FTEC: Tuesday

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 08:24 am
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Katara wasn't going to complain at all about the cold though it wasn't nearly icy enough for her.  Still, she spent her time in the clinic absent mindedly bending with one hand and reading with the other.
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Katara wasn't really paying so much attention to the clinic tonight.  Instead she was very, very, very excited about being back on the South Pole.

There were glaciers in the ocean like there should be...maybe there were penguins too!
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Katara was a little surprised - and happy - there weren't more people in the clinic.  Somehow she'd expected more after watching some of the people fight Hades, but then most of them were dumb and didn't get anyone to check them out.  She may have been making a mental note of who to scold later.
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Katara was almost too excited about her birthday tomorrow to notice the oddities outside.  Almost.  So she spent lots and lots of time getting the exam rooms all stocked up just in case the oddities developed into something less...odd.
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Katara was reading a book as she sat behind the counter. 

She was a bit twitchy about that volcano.  It looked too much like the one at the fortuneteller's village.  And Aang wasn't here this time to bend the volcano back upon itself.

FTEC: Monday Evening

Monday, June 2nd, 2008 09:02 pm
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Katara had been flipping through the channels on the television in the clinic and settled into watching a game that looked an awful lot like something they played at home on the South Pole.

There were men on ice with sticks.  And some of them were kinda cute.  In that 'now we shall beat up each other' kinda way.

She was settled in for the night.  ...and just maybe overcoming her disintegrating bias against the colour by cheering for the guys in red.


FTEC: Monday Evening

Monday, May 26th, 2008 09:08 pm
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Katara had chocolate ice cream when she ran into the clinic Monday night.  Which meant that she took a seat at the front desk to finish the ice cream before she moved into the back to start the nightly chores.

FTEC: Monday Evening

Monday, May 12th, 2008 06:03 pm
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Katara hadn't been moping all day.  Really.   She'd known Zuko was leaving today for a week, and there was no point in being upset over it now.  Except that she wasn't going to ever see him again, and she missed him.  Already.

Which was why the clinic was a little quieter tonight than usual as the clinic aide, curled up on one of the couches and engaged in another session of not-moping.  

FTEC: Friday Evening

Friday, May 9th, 2008 08:35 pm
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Katara couldn't quite admit to herself that the person she'd hoped to see hadn't come back to Fandom.  So she was at the clinic, not quite moping as she cleaned the exam rooms slowly.
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Katara hurried into the clinic carrying a bag of chocolate and a copy of Greek myths.  That Helen thing sounded interesting enough and the odd gods seemed almost a bit like spirits.    
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Book and waterskin in hand, Katara occupied herself at the front desk, waiting for the patients she hoped wouldn't come.
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Katara had was easily could be termed a very, very nice day.  She sat at the front desk after finishing up all the little chores needed and doodled, her mind very obviously elsewhere.
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Katara might have woken up a bit sad to be all grown up again.  Being six was more than a bit fun, all things considered.

But grown up meant that there were real things to do besides eating chocolate and making donut rings so she was to be found at the clinic at the proper time and stationed herself at the desk, flipping through some of the new medical magazines.

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Unlike her mun who is made of fail, Katara made it into the clinic on time.  For one reason or another, she decided it needed a massive scrubbing and embarked upon the project immediately.
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Katara was happy to see that Cameron had been checked out when she got to to her shift at the clinic.  She was quiet tonight, wondering what he had been through and if he was going to be okay in between wishing that Molly hadn't had to go home so she could have stopped worrying about Cam not being around anymore.

But for a sixteen year old girl, heavy thoughts could only last so long, and soon she was giggling about the play put on in Mythology.  If only she had pictures of Teddy in that dress for Chad.
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Katara had wandered into the clinic still thinking about the conversation she'd had with Zuko, but as soon as she got there and saw the patient there, she was immediately flipped into clinic aide gear.  Trying not to disturb Cameron or the dog too much, she peeked into the room as often as possible to make sure that they were both completely comfortable.
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Katara was in the clinic reading a novel and eating chocolate.  Because it was Spring Break.  Yes, that was the only reason she was eating chocolate.  Really.

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Katara was rereading her notes from Mythology and Government - and wondering if her teachers had planned to have the 'evil ruler' and 'end of the world' classes on the same day.

She also had hot chocolate.  Which, really, was far more interesting than the thoughts.  
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Katara wasn't sad about not being at the dance at all.  Really.

Pay no attention to the fact that she was staring at her notes unhappily and really not in the mood to work at all.

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Katara made her way through the usual rounds and tasks at the clinic before she settled down at the front desk with the box of chocolates and some paper.

Now if she could only figure out how exactly one wrote a letter without sounding very silly.
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Even with the cold, Katara stopped at Chilly Boulder to get a chocolate milkshake before making her way to the clinic.

Relieved to find it empty, she pulled out her notebook, making additional notes about her classes today while drinking the shake slowly.  
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Katara was glad to see that Dawn had woken up and left the clinic since she was here on Friday, but it wasn't much better that Dean was here instead.

So she was checking often and trying to make sure that everything possible was going well.
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Katara flipped through her mythology somewhat lazily as she just hoped that her roommate didn't turn into a cup of tea tomorrow.
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There probably was a good reason why Katara felt like scrubbing out the clinic.  Might have just been that she still felt sticky from Ferris' Slip 'N Slide the other night.  But she found herself scrubbing out every corner possible of each of the examining rooms before settling down to watch the television in the waiting room.
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With her mythology handouts in her hand, Katara made her way into the clinic and after taking care of the the necessary duties, she settled down to read over the stories again.
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Snow?  Lots and lots of snow that almost maybe made it feel like home?  Katara thought that was far, far too great a thing.

So it was with reluctance - and a big cup of hot chocolate - that she made her way into the clinic for the evening shift.
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After making her way from the Welcome Picnic, Katara checked for anything in the clinic that needed specific attention then took a seat behind the desk, flipping through a book and wondering how soon it would be before everyone settled down again.    
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Finally.  Done done don with the scary Sex Ed class.

Katara celebrated by having hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and a book about medicinal herbs as she sat behind the counter.
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Katara ran into the clinic carrying a cup of hot chocolate and a book.  She set up for her shift quickly then settled down to continue to read.  And not think.

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Katara got to the clinic, immediately worried by the fact that Zuko was there with a bad fever but no real sign of what was wrong.  She didn't think about the plague, she didn't, really.  She just quickly got to work to get him as comfortable as possible and went back to totally not worrying at the Front Desk.
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Katara made her way back up to the clinic from the beach.  She felt oddly like cleaning.  And the exam rooms were her first target.
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At some point, Katara was going to wonder how she went to sleep Monday night and except for getting up vaguely to find food and use the washroom, didn't actually wake back up until Friday afternoon.

For now, she was just happy that she'd made it to the clinic without missing her shift.     
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It had to have happened eventually, Katara thought as she made her way down from to the clinic.  For all the things Fandom had taught her, the lessons she'd learned at the clinic had last longest.  Without them, there was all manner of things she'd probably never have thought to do.

She made her way in carefully, surprised not to find a doctor or student on duty and was drawn back without a thought to the bed of a girl she thought had been a student years ago.  Katara had grown more skilled as a healed and a bender since she'd left Fandom, but she could quickly tell that there wasn't much she could do here beyond helping keep the girl comfortable and hoping her body would work it out.

Katara found herself doing the duties she used to take care of around the clinic without thought, straightening and cleaning then ended up sitting on the stool behind the desk, lost in thought.
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Katara was shocked to find the clinic half-full of people, but she got to work quickly, restocking the supplies used and making sure all the rest of the rooms were ready to go if they were needed.
She looked through the charts from the new patients, frowning worriedly when she got to Bart's and Ronan's.  If Ronan had healed Bart on Saturday, how could they both be sick again?
...yeah, this couldn't be good.
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Katara skipped down to the clinic without a thought in her head of actual clinic duty.  Possibly because she had a newspaper article in her head and a new fashion magazine in her bag.

Once she got there, she made sure the rooms were well-stocked and made herself comfortable at the front desk.
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Katara wasn't expecting to see a patient in the clinic so when she got there, she quickly made sure the rest of the exam rooms were stocked up completely before checking in on their patient in room one.
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After having ice cream with Molly and hearing her sad news, Katara made her way down to the clinic for her shift.  She was too antsy to sit still and made her way into the back stockroom to fill all the supplies in the exam rooms then finally ended up bending some of the sterilised water.  Oops.
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Okay.  Just because last Friday two of her friends came in hurt didn't mean that was going to happen every time Katara was at the clinic.  Really.  The vampires were all killed and there was no reason for anyone else to be hurt. 

Or so she was trying to convince herself.

Katara might have been a little bit twitchy and pace-y at the Clinic tonight.  
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Katara had wandered through the picnic in the park, hoping against hope that Gran-Gran might somehow show up.  Or even Dad.  Or...not that she ever really expected it, but Aang could have come.  With Appa and Momo.  But she really shouldn't have gotten her hopes up, and she made her way to the Clinic mopily and flipped through magazines hoping that no one needed her tonight.    
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Katara hurried into the clinic totally and completely on time.  Really.

And then she apologised a million times to the nurse for being late.
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Katara had a date to the dance tomorrow night.  Katara had managed to trade her clinic shift with Doogie so she could go to the dance tomorrow night.

All of which was well and good except for the part where she really, really needed a dress. So she was flipping through fashion magazines so she might have an idea what to look for when she went to look tomorrow.
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In retrospect, this whole losing memory thing wasn't that bad.  She'd found food and played in the water and forever and ever got to tease Chad for being afraid of Prince Oscar Pedro. 

In the scheme of things, it worked out.

Which was why she was humming to herself as she took care of the odd clinic jobs she found to do during her shift.  
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It was probably good Katara didn't know about the brawl going on over in Caritas because she might have gone and dumped water over all of her teachers.

As it was, she was flipping through the channels on the television looking for something OTHER than this silly baseball. 
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Katara was Not Thinking about her class today.  Not at all.  Really.

Which was why she was poking through the clinic's literature on birth control. 

Who knows, one day she might get married and need to know this stuff.

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Katara ran into the clinic only a few minutes late and completely soaked.  She hadn't had time to dry herself off after realising that her idea of waterbending all night was completely not possible.              
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After visiting with Molly, Katara headed down to the clinic where she checked to make sure was clean and stocked then pulled out the packets she'd gotten from Lulu at class.

If anyone came in, she was definitely hiding the packets before the door swung all the way open.     
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Katara skipped into the clinic excitedly.  New classes and new people.  But hopefully none of them would result in clinic busyness.

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Katara wandered into the clinic in the cleaning mode.  Fall cleaning if you will.  Spring cleaning was so overrated.  She had scrubbed her and Chad's (again for real yay!) entire room this afternoon and now she was moving onto the clinic.

It was nice.  Cleaning was so much easier when you could just bend water wherever it needed to go.

Her entire shift she could be found trotting back and forth, with scrub brushes and mops, intent on getting every single corner sparkling clean.
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Katara ran to the clinic still mostly confused about her "date" with Jeff today and gleeful over the ice block. 

Which caused her to spend most of her shift working on waterbending with the water in her skin.  And possibly also with some of the sterilised water in the clinic.           
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Katara wandered into the clinic expecting a nice quiet evening full of reading the magazines in the waiting room.  Life at the clinic was so much nicer when there weren't dinosaurs.  

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