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*DEATH can still be seen sitting at the desk from last night. His pen is scribbling maddly still and seems to have ammassed quite a large collection of notes. He continues to flip through his collection of books and magazines. Right now it appears the choice of reading is Rules for Radicals, though he periodcally flips through a stack of magazines and catalouges at his right.

Sometime in the night he apparently retrieved the duck, which quacks approval or disapproval when asked about a particular article of clothing.*

DEATH is in, bleed here please. Or talk. Or pet the ducky.

((OOC: I've set up three threads - Exam1, Lab, and Waitng. If you have your own room, please open a comment for that room, because I really don't know who is where at the moment.))
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Wilson had closed the Clinic briefly for a few hours, long enough to get a shower, relax a little with dinner and House but then he'd forceably dragged the older man back to the Clinic. They had to go over a few administrative items that he needed House's input with so...back to the office.

Now, if only they could behave themselves.

Stretched out in a chair across the desk from House, Wilson was flipping through a medical catelogue.

"I think we could afford it, House and it really would be indispensible.
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Wilson yawned as he wandered along the corridor from the apartment towards the clinic proper. He had a cup of coffee in his hand and a couple of medical journals in the other.

He poked his nose into House's office, retrieving some files from the corner and carrying them along with his journals towards the front counter.

Investigating the area for any lingering notes, shrugging when he found none the oncologist went to check that the front door was open and the lights in the waiting room were turned on. Heading back to the desk he flopped down into the chair and settled in to read and do paperwork.

Doctor on duty. Pester if you so desire.
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Late Monday afternoon found James Wilson back in the clinic. Yes, he really was this much of a workaholic as it beat sitting around thinking about things he wasn't entirely certain he was ready to be thinking about.

Swiping a red lollipop from House's private stash, the oncologist dug through a few old medical journals until he found one he hadn't had time to read up on yet and then strolled into the clinic. Tugging a plastic chair away from the wall, he pulled it up next to one of the beds and flopped into it, long legs immediately sprawling up against the bedframe, as it was impossible for Wilson to sit properly in a chair.

He didn't know if he should expect any visitors on a Monday and what sounded like a busy Monday for the school but he'd settle in for a few hours and at least pretend to read the journal in his lap, just in case anyone happened to need him.

(ooc- I should be around until 11ish EST)
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Lily sits behind the reception desk, writing in a small notebook. She's tired, but glad to be out of her dorm room.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2005 06:44 pm
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Another day, another dollar.

House is sitting at the desk in the clinic with his protable video ame. He's not having a good run, and it shows in his grunting and cursing the thing, and it's dangerously close to getting smashed with his cane.

Feel free to interrupt before that happens.

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