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Martha almost - almost - wished she was outside fighting, but she knew that her skills were just as needed in the clinic. No one who was injured should have been left alone with the nurses, after all.

[Open and OCD free. Sorry for the lateness, I totally overslept this morning!]
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Martha was in a much better mood today now that there were no injured patients in the clinic. Sure, it meant she was alone with the nurses, with no one to check on to distract from their gossip, but she was used to that by now, and the television was tuned to the soap opera network so they weren't bothering her much anyway, for now.

[Open and OCD-free!]

FTEC, Tuesday, June 9

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 02:13 pm
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As Martha got herself set up for the day, she couldn't help but think about her last shift. She wasn't about to make sex with potential patients a habit, but she was perfectly content to share the blame for the indiscretion with Tony, and with the island. It helped that it had been awfully fun to let go for once.

[The OCD is in the back running its STD tests. >:)]

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