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Millie was in a particularly cheerful mood today. No particular reason, but then she didn't ever really need one for cheerfulness.

In any case, she was here and ready to help out anyone who came in.
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Ino was always vaguely bored with break weeks and, so far, this one was looking to be no exception. She had her phone out in the hopes that someone would call her with a mission but wasn't really expecting it and so, had her medical notebooks out and was in full study mode.

Yes, she studied during her free time. This wasn't new, and it was something that kept her quiet and focused and both of those were good things.

Still, Ino vaguely hoped for a distraction. Right now, she really missed Ichigo for some reason.
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Millie was happy to regale the nurses or anyone else who might stop in with tales of her weekend spent with the real Millie - from the Millie books she'd named herself after.

Oh, and she'd be happy to deal with any injuries or problems anyone might have, too.

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