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"Let's make the weekends on-call. Let's rotate who does it. Let's share responsibility." Tommy said in a high-pitched mocking tone. Of course he was mocking himself so it lacked a certain something.

Luckily there was always TV. Today it was a nature documentary about lions and gazelles. It was enough to keep him from being bored as he hung around on the odd chance an emergency or, even better, another candidate for the clinic jobs stopped by.

Especially since he'd placed a mental bet of twenty bucks on the lions.

[ooc: Like it says. Here for emergency care and/or anybody looking for work in the clinic.]

Clinic Hours [2/7]

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006 01:43 pm
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Susan opened the clinic around noon, and got things ready for Peter's and Marty's appointments. The place seemed very empty now that Dr. House had left; but in memory of her colleague, she put out the lollipop jar, and stocked it with cherry, strawberry, and watermelon lollipops. Just for today.

She did wonder when replacements for Dr. Wilson and Dr. House would be hired.

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Sunday Morning

Sunday, January 29th, 2006 10:15 am
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He'd used his leg a an excuse to avoid leaving his apartment. It had nothing to do withthe mun being over threaded or on the phone off and on last night dealing with personal stuff. Mun appreciates everyone who tride to get House invovled and apologises for my RL limitations that prevented him jumping in. He had no intention of going to the gym because of the snow, but he would have helped in the clinic

Sitting at the desk in the clinic Sunday morning, he felt bad about that. Guilty, even. He could have asked Geoff to help him get to the gym, but the fact was he didn't want to. And, well, in his defense, he didn't know how bad it was going to get. He'd been quite content to spend the weekend snowed in with Geoff, talking and laughing and, well, other things that brought a smile to his face.

But in truth, he knew he had a back slide. He was trying not to use his leg as an excuse anymore, or at least not when it wasn't really a problem. Getting across campus to the gym would have been difficult, even with Geoff's help, because snow and cane do not mix well. That he could justify to a point. But when Pippi had come to him, through the clinic door, and he'd still refused to help? He couldn't really justify that. He was selfish and not for the first time, he sat alone and wondered what he was doing.

It wasn't that the clinic was too much responsibility for him, but he wasn't sure exactly what it was. He'd fallen back on his pattern of avoiding clinic as much as possible, putting in just enough hours to say he was managing it. And he was. Wilson still helped a great deal, which House appreciated that. But he wasn't happy. He hadn't been happy for a while. The non-human factor of most of the kids really bothered him because despite his best efforts he simply didn't know how to help them in most cases.

He sighed and sipped at his coffee and waited to see if anyone would come down to the clinic.

Doctor is in. He has coffee and Cash, both puppy and music. All is right with the world. His discontent is the start of his leaving Fandom arc, and he will eventually seek out the Principal to discuss things. But not yet. Bring your injured to him now, if you dare

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Though he wasn't sure if House had gotten his annoucement out to the school yet, Wilson went ahead and opened up the School Clinic as they'd discussed the night before.

Letting Cash out of the apartment, he reached down and ruffled the puppy's ears. "Did he already leave you on your own little guy? Come on then, let's get the day started."

Opening the front door of the clinic, Wilson gave Cash a quick run through the courtyard to be a good puppy then called him back into the reception area of the clinic, tossing him a new squeak toy that he'd picked up on his way up from town.

He hadn't been back to the clinic since the night he'd left the apartment and though he expected to feel a little strange, he soon found himself settling into his usual routine. Starting coffee, a nice Kona blend today, he straightened up the waiting room and settled down at the desk to do some paperwork.

Wilson was fairly certain that House hadn't thought to update the supplies in awhile and they had talked specifically about Wilson keeping up with the back office work of both clinics. So, settling down with the paperwork and a mug of coffee Wilson got his day started.

Doctor is in, come say hello!

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After a hot shower and a breakfast of toast and Lavender tea, House went into the clinic. He refilled the bowl of lollipops, all the red ones suspiciously missing.

There was also a bowl of bell shaped Butterfinger candies set on the desk. And coffee brewing in the pot, the sweet Christmas blend mixing with the vague scent of sandlewood from Wilson's recent cleaning spree.

Dr sitting at the reception desk working on a crossword puzzle
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Wilson and House had been up the whole night, between hourly checks on Rory, Marty and Logan they had -laughably- tried to relieve each other for a few hours of sleep but each had been too keyed up to take advantage and after the first try had given up.

The oncologist had quietly worked on paperwork in between rounds, while House had played with his gameboy. For the moment, neither had brought up the subject of what had just happened with the other, it was just all too confusing and in the end, not important to delivering medical attention. In some ways, it was better that they didn't have the details, that would just confuse the focus.

As morning dawned, Wilson had taken advantage of a quick break to grab a shower and clean the blood off his skin and out of his hair. He'd come back and tagged House out, firmly suggesting that the older doctor needed to put some intense heat therapy on that bad leg of his...and also demanding -in a loving manner- that House make coffee.

When House headed off towards the little apartment, Wilson began to run rounds once more.

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(no subject)

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005 10:52 am
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James Wilson had learned many years ago that being a complete workaholic helped not only in keeping certain demons at bay but also in recovering from a hangover.

Like the one he was suffering from this morning.

Wondering just how the hell it was that House was able to function on Vicodin, Wilson was moving with deliberate quiet around the clinic. He had a very large bottle of water and some dry crackers nearby but other then looking a bit paler then usual, even for him and if you ignored the dark circles under his eyes he was his habitually neat and tidy self.

The signs that something wasn't entirely right in the world were subtle. The water and the crackers, the quiet look on his face, where normally he was always beaming and chipper and perhaps most telling was the silent pressence of House, ghosting about the clinic. Oh, the older man was doing his utmost to stay out of sight, least someone think he was actually there to...you know... work but he was sticking close enough to keep an eye on the oncologist as Wilson settled in behind the counter with yet more charts.

The Clinic was open for another morning, if anyone had need of it...Hopefully ABBA was no longer being played and No Angelus, you can not have a blood packet to go, the Clinic is not a fast food joint.

[ooc-The placing of House in and around is at the request of House's player for plot purposes.]
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Considering that several students have asked for condoms on her first day of clinic duty, Lisa decides to put up a bulletin board outside on the clinic wall.

Dr. Luv Gluv Says Use a Rubber! )

She finishes stapling several take-away brochures to the bottom, and makes sure that the bulletin board lets the students (and teachers, *cough*) know that they can always speak to any of the clinic staff confidentially with any medical issues or questions. She fans out a few condoms on a small table in front of the board.

Can someone cast a spell on these condoms so that they regenerate on their own? )

Satisfied, she turns back into the clinic, and glances out the window occasionally to see if anyone stops by.

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