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Simon had managed to find his way to the clinic. He hoped he wouldn't end up taking care of patients who had stumbled in the fog and broken various limbs. Even the nurses seemed a little concerned, which meant they didn't giggle behind his back as often as usual.

[open and ocd-free clinic!]

FTEC, Wednesday [03/24]

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 09:50 am
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Martha might not have known exactly what was going on, but she knew foreboding weather when she saw it. Luckily, the clinic was all stocked up on supplies, and the nurses had made it in too, although Martha hoped they stopped bickering at each other soon, or she was going to have to put them in separate corners of the building.

[Open and ocd-free!]
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There were monsters on Fandom Island! Ugly grumpy things that got in the dorms and were in the halls and had been everywhere on her way to the clinic and Ino?

Ino was lovin' it.

Sure, she had to work. Sure, the nurses were Displeased with the fact that she came in grinning like a loon and smug from having Thunder'd the crap out of a few of the monsters. (She'd kicked one in the face too and he'd gone flying.)

Ino's glee, however, was unabated. She was going to be Vigilant and Watchful and keeping an eye out for those who needed her medical help.

But when she was free, to the nurses dismay, she was stalking through the clinic, checking supplies and setting things up in case they got a bunch of wounded, and making sure none of the monsters had gotten inside.

Today was an awesome day!

…Well, for Ino anyway. She was relatively sure the less combative people of the town had Other Opinions about the whole invasion thing.
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It was the sort of day where Ino didn't just didn't want to do anything. Totally in a funk, even if her mood was pretty decent, and studying seemed to be just so very entirely dull.

Dull or not, though, that didn't mean she could just ditch it. Muttering to herself about work ethic and how having one sucked, Ino did her best to focus on her scrolls.

And, okay, maybe her hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was totally important.

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