she certainly would not be celebrating that, Commandments be damned. She just thought it was interesting that it would all fall into place that these three things would come to be celebrated on the same day: two lost to the jungle, one of love and one of hate, and one lost to time.

She drew in a breath, closed her eyes, and blew out one of the candles. She'd either let the other one burn to a puddle of wax or hope that, eventually, the wind would blow it out in Leah's absence.
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Coming in for her evening shift, Adah discovered no other facial features with limbs grafted on them, no ears with arms or lips with tails, so she settled behind the desk to study the same usual viruses and bacterium. Yawn.

Although it was interesting to flip through yesterday's notes and spot out what didn't even make sense to her now, although she figured it had made sense somehow yesterday.
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Adah wondered if perhaps she should feel just a bit bad about having just sent the twins off to entertain themselves, but, hey. They were clearly smart kids and it wasn't like there was traffic that they might accidentally play in. Or lions and snakes, for that matter, so, already, she considered herself a better parent than her parents, since they didn't seem to have too much of an issue with letting their children play in the jungle, let alone on a restricted island with lots of actually trustworthy and responsible other people on it.

So she just settled in behind the front desk, sighed deeply, and closed her eyes to enjoy just a bit more time to herself before they inevitably got tired of their ice cream and came back to find her here. Maybe she could think of little things to make them do around the clinic once they returned, too.

And then maybe she could figure out what the hell it meant when Emily had been surprised that Adah limped.
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Tracking any results in the overnight changes of the samples that Adah had recorded and observed yesterday would have to wait until later this evening. As it was, after catching up to speed in making sure that there weren't any other things to attend to, she was a bit too busy doing a bit of minor, quick, fingertip research on popular poisons and antidote remedies for them. No. No reason at all.
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Adah limped into the clinic that evening with an armful of books checked out from the library today to satisfy a poorly constructed ruse, filled with a bunch of stuff that she already knew and would be using in a vain effort to distract herself from everything else that was going on in her head since that afternoon. Of course, this plan would not work in the slightest, and Adah knew this, but Adah was also stubborn, so she was doing her best to pretend that she was actually interested in the most basic tenants of her fields of study and hoping (she was reluctant to use the term praying) that someone broke a leg today, merely so she'd have something to do.
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Christian was still tired after last night's discovery of the cure for the plague. Most people responded instantly, but a few took some time to recover. One of those was Adah Price. The plague had struck her harder than most, sending her body into a complete shutdown. After the other patients had been cured and restored enough to send them home, Christian had transferred Adah over to the clinic. The need for the space was gone, and he could make her more comfortable at the actual medical facilities. He left the clinic only long enough to attend the memorial service, but other than that, he was either at the front desk or checking on Adah, hoping for a change in her condition.
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Wilson was humming.

He was in a fairly rock solid mood and so he was humming as he moved around the clinic, weaving in and out of decorations and considering giving Death a hard time about the fact that Wilson was Jewish. But really, he didn't have it in him and it was the spirit of the holidays that was important.

The Christmas Blend coffee was brewing and classical music warmed the atmosphere in the waiting room.

Doctor is in. Come, bleed...or drink coffee...or both if you like to multitask!

Tues 12-13-05

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005 10:03 pm
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He had Johnny Cash on the clinic radio. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down, a song that reflected his mood a little too well. When it reached the final chords, he hit repeat to listen to it again, his fingers tapping out the beat on the edge of the desk.

He'd been trying to call his father all evening, and had only gotten the answering machince at home and voice mail on his cell The voice mail didn't surprise him, his father never turned the phone on. But the house phone? The fact no one answered unnerved him more than he cared to admit. He had a nagging feeling in the back of his mind, maybe not constantly in his thoughts but always close, hovering, never far away.

He was in the clinic, reorganising the drugs in the lock up while he listened to Johnny Cash, because it gave him something to do. He'd had the bottles alphabetical, then rearranged by catagory, and decided he liked alphabetical better.

Hurt came over the CD player. With a weary sigh, he left the lock up half alphabetical, half by catagory, and went into the lobby to sit at the desk to listen without distraction.

"I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel...
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real"
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The rich scent of Kona coffee filled the waiting room today along with The Nutcracker Suite. Wilson was working on paperwork, dividing his attention in between a couple of files on the desk. He looked busy but rather relaxed at the moment.

Nothing like a good snowball fight and a sneak snowball attack -House soooo owed him for that one- to put an oncologist in a fairly chipper mood.

Doctor on Duty, come get coffee if you wish.

Counseling Hours

Thursday, October 20th, 2005 10:26 am
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according to the poster in the lobby, Jonathan is offering psychiatric help to all those in need of it )

*Johnathan is set up in a room at the clinic. He'd been awfully busy yesterday with the preparations for his experiment and as such hadn't been able to hold office hours. He figured he should make up for it by holding them now. That way if anyone needed help with their omgemo they wouldn't have to wait for his weekend hours to talk to him.*

Clinic Hours

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005 06:58 pm
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Lisa breaks into House's secret stash and unwraps a red lollipop. She smiles, and puts up...

A New Board Outside the Clinic )

Satisfied, she busts out a Spanish dictionary to study while she mans the clinic. For Languages of Europe, sicko.
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Considering that several students have asked for condoms on her first day of clinic duty, Lisa decides to put up a bulletin board outside on the clinic wall.

Dr. Luv Gluv Says Use a Rubber! )

She finishes stapling several take-away brochures to the bottom, and makes sure that the bulletin board lets the students (and teachers, *cough*) know that they can always speak to any of the clinic staff confidentially with any medical issues or questions. She fans out a few condoms on a small table in front of the board.

Can someone cast a spell on these condoms so that they regenerate on their own? )

Satisfied, she turns back into the clinic, and glances out the window occasionally to see if anyone stops by.

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