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The staff at JGoB had been excited to show off (and sell) their pumpkin-flavored cupcakes to Stark this morning. And, since they were cupcakes, Stark was happy to purchase several to take with him to the clinic.

The nurses were even more excited for pumpkin flavoring than the JGoB staff had been and the cupcakes had disappeared very quickly.

The alien was in, wondering what the obsession with pumpkin flavor was, and ready to assist with your medical needs.

[open, ocd-free, etc]

FTEC, Sunday 6/23

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 04:36 pm
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It was officially summer, according to the calendar. It had been summer on the island for quite some time already but that hadn't stopped the staff at JGoB from making an excessive amount of summery cupcakes. Stark, of course, had purchased at least one of each before heading to the clinic.

The alien was in, playing with the tiny plastic surfer that had come off his beach-themed cupcake, and ready to assist you should you need him.

[open, ocd-free, etc]

FTEC, Sunday 6/16

Sunday, June 16th, 2013 09:39 am
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Stark was still his proper age this weekend. These things passed him by more often than not though he had never been able to figure out why. He'd turned female often enough but he'd never been older or younger than he was supposed to be.

Today's cupcakes from JGoB were decorated with a variety of clocks and calendars.

The alien was in, only 2 days older than he had been on Friday, and ready to assist with your medical needs should you have any.

[open, ocd-free, blahblahblah]

Fandom Clinic, Thursday

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 05:09 pm
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Here at Fandom Emergency Clinic, Navaan has secretly replaced the fine Doctor they usually have with a fake!death version of the same. Let's see if the nurses notice.


That afternoon, the nurses chatted quietly with themselves, occasionally glancing at "Doctor" Navaan's glassy eyes across the room, before shaking their heads and continuing with their duties, grateful for the uncharacteristic silence.
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To help with her diagnoses, Navaan had made a wheel of various ailments. Now, whenever anyone came to the clinic, the staff could just spin the wheel to figure out what was wrong. Navaan also had a prescription pad with remedies written in for each diagnosis on the wheel. It never hurt to be prepared, even if most of those prescriptions involved 'more sex.'

Except syphilis, of course. That called for penicillin. Duh.
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Today's cupcakes were decorated in spring colors. Stark was pleased that the weather was feeling more like spring as well.

In honor of the season changing it seemed a good time to do a little spring cleaning of the clinic. Which, for Stark, mostly meant going through cupboards and cabinets and drawers and making sure everything was where it was supposed to be.

The alien was in, wondering what a bag of lollipops was doing behind a stack of specimen jars, and ready to assist with your medical needs should you need him.

[Open, OCD-free, etc]
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"There's a holiday devoted to chocolate and sex and no one bothered to tell me about it?!?" Navaan was very upset about this information being kept from her. "For once, a religious observation I can get behind--or in front of, I'm not picky--and no one bothers to tell Navaan! Oooh, this is a plot, I can tell!"

The nurses murmured uneasily that it really wasn't that big a deal, glaring at the poor woman who'd decided to bring in holiday cupcakes andstarted this whole mess.

Navaan wasn't buying their denials, oh no. "So, how does this 'Saint Varlentime' punish those who do not properly observe his most holy of days? Is it chastity?! It's chastity, isn't it? I'm too young and nubile to be chaaaaaste!"

And with that, Navaan slammed into her office (a repurposed broom closet) with a few juice bags to try and calm herself down. The nurses just looked at one another, silently shook their heads, and started eating the cupcakes. This job.
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Navaan had missed several shifts recently, so in a fit of responsibility, she'd broken into the clinic last night and curled up to sleep on one of the filing cabinets. She was still asleep by the time the nurses came in for their shifts.

Walking in, they looked at the sleeping Navaan, then one another, and then back to Navaan, before turning around and heading to a different room. They'd wake her up later if someone came in needing medical assistance, but it was probably just easier on their nerves to let the crazy woman keep sleeping.
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Normally, Chloe was pretty chill about everyone she cared about thinking she was dead, but the holiday season was just not letting that happen right now. If Chloe was hitting the keys on the computer a little harder than necessary, it couldn't be helped.

It also didn't help that the nurses kept trying to convince her to turn on holiday music. "Thanksgiving is tomorrow! No music until then!" Maybe, if they were lucky, she wouldn't throw pens at them to make them leave her alone.

[Open but SP because oh god finally seeing Twilight.]

FTEC (11/15)

Thursday, November 15th, 2012 04:29 pm
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After everything was sorted out with the rude guy who'd kept interfering with her nap, Navaan got suited up to go find this 'clinic' he had mentioned. After all, it was important that she scout out the competition; she didn't want a rogue cadre of doctors on her tail. For all she knew, they could have an affiliation with a hospital! Or something even worse!

She packed up her medical kit, making sure it had all the the most important items a doctor might need (leeches, surgical tubing, straws, grappling hook, knives, some poison, a magnifying glass, a button or two, know, important doctor stuff!), Navaan made her way over to the clinic which, fortunately for her 'sun allergy' wasn't that far from the newspaper shop. Inside, she posed and announced, "I--AM A DOCTOR!"

None of the nurses inside seemed to care. Some looked at her oddly, others kind of shrugged, and one pointed to a desk for her to sit if she wanted.

Pleased that they were recognizing her medical skills so readily, Navaan went and made herself comfortable--after closing all the shades, of course. She was prepared for either a medical emergency or another doctor to come and challenge her to a Doctor-Off, but until then, this chair was comfy and she wasn't going back outside.

Honestly, sometimes all she did was win.

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There were many holidays that Smallville had nearly ruined for Chloe, and Halloween was one of them. Still, she'd dug out her old sexy nurse costume for the occasion, and was perched behind the desk catching up on the news on her laptop, and snacking on the bowl of candy that was out in case anyone came by.

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Millie was happily ensconced behind the desk with a new book, ready to help anyone who might wander into the clinic.
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Millie was here and enjoying chatting with the nurses. It was probably going to be a pretty quiet week with most people in Africa.
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Chloe did not at all miss the kitten she'd found in one of those balls last week, and was not at all sad that it hadn't stuck around. The fact that she was sitting at the front desk and searching around on local pet adoption sites was just a coincidence really.
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Millie hadn't slept well last night, so when she got up far earlier than she'd planned, she made a stop at JGoB to get pastries and coffee for the nurses. At least she'd found a way to start the day off well.
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Chloe was having one of those slightly manic days where she had a million things to do, but couldn't focus on any one of them for more than a few minutes. The front desk was scattered with half-completed paperwork, and her laptop was showing yet another failed attempt to get into the back door of Luthercorp's files. This had all the makings of a very long day.

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Millie was here, teaching the nurses how to play Spoons during their downtime. Of course, they were using tongue depressors instead of spoons, but the principle was the same. And tongue depressors were harder to pick up quickly, which made it more challenging.

FTEC, Wednesday [07/11]

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 03:47 pm
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Chloe was very grateful for the air conditioning today, as she dealt with stacks of paperwork for the clinic. If she'd known taking over the place would require killing so many trees... well, she probably would have taken the job anyway, but she would have brought a lot more folders with her. Awkward piles scattered across the desk were just going to have to do for now.

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Millie was here with copies of some of the newest books to share with the nurses. Oddly, not a single copy of 49+1 Hues of Ash-Color were included.
[identity profile]
Millie was here and happy to listen to the nurses gossip about their weekends and sex lives. Someday maybe she'd have a sex life to gossip about as well.
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After class, Ronan made his way down to the clinic, settling in at the desk with a notepad while he tried to figure out what the hell he wanted to teach for the next term.

... He'd come up with something eventually. Meanwhile, he was at the desk if you needed assistance!

[OCD-free! SP until about 4PM Eastern.]

FTEC, Wednesday [06/13]

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 09:37 am
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Chloe had the doors to the clinic open today to enjoy the nice weather, and had unearthed a CD player from behind the front desk. If the nurses didn't like musicals, well, they were just going to have to deal, because that was all Chloe had brought with her today. At least she wasn't singing along much? Chair dancing, however, was a different story.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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Millie hadn't slept well last night, so she was not feeling quite up to snuff tonight. She found a relatively comfy chair and mostly perched herself there while the nurses did their thing.

FTEC, Wednesday

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 03:00 pm
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If anyone needed Chloe's attention today, they'd probably have to poke her. Someone had accidentally given her decaf at the Perk, and it was all she could do to not put her head down on the front desk and take a nap. For once, she was actually grateful for the nurses' chatter, because the latest gossip was keeping her slightly awake.


FTEC, Wednesday [05/30]

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 09:20 am
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Chloe was in an especially good mood in the clinic today, and it wasn't just because she was on her third cup of coffee. Someone had found a website of adorable animals, and was working her way through it, page by page.

Sometimes, the simple ways of feeling good worked best.
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Millie was here, sitting back and letting one of the nurses teach her how to crochet.

So far, so good!

FTEC, Wednesday [05/23]

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 03:06 pm
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If anyone needed Chloe in the clinic today, it would probably be easy to find her from the near-constant stream of cursing coming from the clinic's office. One of the servers she routed her system through to keep track of what was happening in Smallville was down, and she couldn't seem to get around it. Feeling like a failed techie was not how she wanted to spend her day.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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Millie was going to spend the day cleaning and straightening things up. Which didn't make the nurses terribly happy, until she brought them coffee and pastries to get them going.

FTEC, Wednesday [05/16]

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 10:33 am
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Chloe was probably way too excited about the delivery that came to the clinic in the morning. The clinic was now stocked with even more condoms, in a variety of colors, sizes, flavors, and ribbing levels, all organized in baskets on the front desk. If she couldn't be having a good time, at least some other people could.

[Open and OCD free!]
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Coming into the clinic after teaching his class, Ronan was looking a little more alert and ready for the day -- although that may have simply been the three cups of coffee he drank between the school gates and the clinic doors.

Either way, the wizard was in, for all your healing needs!

[OCD-free; at work through the afternoon and at Mum's for dinner; will pick up pings tonight!]

FTEC, Wednesday [05/02]

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 04:54 pm
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Sometimes, working on a small island had its flaws. Like, say, when the air conditioning in the clinic died, and no one could come out and fix it until tomorrow at the earliest. Chloe had the door open, and just about every fan she could find going, but she was still roasting in her chair. She was so grateful for the invention of deodorant at the moment.
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Well, Ronan had a house guest -- more of a housemate, really -- and that was awesome. Because EMMA. Maybe he'd get to see Jack a little more frequently, too.

Of course, despite his good mood, the fact that the nurses were tangoing when he arrived at the clinic? A little disconcerting. Especially since he could locate the source of the music. "... Should I ask?"

No, Ronan, you probably shouldn't.

[Open and OCD-free! I start my new job today, 12-6 Atlantic time, but will be around this evening!]

FTEC, Wednesday [04/25]

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 07:41 pm
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Things had been blissfully quiet lately, but Chloe wasn't about to dwell on that and ruin it. It was weird to think that the school's graduation would be this weekend, and even weirder to think about how long it had been since she graduated. Thankfully, Chloe had plenty of flash games to play on the internet to keep her from getting too lost in thought.
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Millie was busily organizing things in the clinic. Not that they particularly needed to be organized, but it was something to keep her busy. The nurses were making her a little crazy with their gossip today for some reason.
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Yesterday's news had been... disturbing, to say the least. At least Ronan's own abilities were certainly not immediately noticeable, and he was certainly used to hiding things at home -- not that anyone tended to notice things they didn't want to, anyway.

Willful ignorance was a wonderful tool for wizards to exploit.

Still, though, he knew some people who might have more difficulty hiding, so he was pulling a card from Filif's deck and reviewing his old notes on building mochteroof. It had been a few years -- since his time as a student at Fandom, actually -- since he'd built one, but surely if people could use faultless disguises, it would be this week.

Luckily, the notes were all accessible on his computer, so it looked like he was just doing paperwork. Should anyone stop by.

[Definition for mochteroof is available on the list here; essentially it's a half-construct half-illusion costume that fools the basic five senses, and probably a few more. Ronan can build one if someone needs one -- and, say, wants to hide some unexpected wings.]
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Stark had neglected to stop by JGoB before coming to the clinic. The meeting, the school board, and the new policies had him concerned and somewhat distracted. The nurses, at least, were understanding and helpfully unearthed a small stash of leftover Easter candy in case sugar (or more specifically chocolate) was called for.

The alien was in, hoping his mask would go unnoticed by island visitors, and ready to assist with your medical needs.

[Open, OCD-free, etc]
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When Ronan got to the clinic Monday morning, he hesitated in the doorway.

Things were quiet. Too quiet.

"... Hello?" he asked, glancing around. The lights were on, so it seemed like the nurses were probably already here, but something didn't seem right. At all.

Finally, as he dropped his stuff on the front desk, one of the nurses came around the corner. "Be very, very quiet," she whispered. "We're hunting rabbits. For CHOCOLATE."

Ronan blinked. "Easter was yesterday," he pointed out. "The rabbits are gone. But I bet the chocolate's half-price in the stores."

"It's better fresh," the nurse insisted.

[... IDEK. Open and OCD-free; last day of classes and Easter dinner for me tonight, but I'm around for SP!]

FTEC, Wednesday [04/04]

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 11:14 am
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Chloe still wasn't sure whether or not to be glad she hadn't had any kids. For the moment, she was leaning towards it being a good thing, but that might have been because she was reordering pregnancy test equipment and another few boxes of condoms. Sometimes inventory checks could be very amusing.

[Open and OCD-free!]
[identity profile]
Millie was a little disappointed that little Adi hadn't come to see her this year. Maybe quite a bit disappointed. She made a note to check with Max just to, well... see if he was sad as well.

In the meantime she just made herself smile and nod as the nurses talked about what had gone on with the children.
[identity profile]
Ronan had the brood with him in the clinic today, Caled and Peach especially under his watch with no other parents handy to keep an eye on them. (Peach had called Carmela, but she was busy... elsewhere and not in a position to come back, unfortunately).

Mostly, if you came by the clinic today, it was a little noisier than usual, but at least the kids were of an age to entertain themselves.

[Open and OCD-free! At work and AFK for a couple of hours, but around all evening.]
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Huh, Ronan thought. Prom was this coming weekend.

Time to check the clinic's supply of condoms. Although Fandom did usually supply its own particular variety of birth control after prom, there was no harm in being doubly (or perhaps even trebly) prepared.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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Mercy was here, listening with some bemusement to the nurses talking about problems they were having with their phones.
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Upon arriving in the clinic today, Ronan stopped in the doorway, looking around in confusion.

"... Weren't those flowers red last week?"

One of the nurses discreetly tucked a paintbrush, dripping white paint, into a closet, not that Ronan noticed.

[... IDEK. Open and OCD-free!]
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Today's cupcakes were bright green. Apparently at JGoB St. Patrick's Day lasted all weekend. Or perhaps they were leftover from yesterday.

One of the nurses, who had perhaps been out too late partying last night, turned slightly green at the sight of the green cupcakes and quickly excused herself.

Stark, however, was perfectly happy to eat something a completely unnatural shade of green while he sat at the desk.

The alien was in, his tongue had turned a frightening shade of green, and he was ready to assist with hangover remedies or other medical needs.

[Open, OCD-free, I appear to have contracted the plague from the kids I work with and so may take another 5 hour long nap. Just so you know.]
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Ronan was at the front desk on time, today, not showing up with a bang of displaced air or shedding oddly coloured dust.

Instead, he was listening to the weekend's radio podcast and giggling his arse off.

The wizard is in; don't mind the laughter.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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Chloe was a totally responsible adult in a very important working environment.

Which was why she was sitting behind the front desk playing Angry Birds on her phone.

Shhh, don't judge.

[identity profile]
When Ronan arrived in the clinic on Monday morning, he: was visibly exhausted; was favoring his right ankle; had a bruise developing on his left cheek; had several scratches on his forearms; and his healer's scars on both hands were red and fresh, as if they'd been opened several times over the last few days.

And he was grinning. Someone had had a good week, even if he hadn't been in Rio like most of the island.

The clinic was open and ready to serve you! Don't mind Ronan, he'll just be over here accelerating his own healing.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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With a good chunk of the island population away for the break -- on the school trip or otherwise -- Ronan was prepared for a rather slow day in the clinic.

Let's help him keep it that way, yes?

[Open and OCD-free! Let's see if LJ lets me post/comment today.]
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Chloe was feeling as antsy as ever when she got to the clinic, and the baskets of condoms, while surely helpful, were not keeping her mind clean. Of course, neither was the fact that once she sat down, she began arranging the condoms by size, flavor, and then by wrapper color in rainbow order.

God help anyone who actually needed medical assistance today.

[Open and OCD-free, although I will be on SP until evening EST!]
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Millie and the nurses were having a hard time keeping enough condoms out on the counter for anyone who wanted them. Of course, a large number were going to the nurses themselves who were enjoying making Millie blush as they retold stories of their sexual encounters this week.

Which was NOT to say that Millie hadn't grabbed a number of condoms herself in case she might run into Max or one of those very nice men from the Three Minute Dates.

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