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Yes, Martha was still in the clinic, nursing a cup of coffee and keeping an eye on those who had spent the night. She didn't want to hope that no one else would be hurt today, afraid that she would jinx the whole island into harm's way. She did, however, hope that the supplies held out. Now she understood why her predecessors had kept the place overstocked with bandages.
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Ino was pretty sure that this was going to be a bad day if radio had been anything to go by about how many people had been in and out of the clinic last night.

As such, she didn’t even take out her study materials, but rather busied herself with making sure everything was stocked up and keeping a watchful eye on the door. Ready to help if it was needed.

...she really hoped it wouldn't be needed. Better wasted effort than a lot of patients.
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Doogie was perfectly aware of who he was, which is why he was at work, taking notes from some interesting journal articles that he wanted to talk to the authors about later.
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Though he was running a little late you try getting dried apple pie filling off the next morning but the Clinic was soon bright and inviting (as much as a Clinic could be) with the fresh scent of coffee wafting through the air and a certain oncologist kicked back with a crossword puzzle stack of paperwork.

Doctor is in!
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Wilson was finishing up the last of his rec forms for the clinic down in town and also doing restocks on the school clinic...

Okay, he was also doing a crossword puzzle but that was just while he sipped at his coffee. A very nice Jamacian Blue Mountain roast this morning.

Doctor on Duty, All Hail the Coffee Bean
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It had dawned on Wilson, at about 3am that it was December 1st. He'd been working solidly at the school Clinic for two months and there was something he needed to do.

So, today the doctor was dressed in a red t-shirt over old ratty blue jeans with rubber soled boots on his feet. The smell of coffee filled the clinic waiting room as usual but the whole Clinic was also jamming out to the new Alanis Morissette CD. Maybe he'd taken a page from Crowley's book because the volumn on the stereo was BLASTING.

Wilson sung right along with Morissette, dancing in an exam room as he bent down next to the exam bed, unbolting it from the floor.

It had been two months he'd been working here and he realized that the clinic had not been strip cleaned in that whole time. Clean, cleaned of course but not strip cleaned. So he was spending the day dismantling each exam room to scrub them down with a AMA approved cleaning solution, the smell of the chemical mixing with the rich scent of coffee.

Wilson had to laugh a little. The last time he'd been involved in a strip clean he'd been a first year peon resident and even then, he'd been part of a team, not tackling 5 full rooms on his own. Ah well...hence the really loud music, the coffee and the dancing.

It was going to be a busy day.

Doctor is in, honest. Grab him if you need him or come dance with him if you'd like he's actually not a bad singer.
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Wilson was busy darting in between the exam rooms, the office and the front desk. The smell of Jamacian Blue Mountain filled the front waiting room and he had a little bell set out for people to ring in case he wasn't there.

The word for today children is Busy but the doctor and more importantly his coffee is in.

[ooc: On slow play today while at work.]
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Wilson was late in opening the Clinic today but it had been a long night. House was fighting hard and it tore Wilson apart watching his lover struggle and knowing there was only so much he could do. It was also a struggle with himself, part of him wanting to be angry at House, to yell at him for doing this to himself, to remind the diagnostician of how many times over the past six years he’d begged House to cut back on the Vicodin.

Wilson's night if you are interested in why your doctor looks a little peeked this morning. )

So, the Clinic was now open, the smell of Kona coffee filling the small waiting room and Wilson sat at the desk, trying to focus on req forms.
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Wilson was still tired and in all honesty, he expected to be through the holiday weekend. He was physically run into the ground -hey, Fandom might be a relatively small island but you trying running all up and down those hills particularly hauling Angel's muscular ass around- and as for emotionally...

Yeah that was pretty much still touch and go also.

But, the Clinic was open the lights inviting and the smell of a Christmas Blend coffee filled the air. Wilson was working on discharge papers/information for Rory and Logan. He could only imagine that they were more then ready to be sprung though he was uncertain about when exactly that springing was going to happen.

Doctor....well the coffee's made, come by and have a cup if you wish.
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Wilson and House had been up the whole night, between hourly checks on Rory, Marty and Logan they had -laughably- tried to relieve each other for a few hours of sleep but each had been too keyed up to take advantage and after the first try had given up.

The oncologist had quietly worked on paperwork in between rounds, while House had played with his gameboy. For the moment, neither had brought up the subject of what had just happened with the other, it was just all too confusing and in the end, not important to delivering medical attention. In some ways, it was better that they didn't have the details, that would just confuse the focus.

As morning dawned, Wilson had taken advantage of a quick break to grab a shower and clean the blood off his skin and out of his hair. He'd come back and tagged House out, firmly suggesting that the older doctor needed to put some intense heat therapy on that bad leg of his...and also demanding -in a loving manner- that House make coffee.

When House headed off towards the little apartment, Wilson began to run rounds once more.

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It had been a good weekend but now it was time to get back to the grind. Wilson listened to the radio he had flipped on as he puttered about the Clinic getting it opened, the lights turned on and the waiting room straightened out. Coffee was set to brew and soon the rich aroma was filling the reception area, bringing a smile to Wilson's face.

Moving towards the front desk, he sighed softly as he took in the amount of paperwork that he'd left behind when House had wisked him off for the weekend at the hotel. It was going to take a bit of work to get through all of it and if he was even going to have a hope of success, he'd need a To Do list.

Pouring himself some coffee, Wilson sat down and started to reach for a pen. Just as his hand had almost reached a cup, a pencil fell out of the ceiling, landing on the desk next to his arm. Almost afraid to look, the oncologist peered upwards.


Taking a pad of paper, he wrote To Do across the top, then began to make notes.

Follow up with Red
Order supplies
Re-stock blood bank
Re-stock red lollipop supply
Figure out how the hell all those pencils got up in the ceiling!

Doctor on Duty, feel free to come bleed, drink coffee, chat, or D) All of the above.
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Wilson had had an early start, getting up first thing to check in on Jack and then heading down to the school to talk to Bristow. He'd already grabbed a couple cups of coffee in his travels but was returning now to open the Clinic for the day.

Whistling softly, the oncologist flipped on the lights and unlocked the door. He had some papers in his left hand to work on and for once those papers were not charts. Sometimes you just have to cheer the small miracles.

Setting a pot of Kona coffee to brewing, he peeked in on Jack one more time before heading back out to the front. Flopping down at the desk, Wilson kicked his feet up on the counter and pulled the papers into his lap...ahh a nice caffiene high, gottah love it.

Doctor on Duty, ask nicely you might get coffee.
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Wilson yawned as he wandered along the corridor from the apartment towards the clinic proper. He had a cup of coffee in his hand and a couple of medical journals in the other.

He poked his nose into House's office, retrieving some files from the corner and carrying them along with his journals towards the front counter.

Investigating the area for any lingering notes, shrugging when he found none the oncologist went to check that the front door was open and the lights in the waiting room were turned on. Heading back to the desk he flopped down into the chair and settled in to read and do paperwork.

Doctor on duty. Pester if you so desire.

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Friday, September 23rd, 2005 05:18 pm
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He decides to wander in to the clinic after his soaps.

He sits at his desk and scribbles out a notice for his assistants, but ends up trashing the hand written copy and instead prints it out on his computer.

He gets distracted and ends up playing pool on yahoo!games.

The notice, if he ever gets it finished will state that clinic assistants *must* post in the clinic work at least once a week to maintain their position and receive credit for it. (There are also several clinic positions available since some of the voluteers have dropped off or quit, Click here for application)

Anyone who dares interrupt his game will likely get hissed at. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005 07:31 pm
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*DEATH sits behind the desk, waiting for patients to come in. He is trying to look official, with the plague going on, so he's dressed in standard black at the moment.*

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Monday, September 12th, 2005 05:23 pm
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Alanna sighed and glanced at the clock. Working at the infermary wasn't supposed to be boring, people were supposed to get hurt, come in, keep her occupied. She hated doing paper work, but she had done her part. The clinic was neat and fully supplied.

With another sigh, she started flinging pencil's with deadly accuracy at the cieling.

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