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Harley's morning coffee was a little extended today. She'd left late for work, so she had her breakfast with her as well.
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Wyatt showed up for his last shift, anticipating a quiet evening.
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Wyatt was in his customary Tuesday night position, watching the NBA finals. Go Celtics!
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Wyatt was manning the quiet clinic, watching the NBA playoffs on the waiting room TV.
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The clinic was quiet, so Wyatt was catching up on some educational reading. If by educational you meant Dr. Troy's magazine stash.
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Doogie was making rounds through the clinic today, checking on Cameron, checking on the inventory, and making sure the other exam rooms were clean and tidy. It was a good way to stay occupied, he thought.

[omg hi I overslept.]
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The episode of Hearts 'n' Scapels with the demonic possession was playing in the front lobby. It might not have been in the best taste, but Christian couldn't help it after reading over the reports from the weekend. Demonic-induced coma? Demonic-induced massive hemorrhaging? Christian had been called a demon by more than one woman, but even after being in Fandom for so long he had a hard time believing in them. That punk kid who looked like him and who claimed to be a demon was probably just trying to impress his girlfriend. Boyfriend. Whichever.
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Wyatt was bummed to be missing Bridge's party. But, well, at least here there was less of a chance of any awkward encounters here at the clinic.
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After his Christmas break with the Callahans, Ronan was more than happy to be back in Fandom. Not that he didn't love Nita and Dairine, but he'd come to appreciate not being called in errantry every second day. No matter how 'minor' the errantry. (Before the break, Ronan hadn't even realised that people could be called to errantry to fix holes in the concrete, even if the holes had been caused by aliens who took a wrong turn at Pluto.)

Still, he'd been so caught up helping out that he was late coming back to Fandom, and so he ended up jumping right back to the clinic instead of going by his room first. He was there on time, though, if barely so.
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Wyatt was behind the front desk at the clinic. The TV was on and playing "American Riches," and he couldn't help but think that stealing the Declaration of Independence would be so much easier when you could orb.
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After his fun weekend away visiting Parker (an unexpected side-trip of which had delayed his return), Ronan whistled as he bustled around the clinic before settling at the front counter.
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Ronan was whistling as he puttered around the clinic, making sure the exam rooms were tidy before settling down with another novel at the front desk.

And yes, he had his little jar of cayenne.

[I'm around all evening, but it'll be a little SP-ish, probably, at least through the earlier part of the evening, as I'm moving from a room upstairs to one downstairs.]
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It was a rather happy Ronan who made his way into the clinic on Wednesday evening, setting his backpack behind the desk. He frowned to see that they still had Adah in as a patient, making sure to check on her and see how she was doing.

But other than that? Definitely a happy Ronan.
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After having been handwavily otherwise occupied on Sunday stupid laptop, Ronan was once again at the front desk of clinic.

[OOC: Around for a bit, then gone for a bit, then around for as long as I can be, probably until at least 10PM.]
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Ronan busied himself checking that the exam rooms were stocked as he went around the clinic, trying not to think. He'd been pretty much closed up in his room the last couple of days, just refamiliarising himself with his things, with the space; having been gone for a year, it was simultaneously comforting and disconcerting to see how things had changed so little. Of course, it hadn't been a year, here, just a weekend, but...

But here he was, at the clinic, ready to help anyone who needed it. Or to talk, if anyone wanted to stop by.
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Ronan sat down behind the front desk at the clinic, his exhaustion almost palpable, as much as he tried to cover it. One hand kept coming up, subconsciously running along the new scar dividing his left eyebrow; had he noticed, Ronan would have done what he could to stop, to avoid drawing attention to it.

Although, for a new scar, it was remarkably healed already.
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Wyatt opened up the clinic for the evening, still troubled by what he had heard on the radio last night. Yay? Ooops?
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The island had been invaded by dinosaurs and having to avoid being eaten on his way into the clinic had done nothing to improve Stark's mood. He much preferred Molly's friend's dinosaur from last week, who hadn't thought he was dinner. Luckily, if there was one skill Stark had mastered in the years before coming to Fandom, it was running away and he had made it there safely for his shift.

Seeing the number of people that had already been in for treatment, he groaned. And perhaps flailed a bit before getting settled in for what looked to be a long sort of night.

[OCD coming up. Also, from what I can tell nobody's checked out yet that was here this morning. If this is incorrect, please ping me on AIM or in the OOC comment when it shows up.]

[Edit: Chad is gone. Room 5 is empty.]
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Doogie headed to the clinic as early as he could manage for his shift, hoping that there weren't a lot of people who had gotten hurt in all the insanity from the day before.

[plz to be waiting for the OCD! OCD is up! *passes out*]
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By means of angelic transport, Wilson had made it down to the clinic unmolested by any prehistoric lizard types.

However, given the sounds he could hear beyond the clinic's walls, he had a feeling that there might not be others who were so lucky. Quickly, he rounded up the clinic nurse and snagged the day shift nurse before she could escape and offered her time and a half to stay for a double shift, he had a feeling they might need the extra hands.

Once this was settled, he and the two nurses began to clean out a couple extra rooms, making sure they could reach stock quickly, if they needed to and Wilson spent a couple of hours mapping out just how he was going to explain the time and a half to Troy if this all turned out to be a big ole false alarm.

[ooc: Please wait for The OCD is up! Some general OOC info here if you have any questions! :D Let's have fun. ]
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Doogie was starting to think that this was going to be another slow morning. And then the nurses came in, and he suddenly found himself relieved of that concern.
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Trevor really didn't want to leave the safety of his apartment in the morning. He'd made the mistake of looking out his window and watching some of the trolls in action the night before, and the idea of going out into town and coming across more of those creatures made him more than a little nervous. But, he knew there had to be people in need of medical assistance, and he figured that if he headed out in the early morning, the streets might be quiet.

He was glad to see that there were fewer overnight patients in the clinic than he'd expected, and he made sure to look over all of the previous day's notes before checking each exam room, and double-checking on the supplies. He didn't want to run out if more people came by.

[ocd is up!]
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After hearing that Alanna was still sick, Trevor went to open the clinic, making sure to check on Luke before settling in.
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Alanna was very suprised to find that there were actually people in the clinic. Faithful...decided the TV made a good bed.

FTEC, Friday

Friday, April 7th, 2006 07:26 am
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Alanna opened up the clinic and checked up on all the various patients. After checking Anakin out and doing her best not to snicker too loudly in his hearing, Alanna settled behind the desk and hoped no one else got hurt today.

FTEC, Friday

Friday, March 10th, 2006 08:27 am
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Alanna came into the clinic, her scowl down to an almost normal level. She glanced around the clinic, trying not to blink too much and put her bag, with Faithful inside, down on a empty chair. Noting that Angel appeared to be asleep and there was nothing that needed her immediate attention, she made herself comftorable behind the desk, a book in hand.

FTEC, 3/5

Sunday, March 5th, 2006 07:12 am
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Janet's up and at the clinic early in the morning. She's not particularly awake yet. She wouldn't even mind if you bugged her about non-clinic business, but first she's going to check up on the paperwork and see who's around.

OOC: I have a kidlet on hand, so will be on and offline depending on if he's willing to play in the room with the computer. And now, off I go to update myself on the plottiness that's abounding...
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He'd enjoyed the poetry class quite a bit, despite the headache throbbing at the back of his head.

He wasn't planning on reopening the clinic, but he'd left his cell phone on the desk when he'd rushed off to get to the class on time.

He sat down at the desk for some reason unknown to him and started going through the desk drawers, cleaning them out.

The doctor is not officially on duty. but that doen't mean you can't come in.

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