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Thankfully, Edgar seemed to have no problem with sleeping through most of the trip and the start of Adah's shift at the clinic, where she settled the robotic baby in her lap as she working on updating her research samples. However, of course, a sleeping baby was a rare gift. Too rare, as Adah felt a sharp tug, becoming all too familiar, at her hair, followed by a bubbling giggle, and she knew the girl was up. So she resolved to distract Edgar from her hair by showing her all the bacterias and molds and organisms in her petri dishes, which were perfectly self-contained and sealed, and therefor very, very safe.
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The episode of Hearts 'n' Scapels with the demonic possession was playing in the front lobby. It might not have been in the best taste, but Christian couldn't help it after reading over the reports from the weekend. Demonic-induced coma? Demonic-induced massive hemorrhaging? Christian had been called a demon by more than one woman, but even after being in Fandom for so long he had a hard time believing in them. That punk kid who looked like him and who claimed to be a demon was probably just trying to impress his girlfriend. Boyfriend. Whichever.
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Doogie wasn't happy to see that Thursday was still here with her bullet wound, and he may have gone in to check on her a bit more than necessary.
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Christian had been kept updated on Adah's condition, so he wasn't surprised to find her still in the clinic, her condition unchanged. He checked the monitors keeping track of her vitals; at least she was still in stable condition. Hopefully one of the clinic aides could whip some magic out of their ass and bring her around; it not, he would have to transfer her off island if she didn't come out of the coma in the next few days.
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There were still two or three holes in the clinic schedule, and since Ronan and Katara were working out well, Christian was hoping there was another medically-inclined student among the new arrivals who would be interested in working at the clinic. He'd have to put up another ad.

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