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Trevor lets himself into the clinardis clinic and checks on the the two lovely patients still occupying their rooms, before settling behind the front desk.

FTEC, Evening

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006 06:49 pm
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Natalie arrived for her shift around 6 PM, clad in a dark brown suit, comfortable shoes, and a small duffel bag hanging from her shoulder. She scouted out an empty interior office, and claimed squatter's rights.

Switching on the lights, she moved over to the desk, shifting the duffel on top. The office itself was very empty, and even the rustle of fabric echoed in the small room. She shrugged. It was more "homey" than the coroner's office had ever been. She'd at least be able to hang personal effects, and those would absorb some of the sound.

She withdrew her labcoat from the duffel, as well as the antique stethoscope Nick had given her. Next came the laptop computer. There was a network around here, she was sure, and if she looked, maybe she might find instructions on connecting. She'd become something of an addict in the past ten years...that, and she knew from experience that it was called the graveyard shift for a reason. She might need the distraction.
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Taking his time coming up from town, Wilson let Cash off his leash to run around the courtyard the way the puppy was used to playing in the morning. Sipping his coffee, he gave the young dog a half an hour before whistling and calling to him. Unlocking the clinic doors, he set about getting the place open for the day.

Cash ran down to the end of the hall and whimpered a couple of times at the door that lead to the apartment but a pause in his activities and a cuddle from the oncologist, coaxed the puppy back up to the front of the clinic. Coffee was started and music was put on, playing quietly at the desk. Rather than picking up his usual crossword puzzle, Wilson tugged out a small rubber ball and sat in the waiting room, tossing it up against the wall for Cash to chase and try to catch.

Doctor and puppy are in! By all means stop by.

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2005 11:21 am
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After a relaxing evening with Aziraphale, House felt much better about himself, and the future. There were still a lot of wrinkles that needed to be ironed out, but he was, at last, on the right track.

As long as he didn't screw up again. But he wouldn't dwell on that. He was going to be more positive, focus on the good things. Like a morning without pain. He took a warm shower and ate a quick breakfast, then wandered into the clinic.

He didn't intend to stay long. He had some shopping to do, and needed to go in to town. But for the early morning hours, he could be found with the clinic doors open, bent over the desk working on charting and end-of-the-year paperwork.
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Wilson had been up late waiting for a call from House and up early waiting for a call from House, spending almost an hour on the phone each time trading the rapid fire medical jargon relating to Dorothy House's condition and then calming House down. Sometimes by coddling him, sometimes by being firm with him and not for the first time Wilson wished he was there but House needed to be with his mother, with as little stress as possible.

So, phone calls.

As he yawned his way through setting up the Clinic, Wilson set up one of Phale's flyers in the window Holiday Gathering at the bookshop and since he hadn't picked up a formal flyer, he made up his own picture of a little group of stick figures carolling to hang beside the flyer with a note Don't forget about the caroling in town this evening! See Michael or Ben to sign up and spend a nice evening in town!

Then he went about brewing coffee while he hummed along with the Boston Pops, Holiday of Wonder musical compilation.

Doctor is in!
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The Clinic is a little more back to normal today, though Wilson still looked busy as he worked through paperwork and on the computer.

The scent of a fresh Kona blend filled the air of the waiting room along with softer music today. He had Tara's gift for Crowley kept close for when Bel called.

Doctor on Duty, or at least close to his pager.
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Wilson was perhaps a little bleery as he puttered through his morning routine but he had the radio turned on and was humming contentedly along with the song playing.

The rich smell of fresh Sumatra coffee filled the air along with the old Big Band Swing music playing.

Doctor on Duty, come bleed...share coffee, the usual suspects.
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Wilson had coffee and he had a crossword puzzle today. It was Friday after all!

The beloved Jamacian Blue Mountain was perking in the pot behind him and he looked vaguely relaxed as he sat at the desk and worked on the puzzle. The Clinic was open.

Doctor on Duty, if you need to come bleed or otherwise steal coffee from him.

[ooc: Okay, new procedure. I'm going to get on the bandwagon and set up comment threads. This is because House!Mun has spoken with Spider and FandomRadio and it's been agreed that anything discussed in the Waiting Room or Lab is free game to broadcast and Bristow and Spider's scrutiney but anything shared in a closed Exam Room is private doctor/patient confidential, NFB or review by Admins -I believe I read that right Spider, let me know if I didn't- so it will be important to hold conversations in the applicable rooms.]
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Wilson was whistling, and yes he had a damn good reason to be whistling thankyouverymuch, as he set about opening up the Clinic for the day.

His eyes kept sliding towards the windows and little sighs escaped him as he enjoyed the sunshine, idly he considered heading out with MegaPager on his hip but...no, he needed to finish checking in the equipment he'd ordered from the mainland and of course today was the endoscopy for Grissom.

Setting a pot of coffee to brewing, the lanky oncologist threw himself down into the desk chair and picked up the phone.

First he called House to remind him to call Duce with her test result and then he called through to Paige with her test as well.

That bit of bookkeeping done, he had just reached for a chart when he heard the back door buzz. The shipment he was expecting both regular supplies as well as the extra necessities he'd tacked on for treating Grissom.

Laying a clipboard up on the counter for people to sign in as they needed to, Wilson headed for the back.

Doctor on Duty, come bleed if you wish.
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Wilson was up early again or perhaps he just hadn't gotten to sleep it was hard to tell. He'd come back to the Clinic after talking with Aziraphale and Crowley and settled in to work in the lab for a few hours.

He'd finished up Grissom's biopsy as well as the initial blood work for Lisa and Jonathan, the work taking him late into the night. When he'd finished with that work, he'd gone in and checked up on Jack before heading back to the apartment to grab a quick nap and a shower.

Going down to The Perk, Wilson had gotten himself an extra strong coffee, using the early morning walk to help wake himself up before returning to open up the Clinic. He made calls to Grisson, Lisa and Jonathan before actually opening the Clinic doors, the tantalizing smell of Jamacian Blue Mountain and the quiet sounds of Vanessa-Mae filling the quiet waiting room.

Doctor on Duty.
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CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffee...ad nauseum

Yeah, Wilson was usually fairly one track minded in the mornings as he puttered about getting the Clinic open for the day.

Checking in on Parker, iPod my ass he grabbed some crossword puzzles charts and blood results from tests run the evening before and headed for the front of the clinic.

He'd actually moved a coffee pot into the Clinic this morning and had it set up on a printer stand -hey printers do very well on the floor- where it was brewing up some very nice Jamaican Blue Mountain reserve blend.

Setting the charts off to the side for a bit, he picked up the book Professor Dream had lent him yesterday and quickly found the place he'd left off at the night before. Coffee, book...general chaos, what more could an oncologist want out of life?

Doctor on Duty, stay away from the coffee...okay he might share, if you ask nicely.

[ooc: I've got a meeting today in the afternoon so will have to pause around then, just forwarning.]
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Wilson had ended up at the Clinic most all of Sunday and then, not long after he’d fallen asleep next to House, he’d been called in for an emergency endoscopy for Parker.

He’d snatched a few hours of sleep on the couch rather then risking waking House up, gotten up around eight and grabbed a shower and a pot of coffee to help jar himself back awake.

Flipping the lights on, he made a quick sweep of the waiting area to make sure there wasn’t any lingering blood or files from the day before and then headed for the counter. A lean fingered hand lifted up to cover a yawn as Wilson sprawled bonelessly in a chair. He was going to have to do paperwork…and blood work…and check on Maia and check up on Parker.

Mentally listing out his day to himself, the oncologist lifted his hand and rubbed it across his face.

It was going to be a busy day.

Doctor on Duty. Come point and pester at will, it will help him stay awake.

[ooc: And if any assistants would like to come and save the idiot from himself... :D ]

Note for Dr. House

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005 06:23 pm
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Grissom stands in front of the clinic door, scribbling away on a piece of paper.

Dr. House,

I was referred to you by one of your employees. I am currently looking for a supply of blood. Outdated or rancid samples would be perfectly fine for my purposes. I haven't seen any biohazard teams make a pick-up at the dorms yet, so I thought that maybe you have a stash somewhere. I'd love to take it off your hands if I may.

Perhaps we could work out a more long-term arrangement as well, and save the clinic some funds.

Gil Grissom

He turns to tack the note on the door, but makes one adjustment.

P.S. The blood must not contain artificial anticoagulants, although specimens from non-human species could be fun would be acceptable. Thank you.

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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005 04:24 pm
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As Lily settled in for her afternoon shift, she wondered if she would ever actually see Dr. House around the clinic. He did seem to like keeping to himself, didn't he?

Hmm, she muttered. I suppose I'll start sorting through these files now. Wait, what am I doing?

With a wave of her wand, she charmed the files to sort themselves, leaving her to get started on homework... or possibly daydream a bit...

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